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Best NAS (Network Attached Storage) Devices For 2018

best nas devices (network attached storage)
Have you ever wondered how you could share your large data with a person far away from you easily? The answer is yes you can by using NAS (network attached storage) which can be used to store any information, files or data. NAS is basically shared storage devices which can be accessed by the people connected via your network. Finding the best NAS device is overwhelming because of various manufacturing brands. These are essential for business persons who have to share their data remotely with their partners. Many good NAS devices allow you to control your device remotely if you are away from the device. We have gathered the useful information and reviews about best NAS devices, so you don’t have to research the best ones before buying. Just go through our top picks for 2018 and then choose the one which is suitable for your need. Google Drive storage limit.

1. WD My Cloud Personal:

On the top of the list of best network attached storage is WD my cloud which comes with the storage capacities of 2TB, 3TB or 4TB. It offers a good price and fairly easy to set up the device. The good thing is that it can be connected to any DLNA compliant device and can be accessed remotely via Android or IOS based apps. The stored data can be backed up by an external hard drive being connected to the port on the back of the device. It costs as low as $108.95, but the price depends on the storage capacity you choose.

2. Buffalo Link Station:

The link station LS220D is manufactured by the buffalo available in different storage capacities that is 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB. So, the users have a variety in choosing storage depending on their data and work to be stored. It comes with a price tag as low as $194 for the least storage capacity. The main selling point in favor of buffalo link station is that it has built-in Bit torrent which can download our stuff even if our PC shuts down. Like the WD my cloud it can also be used on mobiles via apps.

3. Seagate Personal Cloud:

It comes with the capacities of 4TB, 6TB or 8TB and with the two hard drives so you can store your files on both drives which can be retrieved if on hard drives data loses accidentally. The Seagate personal cloud also works with the different cloud accounts including Dropbox, google drive, it can also be used remotely via the app to share stored files with others. It is costly than others averaging about $769.15, but this price justifies the provided features. How to buy an SD card or memory card?

4. QNAP TS 125A:

This NAS comes with tons of great features including the HDMI for connecting TV, dual Ethernet ports, the hardware of 1.6 GHz and 4GB RAM. It allows you to install some sharing apps and can be used to run Linux or Ubuntu. However, with this NAS you have to buy hard drives for storage separately. The QNAP costs around $303.03.

5. Synology Disk Station DS1817:

This NAS device features the quad-core processor with the space of loading up to 8 drives. You can manage your storage easily as you have the option to make storage bigger or lower by loading and to unload the drive bays. It is most suitable for the beginners who don’t have experience of using NAS. These are the best of all available network attached devices in the market. If you are thinking to buy NAS, we recommend you to get anyone on our list of best five devices. These will provide the value for your money.

Difference Between OLED, QLED, LED & LCD and Which one Is Better?

oled qled led and lcd difference
Buying a TV had never been a tough job in the old days, but now with so many available technologies used in different brands, it has become one of the complicated things to choose. For many people, the knowledge of OLED, LCD, LED are same, and they don’t know the differences between these. As a result, they end up in wasting money for a thing that they don’t need. Now the ear is of smart TV’s, and almost every TV now is a smart one. The only difference to look for is of picture quality which comes under four different technologies used OLEDQLED, LED and LCD. All the basic of these techs are almost same as 4K resolution, HDR and Dolby vision. But there are major differences which you must know before buying a TV. You must go through this article to get much information about these techs used in TVs nowadays. Top 5 wireless routers for Home use in 2018!

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode):

Abbreviated as organic light emitting diode are in use by most major TV making brands. Seeing the OLED TV will make you wonder that it might be the slimmest as thinnest in the world and provides the crispier and brighter pictures. It emits its light, and you can control images at the pixel level. Once you watch an OLED TV, you don’t even think about going back to your LCD TV. It is only available in three sizes up till now, and that is 55, 65 and 77-inch screen size.

