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Simple Steps to Renew Saudi Council of Engineers Membership


Nowadays Membership of engineering council in Saudi Arabia is compulsory for every expat [technician/engineer]. Without Renewal of Saudi Engineering Council membership, your iqama will not renew.

Renewal Process of Saudi Engineering Council:

Log into your SCE account:

Saudi engineering council membership renewal, SCE membership, SEC membership,

What if you forget your Saudi Engineering Council Password?

Don't worry if you forget your SCE password or even user name, just click on the left side tab [Retrieve Login Information] and get details in your email.

SEC renewal process:

  • After login to your SEC account, find the electronics services tab and look for Renew Membership category,

  • After clicking on Renew Membership it will take to you on another page, Just press on Add New request and you will see this page.
  • Select duration, 1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year & 5 Year as much as you want, put your iqama number & iqama expiry date, and submit.
  • Now it will take to you another page containing with Request Number.
  • You will receive a message/email for SADAD number, it can also be found under the notification tab, take that number and pay the bill.
  • Pay your fee which is 250SAR/year for engineers, and 200SAR/year for technicians and you are done. 
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List of 51 Names banned in Saudia, Why did They Ban?


Saudi Arabia has banned 51 names to the list of banned names kingdom. As a parent, you are not allowed or can't name your child in the kingdom with the names put in the list.

Reason of banned names why did they ban?

Making an announcement in March 2014 Ministry of Interior said that the names in the banned list could never name Saudi parents to their children as some names are not in line with social traditions while others are not appropriate in terms of religion.

List of banned names in Saudi Arabia:

























Abdul Nabi 

Abdul Rasool 


Abdul Mo’een 


















Abdul Ati

Abdul Nasser

Abdul Mosleh







List of Banned Names in Saudi Arabia written in ARABIC:

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FPSC CSS Exams Eligibility Criteria, Age limit, Screening Test & Syllabus


CSS Exams in Pakistan:

css exams, css pakistan, css eligibility criteria, css screening test,
CSS stands for "Central Superior Services" and is conducted by FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) under Federal Government of Pakistan to hire the candidates for the posts BS-17.

It offers the following services under the Federal Government:
  1. Commerce and Trade Services
  2. Custom and Excise Services
  3. District Management Group
  4. Foreign Services of Pakistan
  5. Income Tax Group 
  6. Information Group 
  7. Military Land and Cantonments Groups
  8. Office Management 
  9. Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service 
  10. Police Service of Pakistan
  11. Postal Services Group
  12. Railways (Commercial and Transportation) Group

CSS Exam is divided into some parts:

  • Screening test
  • Written Examination of 1200 marks
  • Medical Test 
  • Psychological Test 
  • Viva Voce of 300 marks

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicant must have a Bachelor's Degree with at least 2nd division from any Pakistani university or equivalent degree from a foreign university approved by Higher Education Commission (HEC).

If an applicant has 3rd division in his/her Bachelor he must secure Higher Division in Master Degree.

Age limit:

The age limit to applying for CSS Exam is 21-30 years. If a candidate is currently serving as a government employee will get age relaxation of 2 years. (Making 32 years of maximum age).

Centers of CSS exams:

CSS Examination conduct in the following 23 cities of Pakistan; 

Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi, Sialkot, Abbottabad, D.I.Khan, Bahawalpur, D.G.Khan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Multan, Okara, Hyderabad, Larkana, Muzaffarabad, Gilgit, Khuzdar, Sukkur, Rawalpindi and Skardu.

Centers of Interview:

Interview conduct only in 5 cities 

Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, and Peshawar.

Important dates for CSS 2022:

Application submission period is 5th October to 3rd November 2021 and the date of examination is 18 February 2022. Date for determining eligibility is 31st December 2021.

How to apply brief-procedure:

Each year in September, advertisement of CSS is published in all newspapers. 

Deposit the exam fee (200 pkr) in nearest National Bank of Pakistan/ State Bank of Pakistan. 

Visit the official website of FPSC, fill the online form and take the print out. 

Post the hard copy of online form and bank receipt along with the copies of your documents to the FPSC headquarter, Islamabad.

