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How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with GoDaddy

How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with GoDaddy

What is Custom Domain (URL)

A Custom domain is a top level name that identify a website. For example  

When we buy a GoDaddy domain name , which is linked with some CNAME records, we modify those records and point theme to our blogger blog.

If you don't know how to register a Godaddy domain name than click below

How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with GoDaddy

So in this article we will show you how can you setup a Godaddy domain name to your blogger blog. 

Follow the steps below:

  • Open your Blog
  • Click on Setting >Basic
Place to add up third party URL
Place to add up third party URL

  • Click on Set up a third-party URL for your blog in Publishing 
  • Now Enter the Domain name with WWW
  • Full domain name must be something like ours 
  • Now Click on save button
Add up domain name and copy all the records
Add up domain name and copy all the records
  • So copy the above Name, label or host field with Destination target or Points to field
We need the above information which we later on save in our Godady DNS settings. We use theme as CNAME's records and best part is they point our blogger blog. 

So we need to open our Godaddy account and put all the above information in our Domain DNS setting.

  • Open your Godaddy Account
  • Enter your Godaddy Username and passwords
  • After Login you can see your domain that you buy
  • Main Screen Must b something like below:
Godaddy Domain
Godaddy Domain 

  • Now Click on DNS button Next to Set up 
Godaddy DNS
Godaddy DNS
  • Now you have to add Name, label or host field with Destination target or Points to field  
  • For first one, you have to edit the record named WWW and putt all the information and save it.
  • For second one you have to add a new CNAME record and fill up the NAME and value field and save it.
Now we have to add 4 Additional A records for naked redirect

Google DNS Setting File
Google DNS Setting File
Now we have to add these 4 records in our domain DNS setting for naked redirect .
  • Create 4 A records
  • Add @ in Host value each time
  • add the other records one by one 
DNS layout after updated all the CNAME & A records
DNS layout after updated all the CNAME & A records
  1. for first A record with @ host Value
  2. for second A record with @ host Value
  3. for third A record with @ host Value
  4. for fourth A record with @ host Value
Now Come back to Blogger platform and click on save button 

After adding all the DNS Setting
After adding all the DNS Setting
Now click on save button.
Now we have to check the permanently redirect from to .com

Click on edit button below 

Successfully redirect
  • Now our screen must be something like below 
  • Check the box next to redirect .blogspot .com to .com
Redirect to .com
Again click on save button and you have done it..

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Good Luck & keep Blogging...

On-Page SEO Techniques for 2020

On-Page SEO Techniques for 2020
On-Page SEO Techniques for 2020

What is On-Page SEO ?

An On-page SEO is all about to change as well as improve our overall web structure, posts and pages.

It includes some simple things which execute well on a web page like our internal linking , meta tags and our descriptions etc.

Maybe these thing look like simple but these are very effective for a page.

Why On-Page SEO is important ?

When Google Crawler scan your website it examine our website's internal structure. So if we design a page well and organized according to Google Crawler than Google bot consider these pages much worthy as compare to others and we have'n chance to to ranked higher.

1. Increase your page Speed

As we all know, page speed is very important specially if the page is based upon user experience. It includes a lot of things that works together and improve your site speed.

  • Image Optimize
  • Reduce Redirects
  • Use a CDN
  • Remove all unnecessary Gadgets
  • Remove render blocking JS

2. Proper Tags

There are different tags in a Web structure like header tags , H1. H2 , H3 , H4 are the tags that we use while writing an article.

The main thing is a header tag define that overall structure and purpose of the page that this particular page is about this particular things which headings and sub headings.

While focus on Google BOT , their crawler scan Header style first so work well with your header tags because it introduce your article nature.

3. Short URLs for Post & Pages

Lot of people want to know this question that short URLs rank better in Google while compare to long one.

Well Study on on-page SEO and on its different factors be sheen that short URLs are better but median with 15 characters are ranking higher in Google Search Engine than short and long ones.

If you’re working on Blogger platform , then visit you blog and edit the post

Click on the Permalink box, put your keyword in links. Must be a short and focused main keyword But it doesn't mean to change all of your long URLs already existing articles ?