QLED (Quantum Dot LED):

Quantum dot light emitting diode is the newest one to be used in TV’s much different than OLED in that it does not emit its light rather use a LEDs for this purpose. The images are brighter than OLED but the response time is slower than OLED. These are available in the variety of screen size between 49 to 88 inches. Overall these are unable to gain much success but if they are cheaper than OLEDs they can get maximum sales. 


Both of this LCD and LED are in use by almost all the affordable brands for the people who can’t afford to buy OLED or QLED. The LCD and LED TVs are cheaper, and anyone with a lower budget can buy. These are available in the variety of sizes so you can get the size you want. Both these LCD and LED emits light from an external source which makes them a little bulkier than OLED and QLED. The picture quality is also reasonable for the price they offer but cannot be compared to the image quality of OLEDs and QLEDs. Technology Fun Time!


Every brand wants to promote their products, so they start making the TV with the most common and most purchased technology. But there is the limitation in terms that OLED is only manufactured by LG and QLED by Samsung. All other brands use these on license and modify to give the product with more features. But they choice largely depends on your budget. If you can afford, go for OLED for a better experience. Google backup and Sync Desktop App!

Bee’ah Shows the Way through its Waste Management Tactics in the Middle East

Bee’ah means “environment” in Arabic. This award-winning environmental firm is located in Sharjah, north of Dubai in the Middle East. Why should engineers seek career in UAE?

bee'ah meaning in english, waste management tactics in middle east,

As the name suggests, the establishment strives to keep the entire region free of diverse types of waste with the help of recycling of the produced waste, including industrial waste, paper, plastic, food scraps, etc. Thanks to the sincere efforts of Khaled Al Huraimel, the CEO of Bee’ah, and his team, the company managed to achieve a recycling rate of 70% in the Emirate of Sharjah, in 2016. Bee’ah also boasts of possessing a building entirely powered by green renewable energy. It is the first of its kind in the UAE. Other achievements include ownership of the largest gasification waste-to-energy facility and the third largest material recovery facility across the globe.

Currently, Bee’ah is all set to gain the first rank in the region, with regard to zero waste sent to landfills. This will become possible via the construction, albeit in phases, of a waste energy facility for converting rubbish into electricity. In turn, the Sharjah power grid would make use of this electricity. With the aid of the best international technology, the facility should yield a maximum capacity of 80 MW (megawatts) after completion.

Inspired by Sharjah, Dubai has improved its residential recycling levels from 40% to more than 52% in 2012. Apart from taking charge of the majority of Dubai’s programs, Bee’ah is working on waste management and recycling for the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

The establishment has also poured millions of dollars into its five-year-old Gulf Ecosystem Research Centre. Along with the American University of Sharjah, Bee’ah engages in research of the Gulf ecosystems, focussing on biodiversity, as well as pollution of land, air and water.

There is a solar power project in the offing, for generating over 20 MW for powering facilities at Bee’ah’s Waste Management Centre. It will construct the plant over a landfill site.

With the aim to ‘go international’, Bee’ah is inviting environmental establishments across the globe to initiate independent projects or joint ventures in Sharjah. Foreign investors will gain easy access to healthcare, raw materials, land, facilities, cheap labor and tax-free schemes.

Another initiative is to spread greater awareness. Its School of Environment has taught over 200,000 students across Sharjah the value of recycling, via online programs. Then again, it has dispatched education teams comprising of teachers and students to every home in Sharjah, for teaching families the importance of segregating rubbish in the right way.

Despite everything, there are obstacles to progress, specifically in the form of late establishment (2006) of the UAE Ministry of Environment. A World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Living Planet report stating that UAE had the largest per capita ecological footprint across the globe prompted this initiative. However, Europe was already seven years into the 1999 Landfill Directive by then. Then again, standardizing policies across seven UAE Emirates is not easy! The best investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

Regardless, it is heartening to note that in 2014, the Yale University and Columbia University Environmental Performance Index placed the UAE amongst the top 30.