Some basic thing about CSS Exam:

A candidate can give only 3 attempts of CSS Exam. Applying for CSS 2022 your age must not be less than 21 and more than 30 on 31st December 2021.

Candidate must have to appear in screening test. 

Written Exam is consisting of 2 parts compulsory papers of 600 marks and optional papers of 600 marks. The minimum marks for qualifying is 40% for compulsory subjects and 33% for optional subjects. 

The candidate who qualifies the screening test will appear in written test and after qualifying the written test will be shortlisted for medical, psychological test and viva voce. 

Candidate can apply for rechecking of his/her paper. The rechecking fee is 500 pkr.

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GATE ECE Preparation Tips 2021: Complete Strategy to Ace the Exam


GATE is one of the toughest and most competitive engineering entrance exams, though one can crack the exam with the right strategy. Masters (M. Tech) in Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the most in-demand courses as it offers huge scope for the candidates. Hence, the candidates should prepare well for this subject and score high marks to get admission in the postgraduate courses at some of the prestigious engineering colleges and institutes Apart from the higher education, the candidates can also apply for various PSUs jobs including BHEL, ONGC, etc through GATE score. There will be high-level competition in the GATE exam as it is expected that around nine lakh of candidates will be appearing for the exam. With this in mind, candidates should start their preparation as early as possible to crack the exam in one go. In this article, we have shared useful preparation tips for the GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering Exam.

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gate preparation tips, gate 2021, ece gate 2021,

Analyze the Syllabus:

GATE ECE Syllabus is one of the important parts of the preparation strategy. Candidates will be able to prepare the relevant topics important for the Electronics and Communication Engineering exam with the help of the syllabus. By doing this, they will avoid focusing on irrelevant topics that are rarely asked in the examination. The GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering syllabus cover eight sections which are as follow:
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Networks, Signal, and Systems 
  • Electronic Devices
  • Analog Circuits
  • Digital Circuits 
  • Control Systems 
  • Communication
  • Electromagnetics

Identify relevant topics:

Candidates should understand the syllabus carefully to identify the weightage of each and every topic. One should allocate a sufficient amount of time to each topic as per their weightage to boost the preparation level. The important topics for the ECE paper include Linear Algebra, Calculus, Network Solution Method, Energy Bands in intrinsic and extrinsic silicon, Number systems, Basic Control System, Components, Electromagnetics, Magnetic Effect of Electric Current, Electrostatics, Random process, and so on. 

Practicing Mock Tests and Previous Year Paper is a must:

Any aspirants who wish to crack the GATE exam should regularly attempt mock tests, sample papers, and previous year question papers. This will increase the familiarity of the candidates with the exam pattern. And also, solving the previous year’s paper will help candidates revise what they have learned, enhance their question-solving speed, and help determine weak areas that require attention. Regular practice will boost the confidence of the aspirants in attempting any type of questions in the actual GATE ECE exam with confidence.

Select the Best Books for the Preparation:

Candidates should refer to the best books and study material during the GATE ECE preparation to secure more marks in the exam. They are advised to find books that will help them understand the basic concepts with no difficulty. GATE ECE Preparation books are available both in offline and online stores. Candidates should select limited books to have conceptual clarity on every chapter. They can refer to the ratings,  feedback, and reviews of other aspirants while selecting the preparation books.

Maintain Short Notes:

GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering are quite vast as it covers a total of eight sections with various sub-topics. Therefore, while studying any topics like Linear Algebra, Network Solution Method, Electric Potential, Calculus, etc, the candidates should prepare short notes that have important points, concepts, and formulas for quick calculation. These short notes will be helpful in the quick revisions of the important concept and the candidates will not have to go through the topic again.

Take small breaks:

Devoting hours to the preparation is important but not taking small breaks can make you feel dull. Therefore, candidates should take small breaks in between to stay stress-free and energetic during the entire preparation. You can listen to music, go for a walk, meet a friend or play outdoor sports during such breaks. To learn new topics, it is important to be stress-free and have good concentration power. 
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Where do I get Blockchain certified | Blockchain Technology


Many IT companies have now seen that the Blockchain is the future technology to adapt to a safer way of dealing with users and more. After understanding its impact in various departments in any industry, many organizations have expressed interest in using Blockchain technology.