If you change all of the URLs than it will change all of your existing ranking page. So already ranked pages may later on not get ranked well or take's lot of time to get ranked again with this small change.

#4. Primary Keyword in URL

Lets say we write an article on SEO , then URL with target keyword would be something like this.

So did you think this can help you rank high in Google?

The answer according to study is... False.

This is the only one factor that showed a negative correlation.

In fact, Mr.John Mueller from Google went on the record and said:

"I believe that is a very small ranking factor. So it is not something I’d really try to force. And it is not something I’d say is even worth your effort to restructure your site just so you can get keywords in your URL." 

Why We Recommended our Audience?

Let say we read on that image optimization is very important while concern to blogger page load ing speed.


what its actual benefit..??

When the link is getting shared on different platforms or within the blog pages, audience can easily understand that the page is about this particular thing. This Will increase our referral traffic instead of the links that look like below.[...].html

So try to match the keywords and a good url that look like

5. Use your keyword in the headline   

According to Ahrefs study, about 85% of pages are getting ranked in Google Search Engine , best part is, they don't have their main keyword in their heading tag H1. But still ranked


There is a small correlation, 

They use different keywords in your headings and even subheadings but the main reason for this ranking is the user experience, Because things on your page are based on based user experience.

A Search and Study from Neilsen Norman Group found that:
A user will read, at most, 20 to 28% of the words on a page. But 20% is more realistic. 


Scanning text is most favorite behavior from users before reading an article. Look at the page, scroll little bit, and if something related and interesting pops out, we focus on to read it first.

If we think this piece of  information is really interesting, then we decide to read it. But it only happens when keywords in heading and sub headings tags are according to user interest and our articles sticks around that interest.

7. Meta Description

While writing meta description of a blog or its pages , always use your keywords and stick with them.
It also send a relevance signal to Google search engine which is around 150 characters.

Whenever you write you meta description, stick with your brand and keywords because these things convey values to our readers and working as call to action in SEO.

So optimizing the meta description is crucial for on-page SEO.

8. Image Optimization

We create an image in Photoshop or online and the size of the image is 75kb, then we do have optimize this image which sized almost 66% less than original with the same quality, width and height which sized 26 kb.


It increase our page speed because it sized 2 times less than the original size. The main part is, all the features are still remain same. So our blog image load faster ultimately help our page to load fast.

Rename the images with focus keyword Include keywords in alt text and caption of the images.

If you implement all of these optimizations together, you will start seeing more results.

So keep reading our articles & get your results...

 Keep Blogging..

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020
Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

Digital Marketing

Promote Your Products and Service 

Digital Marketing is the part of marketing that make uses of the online technologies which are based on digital. Simply, It is an online adverting carrying out offer for sale with the help of some digital channels such as:

  • Computer 
  • Mobile Phones
  • Social Media
  • Web
  • Email 
  • Search Engine
  • Digital Channel etc...

Frame of Mind:

When you help people by solving their problems with free and valuable content, look like a relevant to your business, surely you will get huge audiences.

The leading part is that you can get the opportunity to show people how your products and services can help them and solve their problems and needs.

Here are the  Strategies that work in 2020...

1. Blogging with SEO 

Component of SEM

Seo is all about your online presence and your viability in Google Search Engine. When a user find some specific keywords in engine, he or she got the most relevant and arranged results.

Google Algorithm show a list of the results in arranged manner which are currently ranked in engine. Sometime getting results maybe different because of searching style . So higher you ranked in Engine the more traffic you can generate.

The main thing is when a Google Algorithm change according to user need than ultimately it change the SEO trend .Because SEO is not only about to create a website and ranked , its about to craft the best ever results for the user against his or her search query.

So if you hold yourself  on the top of SEO trends ,your visibility and online presence is higher which give you huge traffic.

2. Social Media Marketing

Component of paid Search

SEM includes all the Frame work and attention than a SEO don't. Its all about paid traffic for a blog or page.With the help of this SEM strategy, we can easily buy an ads plot which will visible to all of our users Search engine Results page when they search any keyword or query.