Top 5 Wireless Routers 2018 for Your Home Network

A wireless router is a device which allows you to use internet connectivity on multiple devices in your home or office without any wire or cord. It can be used as local area network which can be wired, or wireless on can also be used as mixed wired and wireless. Now due to emerging online services, everyone wants to have internet connectivity available on their devices 24/7. A good internet connection with the top speed is useless without a good quality wireless router. For this purpose, you have to use a top quality wireless router. But from so many available models by different manufacturers, it is difficult to decide which is the best wireless router. A best wireless router is the one which gives you the faster connectivity and maximum coverage area. We have reviewed and collected best wireless routers for you. If you are thinking to buy a new wireless router, buy anyone from these best wireless routers for 2018.


It takes the number one place on the list because of a single unique feature, and that is an add-on wifi booster unit given with the main wifi router. Might be a bit pricey but the price is justifiable when you use it. It provides fast and secure wifi throughout your home. Easy installation and setup with additional range extender which makes it stand above all the wifi routers available in the market. It has 3GB Ethernet connections and a USB port. The router has the ability operate at 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ.

2. ASUS RT-AC5300

It is the ultimate and reliable wireless router for both home and office use. It also operates at the speed of 5GZ and 2.4GHZ making it a good option for doing heavy tasks over the internet like gaming or streaming. The router is built with the technology of AI beamforming which gives the network strength a boost, and further, it incorporates eight high power antennas. These antennas boost speed and increase the coverage of connectivity.


Linksys velop tri-band three pack wireless router is the best option if you want a compact sized router with efficient performance. It also comes with an app which can be used to get access to the network connectivity from anywhere anytime. Browsing, gaming, streaming and sharing documents can be done using Linksys velop with efficient and high-speed performance.


The google wifi system router is one of the devices with modern design and is compatible with all of the major internet service providers. It's specifications which makes it to come in the list of top 5 best router of 2018 are2GB Ethernet ports and a dual-band Wifi.it also has an app which can be used to give access to devices or sharing of passwords with guests devices. Certain important requirements to use google wifi system includes a google account, an Android or IOS device, and the app to give access or restrict its use.

5. Zyxel Armor Z2 AC2600

It is known for its NAS devices, powerline adaptors, and extenders. It is a dual-band gaming router. Yet, although it’s not nearly as extravagant (or spider-like) in its outward appearances as the Asus RT-5300, the Armor Z2 AC2600 is a solid gaming router debut from Zyxel. This router price is very reasonable within these specifications. In the router specifications, its speed is 802.11ac: 2167Mbps, connectivity: 4 x Gigabit Ethernet, 1 x WAN, 1 x USB 2.0, and 1 x USB 3.0. Features of this router is MU-MIMO support, StreamBoost, dual-core 1.7GHz processor, Zyxel one-touch app based setup and 512GB RAM.

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What is The Future of Information Technology | 2020 and Beyond



IT has been getting more prime importance for many years just because it is said to be a backbone of any organization. Now, the trend has become that before starting any organization and introducing it in the market, IT department has to get prepared right before final launch. Research experts have proved that there are numerous advancements taking place almost daily in technology and it is evident from latest IT research that in near future, almost everything will get shifted on IT systems including the smallest as well as the largest tasks and functions. All paperwork tasks are now waved off and everything is seen to be technological and electronic. Based on the latest research done, we will briefly list the future of IT for upcoming years.

Brief Description and Summary

future of IT in 2020, latest IT research, IT companies in the world
In next three years, technology is expected to show certain improvements. Revenue generation, value creation, product developments, online system processing, and preparing latest business scenarios by making use of latest emerging technologies will be a prime trend. Let us have few in discussion below as per latest IT research carried out. *Related Post: How Internet Helps in Education.