Companies expect to hire Blockchain developers to deploy and maintain the Blockchain infrastructure. It leads to enormous demand for Blockchain professionals worldwide, making it the best time to start a Blockchain training course. Employers and business people are increasingly cautious of claiming specialized knowledge, certificates, and skills in today's competitive professional environment.

Now, after reading this short introduction about Blockchain, you'll find that Blockchain certification is a great asset to learn, understand and work on the practical aspects that offer exposure to the industry.

blockchain certified professionals

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is simply a set of open blocks to anyone and includes the hash of the block and other information. Each block will store data according to its work. For example, in cases where that block is used for cash transactions, it reserves the sender's and the receiver's information and the amount of money transferred.

Blockchain uses decentralization and encryption to ensure the unaltering and transparency of any digital asset history. It helps to minimize risk, eliminate fraud, and offer clarity on various uses in an up-to-date and innovative way. Blockchain transactions are secured and encrypted, ensuring no third party can access or modify these records.

How do you become blockchain certified?

Suppose you're a Blockchain technology novice but are excited about it and want to learn more or search for career options in Blockchain. In that case, a Blockchain certification course is perfect for you. A course is helpful for people who want to know about relevant topics in Blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

It will also help you control the core platforms of Blockchain. You will understand the essential vocabulary and concepts commonly used when you learn Blockchain, as well as its working conditions. You can also learn about tools such as git, docker, and truffles.

1. Simplilearn: Professional Blockchain Certification:

Suppose you want to step in and learn about the brave new world of Blockchain technology. In that case, Simplilearn offers a unique professional Blockchain certification training in partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur). Online certifications like the Blockchain Certification Training Course from Simplilearn will help improve your skills and become a Blockchain developer, with a certificate showing future employers and customers. 

You don't have to be a professional. Still, it is good to know distributed systems and object-oriented programming concepts, flat, relational databases, and centralized networks to understand the back-end architectures better. You can start coding by using any platform available like Ethereum or Hyper Ledger. With practice, you can build Blockchain applications and tools and enhance your skills.

2. Blockchain Council: Certified Blockchain Expert™ (CBE) course:

A certified Blockchain Expert is an individual who knows Blockchain technology deeply and can build Blockchain-based business applications. CBE offers comprehensive training, a Blockchain test certification that ensures extensive practical knowledge in Blockchain technology. As demand for professionals from Blockchain technology soars, this Blockchain certification will prove your competitive advantage by giving companies confidence in fast hiring. Once you have completed the Blockchain certification, you will master Blockchain's core concepts, commonly used for solving large-scale problems by many industries.

3. EC Council: Blockchain Certification Course (CBP):

EC Council's CBP offers theoretical foundations and practical knowledge training for the acquisition of real-life work experience. It provides comprehensive guidance on implementing advanced implementation methods for full-stack developers from the fundamentals of Blockchain technology.

4. Pluralsight: Blockchain — Principles and Practices:

It is one of the best courses to learn Blockchain in Pluralsight. Developers with a sound understanding of the C# language and who want to build Blockchain technology can begin this Pluralsight course as a beginner and then proceed to advanced courses. First, understand cryptography, which safeguards the user's identity and ensures a secure transaction. Later know how a single transaction can be stored in a block and how you can do several transactions.

5. Coursera: Introduction to Blockchain:

In this course, they will discuss the powerful limitations of the Internet for enterprises and economic activities. Next, they will explain how Blockchain can help. You will be assured that you know the techniques, how they function, and how revolutions they can produce after the course has been completed. Instructors will help you understand the seven design principles involved and the challenges people face who develop Blockchain technology.

6. Udemy: Blockchain For Business 2021:

In this course, you will learn about Blockchain's basic concepts and their impact in various industries, benefit from this and invest in your career growth. The course describes 50 real-world Blockchain technology-related applications providing a deep insight into the main features of Blockchain applications in the real world. It includes knowledge of Blockchain applications, Big data, registration of land and vehicles, KYC, farmers' support, and many more. It also focuses on the fishing, diamond and gold industries, automotive, and many others.