So here we have the 2 foremost used and common paid search platforms:

Google AdWords and Bing Ads. 

SEM is pay-per-click advertising 

A simple digital marketing method where search engines will charge to a owner or company when their ad is clicked by the user's.

3. Content Marketing

Talking to & Interested in

Its a strategic marketing approach,in which a relevant content is created and deliver to retain the blog audience.Which drive back from audience to action customer and increase you sales.

So always keep in mind whenever create your content that what is best for marketing , customers and blog. How much audience come when a content is in.

So relevant, quality and interested side content can help you to build action customers and boast your SEO.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Make is or Break it

Another strategic marketing approach in which you can earn when you sale product or services of other person's,generate more sales and earn more money in term of commission.

If you are unable to generate sales for the company than you do not get paid any upfront cost for anything.

You can use a blog to promote a person's or company products, you will get paid with the following three ways:

  • Pay per click
  • pay per lead
  • Per pay sale
This is a massive income strategy, more you sale the items so more you can earn the commission. 

5. Email Marketing

Email is king 

On daily basic you can update your subscribers about your product and service and about your business.Its important because it create a relationship between blog and audience.

As a results, it will build your branding values and trust.

The best part is when you got audience with your content instead of paid audience, research enplane, all the user's who are-in to your daily email marketing subscription, are proven later on to become active buyers.

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Now, I'd love to hear from you. Which digital marketing strategy do you think is most effective in online marketing specially in 2020??
keep Blogging...

How to Register a Godaddy Domain Name in 2020

How to Buy a Godaddy Domain Name 2020
How to Buy a Godaddy Domain Name 2020
GoDaddy Inc. is an American Internet domain registrar company .It have all the tools that help us to build a website, which means all in one place , we can register a domain name , web honest and build our website.

Buying a domain name is the first step for online presence 
So there are lot of platforms where you can build a website , the only thing which is required for a startup is you domain name.Which we can buy from internet domain registrar companies.

Godaddy is cheapest domain registrar company where you can buy your very first domain in just 1.17$ and use it free while starting you blog.

How to Buy a Godaddy Domain Name 2020

Simply follow these steps to register a domain name with GoDaddy:

1. Visit

Open your browser and visit

Click on Create new account

Now Enter the Information

 1. Email ID
 2. Username
 3. Password

Click on Create Account....

Sign In

If you already have an Account or you create it now

Enter the Username

Enter the Password

Click on Keep me signed in if you want to save you username and password ...

Click on Sign in ...

2. Domain Name 

Enter the domain name in Domain section , We are going to buy ...

NOTE: You find your own name that you want to buy , and if that name is not available than you have to change you domain name. In our case is available so we are going to buy this name. 

Simply add the domain name in Domains tab and hit the button search...

While Clicking on Search button

You will get the below page and price with "Continue to Cart" button

Click on "Add to Card" and than click on "Continue to Cart"

Next we have the "Make the most of your new domain" page where we have to specify the following things.

1. Domain Privacy

There are two plans under Domain Privacy 
1. Privacy Protection 
2. Ultimate protection & Security 
3. No Thanks

Click on No Thanks

2. Start your web for FREE
Leave this tab as it is ...

3. Email address with domain

If you want to go with professional than select professional otherwise Click on the menu and select "No Thanks"

4. Linux Web Hosting

Again we have three options 
1. Economy
2. Deluxe
3. Ultimate

Click on the menu and select "No Thanks"

Click on "Continue to Cart" Button

3. Payments

Before making payment:

Change by default domain form 2 years to 1 year because it costed low as compare to accumulated 2 years...

But it you wish to buy for more than 1 years than you can buy from 1 to 10 years if you have money in term of investment.

Here you have to add the following information: (Compulsory)
  •  #16 Master Card digits
  • Card Expiry date 
  • Security Code of the Card 
Click on "Save" button

Complete Purchase

Edit the years with your own choice 

See all the information 

Click on "Completer Purchase" button

You've successfully buy domain name ... 

Keep Blogging...