By 2020, the top It leaders are going to rock and will get self-disrupt creating the new chances as well as ways for leading the markets. Few of them include Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and more. By self-disruption we mean that these agents will not only be understanding current customer needs but will also be preparing the systems and necessary products fulfilling their future needs. Some of them have started right now as a competition too like Google used predictive texts, Facebook has started few activities, and so on. All of the decisions they will be making on basis of customer insights i.e. what are customers searching and what they think will be needed by them in future. Few of self-disruption tasks include latest Amazon web Services Lambda instead of old traditional cloud virtual machines, latest Alexa systems instead of old ecommerce systems, which were screen-based, Face recognition option by Apple instead of fingerprint, and much more.


We all are aware of digital currencies, which are introduced latest in the market i.e. bitcoin, block chain, lite coin, and few more. These currencies are not liquid like cash but are entirely digital. Most of the organizations and platforms have already started making their use and the market value of bitcoin is increase on weekly basis even. When bitcoin came it was almost free and people took lot of coins with them but suddenly the value started raising from $100, $500, $700, $1000, and now it is today $15000 worth of value in the market. It is inferred from the latest IT research that all transactions and payments will be made by digital cryptocurrencies by end of 2020 and the currency will be made worldwide acceptable by all banking industries for all trading mechanisms. Cash will be losing its worth as per experts. It is also elaborated that banking industry will be generating $1 Billion by end of 2020 by making use of these block chain cryptocurrencies.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already there introduced for various methods but the good thing is that the use of AI in content creation will become very popular and common. The fake-content generation will be made by making use of AI and on the same note, experts will be using the same technology to detect it though. There is a methodology known as text mining where text can be detected through AI and can be placed in proper categories by automated machine. This will become more common, faster, reliable, and in a more accurate manner than human beings. Numerous commercial projects will take place for fake news detection by making use of AI and the increase expected is a 10 fold increase as per the latest research. Related Post: Best International IT companies in Pakistan.

AI Scanning for Jobs

Have you every though that job creation can be done by automated software mechanisms? Yes! AI is going to do this for you by 2020. AI is going to be job innovator for almost everyone and it is expected that almost 3 million jobs will be created by using AI. This will be a positive sign for many IT firms who are always looking for massive job hunt and AI will also be creating for business organizations business values worth more than 2 Trillion and recovering almost 7 Billion hours for worker production rate.

AI for Audio-Visual Queries

By 2021, it is expected that adopter brands will be redesigning their apps and website platforms to enable visual and voice search queries. As per the research, mobile based transactions will come into account especially for ecommerce sales and use of other modes i.e. laptops or physical shopping will void. Moreover, largest shares in AI will be made by Google, Facebook, and Microsoft for supporting visual as well as audio search queries for getting accelerated faster.

AI for Misleading Information

It inferred from the latest findings that lots of misleading information will be presented in IT companies having mature economical values by 2022. It has to be noted that AI is best at processing true data and information but on the other hand, it works smooth on breaking or distorting data too creating false information. IT specialists will use AI for creating false information and we can see few examples today in the form of article spinners or article rewriters etc. Moreover, false information will give rise to fraudulent financial values over high quality financial markets all across the world. The same year, many of the law agencies w2illbe solving the issues in fraudulent and misleading information but will be in vain at that time. After few time, law agencies or country rules and regulations will force IT specialist to make positive use of AI and going against it will cause them great losses leading to crime or strong penalties.


It has been evident that users do not like to contact by call or email and chatbots are becoming mandatory. By 2020, approximately 60% of the organizations will be introducing chatbots on their platforms for smooth conversations and understanding customer insights at their best. This will let them understand user intensions using a methodology called Natural Language Processing where entry mode for decision purpose will be a chatbot but few of the bots will also be using scripted responses in a tree.

IT Specialist’s Multiple Roles

The major improvement we are going to experience in IT will take place by 2021 when each IT personnel will be comprising of multiple roles instead of one. Unlike today, software developer or programmer will also be doing support and other IT works. Technical hiring will be reduced and saving budget and hiring on-in-all personnel will be recommended. The trend has started in many companies already but it will go viral by 2021. This will create a great fall in IT specialists having specific skills. The fall expected by 2021 is approx. 70% as per the latest research.