The growing use of Blockchain technology:

The increasing use of Blockchain technology has created considerable interest in the role of a Blockchain certified expert. After the virtual currency introduction, Bitcoin, in 2009, Blockchain technology has gained a tremendous reputation. Since then, Blockchain technology has been recognized adequately in modern times, and its applications have constantly been expanding. 

So many people want to start a career in Blockchain in the light of Blockchain technology's long-term promises. Thus, the number of certified Blockchain Expert jobs has recently increased substantially. Nevertheless, many candidates have no idea how to begin their careers in Blockchain.


These professional courses offer you Blockchain lessons and provide valuable tips to understand and implement Blockchain technology. The technology courses and training programs in Blockchain offer you a deep and strong foundation for building a great career in the Blockchain field. The courses provide you extensive knowledge about how to build a career in Blockchain.

So, what are you expecting? If you are interested in Blockchain and its apps and want to do your job in the fast-growing industry, it is time to learn Blockchain and build an exciting future.

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What to Consider Before Buying Any Industrial Equipment


Do you plan on buying used industrial equipment? If you already know the machine model that you need, you must ask the right questions before spending money on it. Follow this through like any important business decision that you make. There are factors that you should put into consideration to ensure that you spend your money on the right industrial parts and equipment. This is to ensure that you don't spend your money unnecessarily. For example, you need to consider that the machine is in proper working condition since it is not a new one. Also, ask necessary questions before you finalize buying the equipment. Here are things to consider before buying any industrial equipment.

industrial equipment

Reputability of the seller

An honest and transparent seller should be detected as soon as you meet them. However, you will get ripped off or lose your time. Do this easily by checking the profile of the company. Here you will read through the reviews and know if they are positive or negative. Also, consider checking what other buyers think their experience was with this particular seller. Also, ask for guarantees as you speak to your seller as well. As you buy used industrial equipment it is about offering quality for quality, especially when buying from a company that works with these and you are not sure of the reliability of the equipment you are buying.

Machinery inspection

Consider if they will allow you to do a machinery inspection. Does anyone want to buy a car without trying it? The same applies to buying industrial equipment especially the secondhand type. Do this in person or you can hire a representative inspector that is an expert in this field. Also, you can opt for an online inspection if you are dealing with a seller that is in a far place and yet they are doing a good deal.

machinery inspection

The age of the machine and operating hours

It is vital to read carefully the description of the machine you want to buy. In case you are not getting all the information, inquire more from the seller. This is an important consideration as many people forget to ask the age and number of hours of operation of the machine. Keep this in mind as you may need to change or replace some parts after you buy it. So, considering these two elements will help you know about its lifetime. The balancing element is the parts and maintenance that change during the lifetime of the machinery. Thus, ask for its maintenance history to see if it’s up to date.

age of machine

Operating state of the machine

Since the machine you want to buy is used, it comes with wear. This is normal but something unusual can be found during the inspection or as you speak with your seller. For instance, you can notice rust and cracks in important places that can cause significant issues later and additional costs too. Therefore, be careful as you consider this and you can hire an expert to go with you. Pay attention to the machine's maintenance, that is engine oil, hydraulic fluid, among other things. Check the quality of the exhaust if the machine has an engine.

operating stat of the machine

What’s included in the equipment

Ensure that nothing is missing for the machine that you want to buy for your company. Whether you stick to the same model that you were shopping for, or you went and found a new one that you feel will serve you better. To do this, have a list of all the essential elements that you need of the particular equipment. After, check the built-in options and any other important item like the user manual. This is vital for not only your current operators but for future operators as well. To conclude, it is vital to consider the above as you plan to buy any industrial equipment. This will help you to ensure you get quality machinery even though it is not new. It is a long process that needs support and expertise as you go about buying industrial equipment. Thus, take your time to find quality machines and involve experts where you feel stuck.