How to Calculate Your GPA with 4.0 Scale

How To Calculate Your GPA
How To Calculate Your GPA

Grade Point Average (GPA)

It is a standardized measurement number which represent the average value of the collected concluded grades earned in all the courses.

There are two components while dealing with GPA.
  1.  Grading 
  2.  Credit Hours

1. Grading 

A grade point is a standardized measurement number which express the level of achievement in a course.

GPA Grade Scale:
Here is the scale of GPA 4.0, in which a student with 49 marks or less than 49 marks in a subject is not eligible to pass out that particular subject. He or she has to repeat that particular subject, while on the other hand , 49.5 is a passing grade and as long as you got higher marks, your GPA and marks percentage will boast which show your achievement in that particular subject.  

Grade Points Equivalent :

Grade points equivalent is the grade worth against the marks. 

As per above image if a student got 84.5 or above it, he or she got grade A+ and his or her GPA against that figure is 4.0 out of 4.0 ...   

2. Credit Hours

A credit hour is a lecture time during which a professor teaching a signal subject to the class. Mostly, one lecture lasts ONE and Half hour and two lecture in a week. 

So 3 Credit hours in 7 days per subject.

GPA Formula

Now question is how you can find your GPA if you have grades or marks .


Let say a person have 4 courses and he got A+ , B, B and A+ so according to our GPA scale we mention points against these grades...


Let Go with Formula:

We multiply CREDIT HOURS with POINTS FOR GRADES which are equivalent to weighted Points.  

We add up all the weighted Points which are equal to 54.

Than final Piece (Division) of the formula in which we divide 54 with the total credit hours 15.

Finally we got 3.6 GPA ,,,

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But think about... 

Your GPA is important, but it isn’t everything, because a high GPA doesn't mean you are very good or a low GPA doesn't mean you are not intelligent , It is because during some semester you are distracted from your study career or lose your focus due to some reasons...

What is CGPA ?

CGPA means Cumulative Grade Point Average is a measurement of average grade points obtained by a student in all the semesters. 

CGPA is very Important 

While Apply for a Job, maybe limited they have required a high GPA but it doesn't mean a higher GPA scorer will do this much better than lower . But still in some situation high GPA is required and very important like

Eligible only 3 CGPA or Plus

Difference Between GPA and CGPA

GPA refer to one term only where as CGPA (Avg of all the semesters) obtained for all semesters and courses completed up to a given academic term..

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How to Write Catchy Headlines for a Blog | 5 Viral Headline Examples

How to Write Catchy Headlines for Blogs | 5 Viral Headline Examples
How to Write Catchy Headlines for Blogs | 5 Viral Headline Examples
A headline is a first impression that help a blog for making audience and new visitors. Because it is the main key for getting our audience attentions.

You're where your brain is but not where a front-page headline is.

If you want to get audience than, with out a great title and headline, it is not possible. Because it's your title and headlines that turn your visitors in to regular reader and the rest of your article body, because with out it, your blog page may not even exist. 

So simply , a headline is a promise to blog audience that we are providing your the same thing you are looking up for. When an article is according to reader's intent and make a clear statement that this article is about this category than surely your audience comeback .

So here we have Five tested headline that work in 2020

1. Direct Headlines

Go with the direct promise, dance with the main subject. A direct headline states the vital role that express what is the matter, simply goes straight to the heart of the matter.


This a headline is direct and it also state the premise directly, mean from this specific date women are allowed to drive .

2. Indirect Headline

It create a double meaning interest on audience mind set and  develop up lot of queries which are actually hidden in the structure of a post and its headlines. which create interest and attract the audience with these questions and turn them to read their full post which is called Ultra fine approach.


Above headline is a full article about which product they are releasing when and where, a lot of questions, but their article will cover all confusions.

3. How to Headline

"How to" is actually a top tier approach. which narrate the audience needs, if we write an article with how to headline than we are actually pointing our audience need. 


Its a visitor need, in which visitors want to know how they can recover a blog post which they accidental delete and within the post it is explained the way to achive it.

4. Reason Why Headline

An other working technique in which the importance of something is defined in overall article body relevant tips and features are discussed.

Mean, Article have 13 solid reasons about an engineer on the base of which he/she think Engineer beat a Doctor.