The latest IT research presented above is said to be Gartner research and its accurateness or effectiveness should not be judged completely on basis of the content because these are the predictions on basis of current IT atmospheres and predictions are not necessarily always perfect.

A Success Story of a Car Wash Helper Who become a Company Owner in Dubai

shajahan motivational story, a motivational story of a car helper,
All the successful people in world must have a story. A story of hardships, poverties, betrays and a time when there is nothing except hope. Those people never lose this hope and that’s what makes them successful. * Motivational Story of a CSS student.

Oasis Company and its owner have a story of determination. The determination that born Oasis company. 27 years back in March 1990 Shajahan Abbas landed in UAE and he has the willpower to change his life. He started his career in UAE as a helper in car wash firm. He joined with his father whose also working in car wash Company. Shajahan had diploma in Information Technology and Arabic language skills.

The man who started as a helper in car wash is now owner of Oasis Group. It took years and a long journey. “I was a helper in that car wash firm and also tried my hand at other trivial jobs but it didn't work out. I got my diploma and that wasn't going to be of much help. I conferred the state with my father and then we set up an automatic car wash firm in the suburbs," Shajahan said, adding "back then, it was the first such establishing".
Shajahan took risk and pumped all of his money but in end his risk paid off. That was a little ambitious project which further paid back him in a splendid way. "I had belief in my capability and a clear vision. It was how Oasis Car Wash was born. There was a chance to grow and our business flourished." After brilliant success in one business he diversified his business in other sectors too. Today, Oasis Group has stakes in healthcare and real estate. It runs a salon, super market and does charity work.

"This may seem a fairy tale and a doddle but there was lot of hard work involved. I have followed in the footsteps of many of my role models. I jumped into many boats firstly and that was my fault. I got cheated and some of my projects sank without a trace. Though, all that was a great learning experience for me. In fact, I am learning even today."

Shajahan said the UAE has glut of opportunities. "A man who came here in 1990 in search of job is running a company in 2017. Is there any other country in the world which offers so many breaks and platform to grow, and doesn't ask anything in return?"

"I owe my life to this country. I have flourished my life because I landed here and nowhere else. I remain grounded and work along with my staff. I have learned this from the manner of the UAE leaders." The UAE, he said, continues to be on the move.

"We will face problems but we must find a way out. I am also lasting my journey to improve and edge out competition," he said, while showing the latest designs and stickers that were used to decorate cars. "We did decoration works for more than 100 cars this National Day."
He is also a loving and caring husband, father and son.

How to Apply for Passport Online | Pakistani Passport Renewal

how to apply for passport online, online passport renewal pakistan, pakistani passport renewal, passport application form online registration
The web service gateway is the main step of the general board of directors of passport and immigration to provide Pakistani citizens the online service around the world. Pakistani citizens can use the e-service portal in order to apply for online passport application process or renewal of their machine-readable passports from anywhere in the world, if it has been expired or it’s going to within 7 months.

NADRA Online Passport System:

NADRA has been developing its online passport renewal pakistan system for quite some time now and that it’s almost done, we can have a look that how it’s going to work after its launch. The director general of immigration and passports plus NADRA have cooperated to offer the citizens of Pakistan a service that they needed really bad. Now citizens will be able to renew passports online without the trouble of traveling to the passport office and waiting in the long cue for several hours.

This service will facilitate all the Pakistani nationals either they live in Pakistan or they live abroad. Currently, the service is not available immediately to be used but soon after its launch people will be able to get the benefit of this service. So anyone who has an expired passport can apply for a new passport and the new passport will be delivered to the provided postal address.

How to Apply for Pakistani Passport renewal Online:

To apply online for passport renewal you need to make sure that you have all of your supporting documents with you and printer/ scanner.

For instance, you will need a printer to get some documents of your fingerprints and a scanner too because you will have to submit some of the documents copies in scanned form.

A credit/debit card to pay for the renewal of your passport fee. When you are ready than you will go to this URL: https://onlinemrp.nadra.gov.pk/e-passport in order to start filling the passport renewal application.