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How to Fix- [Pii_email_f6731d8d043454b40280] Outlook Error


The email errors are so unusual nowadays you may get these errors while you are sending or receiving your important messages through your emails.

The [Pii_email_f6731d8043454b40280] error will be so annoying for you when you are working and it disturbs your framework that may lead to delaying your work sometimes.

To avoid this email error, you need to apply some different methods. The Various strategies to fix [Pii_email_f6731d8043454b40280] are discussed below. Here sharing the valid methods to fix that email error that will work for you.

How to fix  [Pii_email_f6731d8043454b40280] error:

There are different reasons behind  [Pii_email_f6731d8043454b40280] error that might include outlook conflicts and installation process that further comprise different software installation.

You should not worry about this error. just proceed with these methods to get relieve of  [Pii_email_f6731d8043454b40280] misstep.

1. Software Installation

The software reinstallation to fix the  [Pii_email_f6731d8043454b40280] error. Try to uninstall the outlook software and reinstall it on your device.

Then restart the device to check if out that the issue is resolved or not. The reinstalled copy of the software will help you to avoid that email error.

2. Clean Browser Cache Cookies

Clear your browser’s whole cache and history will help you to avoid the  [Pii_email_f6731d8043454b40280] error. 

All the cookies and history from your device that have been stored in should be eradicated from it and by using this method you will get rid of this error. 

This one is the modest path to fix [Pii_email_f6731d8043454b40280] error.

3. Contact Official MS Support

This method could be the best option to choose that might love your problem just by getting into contact with the official support. If the above strategies don’t work for you then give turn to this strategy.

For this purpose, you can contact the official Microsoft support team to help you out with that [Pii_email_f6731d8043454b40280] omission.

Email the Microsoft support team or you can use the online chat system to solve your problem.

Give try this strategy as the official support is free and can lead to fixing that [Pii_email_f6731d8043454b40280].

Further ways to Fix [Pii_email_f6731d8043454b40280] error.

Here we have shared some other credible strategies to fix the [Pii_email_f6731d8d043454b40280] error.
  1. When you use various accounts on a single PC or laptop it results in that email error. When you log out or login again and again in different accounts you will face the [Pii_email_f6731d8d043454b40280]. Just login within the single account this will possibly fix the error.
  2. If you are using the PC software of Microsoft Outlook then you should try to use it from their official website as it will help you to resolve the [Pii_email_f6731d8d043454b40280].
  3. Another way to fix the [Pii_email_f6731d8d043454b40280] error is to purchase the premium and real Microsoft software instead of using a pirated edition.
  4. You can give try to Automatic window repair tool to fix the [Pii_email_f6731d8d043454b40280] error. Many people used this procedure to fix the [Pii_email_f6731d8d043454b40280].
here are some of the errors that you can encounter.


We illustrated the methods to help you fix the [Pii_email_f6731d8d043454b40280]. If the error still stays then you should try to contact outlook support.

A Brief Guide to Prototyping in Product Development


Introduction to Prototyping:

prototype machining, cnc machining,

In any product design project, creating prototypes is a very crucial step. Now a day’s prototyping is a very popular technology it can decrease the development cast and can increase the life of project. Prototyping allow you to collect user feedback before launch, and finally result in a better end product.

A prototype will almost every time result in design changes, so it’s best to get to this step of product development as early as possible. Lot of potential issues can be bypass through good design, but you can’t be satisfied just how a product will look or function until a prime quality functional prototype is achieved.

In very early steps in the product development cycle, try to spot products or parts related to what you are trying to create. If there is something present which is similar to project, think about modifying it by make little changes to create an early prototype of your product. It won’t be ideal, but it will be much faster and economical than a custom made prototype. By creating this you’ll also learn a lot about your future product, and create any modification to your product design plan as early as possible.

Selection of right prototype method is very important. The prototype should be very close to production part, so it is very essential to knowing which manufacturing technique will be used for full production run. By keep these things in mid from start you can save your lot of time, money and rework in designing products. So always have a solid plan in place.

When it’s time to create a suitable prototype machining of your product, all you need is selection of right strategy. If you aren’t sure which is right choice for your product , consider consulting s product design professional.