5. Question Headline

Depend on asking approach, ask your question in a headline important point is it should be a valid question in all the way and than our visitor's will engage with the interest, they want to know the answer. 


Do You Wanna Work For Telenor Pakistan ? 

A Psychology mindset as you know you're looking up for a job and this statement fulfill your demand. The answer you want to know is hidden in the article while headline is a question mark ? 

We hope so these 5 catchy headline will help you to boost your SEO 

Keep Blogging ...

Top 5 Quick ways Coming Up for Content Ideas | Question & Answer

Top 5 Quick ways Coming Up with Ideas for Content
Top 5 Quick ways Coming Up with Ideas for Content

What to Write Today?

Yes this is a common question for a blog writer that what to write today. Doesn't matter we run up a blog or social channel , every day we have to write something which is interesting and according to our audience desire 

"Audience is Everything"

A very difficult situation, first we have to find a topic what our audience want and than more problematic thing is to set our idea .
Because when you are writing on a topic, its a challenging thing which idea you should pick and which one you 're going to leave. So, select a simple, relevant and powerful content material because it subjects for your website.   

While talking about some quick places for content ideas, here are some simple but significant ways which will surely help you to find the Idea and increase your traffic as well. Because you are answering your audience questions which bring your traffic back on your blog.

1. Blog Comments

People come again and again on your blog page because you have something on your blog that user likes.They visit blog comment section and send their remakes .

This is the main thing you should look through, a remarks is something that give you a direction what audience wants so check that any interesting content idea comes up or not. 

A powerful strategy when your article ended, add more questions, reason just to get the attentions of visitors by welcoming their thoughts. 

It’s a win-win situation.

2. Google Keywords 

Google's Keyword Planner is an amazing set-up for new content thoughts.When we search a keyword we also get the related catchphrases with their search volume. 

while coming to its analysis, related keywords maybe a page or more than one in length, but related thoughts are very important and google keywords planner deeply investigate and identifies these words with some extra information which help us for getting the article of the day

So its an amazing method to find wining content ideas.

3. Competition Analysis

what is your blog niche and who are your competitors...

Our opposition also have an extraordinary spot in Search engine  Why don't you go on their blog and check their queries. This doesn't mean to copy their frameworks. Just to get an idea from their blog posts and comments.

You can do it in different ways

When you start reading their articles and notice that they did't include something which you feel is significant.

On the other hand, you can also read their blog comments, their audience have some question which you think, you can reply so go ahead with your best one.

So from competitors blog you can include some idea...

4. Quora 

Quora is a great source of user-generated content. more than 8000 people ask different questions on daily basis and these question are achievable But an answer give you the actual idea of a content.

Quora is a well established setup which provide you back to back friendly traffic, if you give a proper answer to their question.

An answer to a question, create curiosity for others users which encourage theme to click on a link for the information which means they are interested to read your point of view. 

So simply,user are interested to read something their is a reason and that reason is you content 

5. Facebook Groups

Facebook Group have a great advantage for blogger associates, for their learning and developing of a blog. Its an ideal spot to find new content thoughts. 

A lost of people socially connected on this platform and the individuals have posted their problem, In that case find a matching content with you blog specialty, and  join group for answering.

It will build your audience and you can get more ideas for future...

Keep Blogging...

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Blog Posts

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Blog Posts
How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Blog Posts
Yes !! You will surely got your deleted blog post.

When we create a new blog, we work for it and spends our full day and nights for writing up some quality blog posts. Before writing, we have to spend sometime like what we have to write today. Than a bit more ob the contents that we have to cover in our article with their relevant graphics.
So we have to do lot of work to make our posts well viewing ....

Sometime it happens when we delete our blog post accidental because we have to edit a blog post when we find some updates relevant to that post...

Maybe we edit a blog post for adding relevancy signal or link building for better SEO.

While editing we accidentally delete our blog post, we feel not well because we spend a day to write a SEO friendly blog post. 

Unfortunately blogger plate from does't have any official option to recover our old stuff. Which means when something accidentally deleted , end up permanently deleted.