Now after the submission of your application the passport office and NADRA will do their end of the job and deliver your passport to your doorstep. On the other hand, the delivery of passport will vary on the basis of each case that depends upon numerous factors. Whereas, the passport office and NADRA aims to deliver passports within the deadlines of 10 working days normally and 4 working days for the urgent passport.

Pakistani Passport Renewal Fee:

Following is the Pakistani passport fee structure to apply for Pakistani passport renewal:

Charges for 5 years valid passport
Charges for 10 years valid passport
Normal (36 pages):
Rs.5, 500/-

Normal (36 pages): 
Rs.7, 900/- 
Urgent (36 pages):
Rs.7, 500/-

Urgent (36 pages): 
Rs.11, 500/-
Normal (72 pages):
Rs.8, 000/-
Normal (72 pages): 
Rs.12, 400/-
Urgent (72 pages):
Rs.11, 500/-
Urgent (72 pages): 
Rs.18, 700/-
Normal (100 pages):
Rs.8, 500/-
Normal (100 pages):
Rs.13, 300/-
Urgent (100 pages):
Rs.14, 500/-
Urgent (100 pages):
Rs.24, 100/-

All these charges include a service fee of Rs.2, 500/-. For delivery within Pakistan delivery charges will be Rs.250/- and for delivery outside Pakistan delivery charges will be Rs.1, 000/-. And for the delivery location at passport office including foreign missions delivery will be provided free of cost.

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SDH, DWDM & OFC Jobs in Gulf Business Horizon (GBH)


Gulf Business Horizon (GBH) Job opportunities for Engineers and Technicians:

Jobs in Gulf Business Horizon (GBH)
GBH is a well known Egyptian telecom company which is working in Saudi Arabia as a subcontractor of Huawei and as a contractor in ZAIN KSA. GBH is hiring new staff for a new project given by STC as a subcontractor of Huawei.

Required Tecelcom engineers:

Telecom engineers having experience in SDH, DWDM and fiber optics can apply. Minimum 2 years of experience is required and bachelor degree is a must.

Applicants must have excellent communication, follow up and interpersonal skills and should be ready to work in challenging work environment.

Required Telecom Technicians:

Technicians who have fiber jointing and splicing experience can apply for this post. Experience in SDH and DWDM is also preferable.

Applicants must have excellent communication, follow up and interpersonal skills and should be ready to work in challenging work environment.

How to Apply for JOB:

Write an email with subject of job title and send it to Gulf Business Horizon (GBH) HR at: jobs@gulfbhorizon.com before 5 Dec, 2017.

Candidates must available in KSA having Transferable IQAMA, Valid Driving license and minimum two years relevant work experience.

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Are You Ready To Fly Over And Take Off In Plane With Careem?

careem air service in lahore, careem air taxi pakistan, careem taxi started air taxi in punjab
Now you can gratify with this service in Pakistan with Careem! Careem takes us from one place to another by road linking driver and passenger through the app. First time a service to take people via airline in Pakistan by a ride-sharing company will be coming soon. #CareemAirTaxi
Careem is now launching JAHAAZ service for their customers so they can travel via airline. What Careem #TakeOff campaign offers? It is not an airline service but an air safari ride for you to book right from your Careem application. Careem Air has partnered with USFC and Air Safari to start their JAHAAZ service. Operations of Careem Air are launching soon in Pakistan. So be ready for JAHAAZ service.
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To engage and amuse their customers they had launched Rishta Aunties service. Thorough which many people played Ludo on Twitter. After this everyone is anxiously waiting what’s next. So here their next exciting Service #TakeOff is launched.

How Careem Air Pakistan works:

Careem Pakistan is signing a MOU and partnering with Sports Flying Club and Ultralight Lahore and proposing their customers to book a ride in an airplane. This would be a delightful experience to see Lahore from the clouds.
Customers can really book an air safari ride with Careem app in advance. For all of their customers, it would be full of excitement to ride in a real airplane at reasonable fare. Few days ago a sneak peek video updated on their timeline marking the launch. Careem is providing this service initially only in Lahore. After success of Careem Air, they may launch this in other cities of Pakistan or may offer Careem Air from one city to other.