CNC Machining:

With the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, a machine which is controlled by computer cuts away unnecessary part of material and leaves the desired part. The machine could be a mill or lathe, both have various kind of varieties. To over simplify, milling machines make rectangular parts with straight sides (prismatic parts), and lathes makes cylindrical parts.

This machine tool needs careful setup; the work to be cut must be held securely, the tool used must be selected. This setup work goes into each new part desing, whether 1, 10, 50 or 1000 parts are made.

CNC machining is mostly used in production, but can be used in to prototype individual parts. The result can be very exact with great surface finish quality. Mechanical parts can be arranged and experienced just like the final product. If a part is to be CNC machined in production, a CNC machine prototype is an obvious choice.

CNC Machining can produce accurate prototypes in a wide range of materials.  Nearly any material can be machined like aluminum, steel, or bronze. Other options include plastic, wood, foam, carbon fiber, and even ceramics.

For some complex parts mill-turn center might be necessary. These large, luxurious machines are able to rotate the part and allow tools to access areas of the part on angles or sides without taking many setups. Not all machine shops have these machines, so a good design team will avoid part design that require this type of equipment, always keeping a design very  simple to save money and time in development and manufacturing.

For CNC prototype machining, some shops worked directly with 3D model. It adds time to the prototype process, but if drawing can be reused by editing for later production, it will have been a worthwhile investment.

Designing a part to be CNC machined properly requires as much knowledge and experience in the industry as machining the part. If you need a professional result, you’ll save significant time and money hiring an engineer or product designer to do it right the first time, just like the savings from hiring a machine shop to create the prototype. A full service firm will design the part to work well, prototype it quickly and accurately, and ensure the part can be easily manufactured.

Some tips to get free Instagram followers in 2021


How to Get Instagram followers for Free:

With 1 billion active Instagram accounts per month, it is no longer enough to just rely on the standard filters and tools available in the app. To differentiate yourself from other brands competing for users' attention, you should complement your place on Instagram with some additional applications.

Luckily, there are many apps and tools available today that will help you edit Instagram photos, gain followers, attract likes, and analyze your performance. However, many of these tools are not as useful as they seem.

To help you take your Instagram posts to the next level, we have compiled a list of the best applications and tools that will help you improve at any stage of your journey on this social network. These tools will make your Instagram content more attractive, memorable and impactful. You may not be able to reach 1 billion potential customers, but you can reach the ones that matter most to your brand. Then you need to have more free Instagram followers to promote your brand and business.

Get instagram followers, Free followers for instagram

1. Using GetInsta:

GetInsta helps you to get unlimited free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes. It all depends on how involved on this platform you are. If you follow other users diligently and like them, you will get more coins. And this is without any constraints! You should also channel your followers to whatever Instagram account you sign up for and want the quota.

GetInsta is a free app dedicated to help Instagram users get real and free Instagram followers & likes easily, quickly, and organically.

How to Get More Free Followers & Likes:

To get more free Instagram followers and likes, you need more coins. It is also free to earn more coins. Check the following steps to see how to earn more free coins.

Step 1: Login your account on GetInsta which is an Instagram auto liker.

Step 2: Tap on “Get Coins” icon. Here you can see the like and follow task published by others. Liking a post you’ll get 20 coins instantly. You can skip any coin task you don’t like.

Step 3: Tap on Follow button, you’ll get 100 coins immediately.

2. Post engaging photos and videos:

To make your images unique and varied, try incorporating other Instagram applications. With Boomerang create repeating short videos, with Hyperlapse create time-lapse videos, and with Layout combine different images into a collage.

3. Invest time in your description:

Yes, Instagram is a highly visual medium, but that does not mean that you should neglect the text that accompanies each publication. Unlike Twitter, Instagram doesn't have a character limit, so you can write a great description on each photo or video (if it works for your brand). It's a format that allows you to write an engaging story, something National Geographic masters.

4. Add a location tag to make your content more recognizable:

The "add location" option allows you to tag your posts with the name of a place that becomes a clickable field. Clicking on the location displays all the photos and videos tagged with that location, offering another way for users to discover your photos.

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