Careem Air flight reservation:

Just like their user-friendly app, this will be also easy to book a ride on Careem Air. First the user will have to select Car type ‘Careem Air’ then make a ‘later’ booking. After this step, Careem will call you for confirmation, then you will wait for your turn to enjoy amazing ride.

*Trending Post: Mohenjo Daro History, (Discovery, Location, and civilization)

Only in 5600 PKR … Fly with Careem Air:

It’s no more a dream to travel in airplane; Careem is providing an economical air ride. The ride will last for 13 to 14 minutes at very reasonable price. Only PKR 5600 will be charge per ride for two persons. This is just an incredible offer to utilize. For two people, PKR 5600 is not an expensive air ride. Moreover, it’s more than worthy. PKR 5600 is a low-cost air travel will ever be. * Trending Post: Countries that require no visa for pakistani passport.

Weather conditions can affect your ride and it is the genuine reason to delay or cancel rides. Careem Air and USFC have rights to do these kinds of actions in critical weather or security conditions. This would be acceptable as this is for customers’ safety but in usual circumstances, there would be no such misfortune.

Careem gives an opportunity to Lahoris to see Lahore in plane. Careem has really made its place in the Pakistani market through its admirable services for customers.
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Police Clearance Certificate For Expatriates From Saudi Arabia

police clearance certificate for expats, how to get PCC from Saudi arabia, Police clearance certificate procedure
If you are planning to move from Saudi Arabia to another country then you will need police clearance certificate as an expatriate. The procedure has been made much easier and it will basically involve checking your criminal record and certifying that you are eligible to travel.

Police clearance certificate will declare you as a good citizen and you will not face any problems when you go to another country. Applying for this certificate is very important if you are leaving Saudi Arabia forever and do not plan to return again. It is much easier to get it before you leave the country. *Trending: Now Women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

How to get police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia:

Step 1. Need Endorsement Letter: 

You will need to apply for an endorsement letter from your embassy. Send them Iqama copy, completely filled application form and endorsement letter fee. You will need to wait for 1-2 weeks for this endorsement letter.

Step 2. Need to Attest Endorsement Letter:

You should get this endorsement letter attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). Submit attestation fee (100 Saudi Riyal), application form (available at MOFA), photocopy of passport, photocopy of Iqama and original endorsement letter.

Step 3. Fingerprint:

Enter your fingerprints in the MOFA system for their records. This step is very important for later verifications.

Step 4: Required Documents:

Take endorsement letter (attested from MOFA), photocopy of passport and photocopy of Iqama to one of these police stations for obtaining your police clearance certificate:
  • Riyadh Deira Police Station (Near court).
  • Dammam Police Station (located opposite Governor house).
  • Jeddah Police Station (located behind Islamic Development Bank).
Once you have submitted these documents in any of the above police stations, they will inform you about the date when you can come back to collect your police clearance certificate.

Step 5. Collect report from police office:

You will personally have to visit the same police station again to collect your police clearance certificate.

So, in these 5 easy and simple steps you can get your police clearance certificate before you leave Saudi Arabia.

It is important to understand that once you are outside Saudi Arabia, you will have to follow a different process for obtaining police clearance certificate. That process is longer and more difficult. So while you are preparing to leave the country, you should plan to finish this task before you go. *Trending: List of companies for job hunters in Saudi Arabia.

If you follow these steps, obtaining a police clearance certificate should be very easy and simple. You will have to wait after step 1 and 4, but it is worth the wait because you will get the original letter. *Trending: Email list of companies for job hunters in Saudi Arabia.

You do not need to pay an agent or any other person to get the police clearance certificate for you. You will need to enter your own finger prints, so it is better that you perform the process yourself. *Trending: Ministry of Labor launches KAWADIR job portal for expats.

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