So follow our instructions and hopefully got your posts...

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Blog Posts

1. Recover your Deleted Blog Post with Google Cache Option

Recover your deleted blog with Cache
Recover your deleted blog with Cache
When we write a blog post it automatically save and indexed by Google Crawler and 99% chances that Google Search Engine doesn't delete your blog post from their System .

Because when Google take time to index , crawl and ranked your page, same in the case of deletion process , it takes time to delete all the data and just before that deletion we have to recover our post.

Find your post with these methods ??

If you know your Post Title: + deleted post title

site:/ Images sent relevance signal to Search Engines

If you know your Post URl:



Google both options and you will see all of your index pages . Hit the tiny drop-down arrow button available in the right-side of the permalink and you see there is a Cache option click on it.

Now you will see your deleted post same as ours below :

Cache Page
So here we are , now we have to copy these things step by step.

1. Post title

We will get our headline from above image which is

"Does Images sent relevance signal to Search Engines"

2. Permalink

At the top of the page we have a Google Cache message, so we can easy get our url from our message 

3. Post Thumbnails

From our Cache page as above we can easy copy our optimized image .

Simple click on thumbnails and save them "Save Image As"

4. Post Body

From above Cache page we can easily copy our all the article from top to bottom. Simply copy all the post in your text editor and use it again while writing your article.

That's it for today

Comments below if you have something more interested related to accidentally deleted blog posts.

Keep Blogging ....

Understand the Difference Between a Blog Title and Domain Name

Understand the Difference Between a Blog Title and Domain Name
Understand the Difference Between a Blog Title and Domain Name

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name can be defined in the following two ways.

Web domain

A domain name is the address of your website , page or blog.It is the name that user type in their Search Engine and find your website.

For Example:

Network domain

Some time a domain name denote a IP address or sometime group of IP address.

For Example:

Domain Structure:

A computer may have some local computers which are networked with the same domain name that main computer have, so each and every computer can be seen accessed within the network on any computer with the help of the domain.  

What Is A Blog Title?

A blog title is a name that's is used for the blog spotting in search engine.

For Example: this is our domain name where as "Engineer Rana Hammad" is our Blog Title. Which we write at the time of making blog,

This is our personal blog so we use our name as our identification in search engine.So a user have 2 ways to find this blog.

1. Type direct URL
2.  Type Engineer Rana Hammad in search engine

while concern to trend, user find their queries through the 2nd way.

Note:You can also your domain name as your blog title with our TLD

Like:  is our domain name and so we can also use "EngineerHammad" as our title.

Benefit: Same blog tile with domain name will send a relevance signal same as images to google and a bit more closer at the top of the search engine.

What Is A Top Level Domain (TLD)?

The letters at the end of a website. page or a blog address are called TLD.

Example of some TLD's
.com, . net and . org. are are the top-level domain.

Top 5 TLD's 

According to Godaddy , here are the top 5 most TLD's which are used foremost world widely.
  1. .com 
  2. .net 
  3. .org 
  4. .co 
  5. .us

Do You Need A Unique Domain Name?

Yes because in search engine uniqueness is your identity.

A domain name is something by which users can find and access a website. So firstly, a domain name must be registered and than after resignation you can use it on your blog or website.

Every domain name is unique and every blog or website have a different domain name, no body can use the same domain on two blog or websites.

 Difference Between a Blog Title and Domain Name

We will define this difference in three ways.

#1. Though Blog Setting
#2.Through Google
#3. Though Blog Theme 

Lets start the main thing,

1. Though Blog Setting

Blog Title and Domain name

  • Open your Blogger >> Setting >> Basic
You can see the above page where our blog title and domain name are shown...

Both options are having edit button , you can change your tittle and domain by clicking on edit button.

As you can see that in basic tab there are three sub tabs 
  • Title mean Blog title which will be viable to Google
  • Description mean Blog description which will be viable to Google
  • Privacy mean you want you blog as google listed or not , if it is listed than google will show you in the search engine and if you setup you blog as non listed than google will not visible your blog to their search engine.

2.Through Google
Google Domain and Title

Let compare it with our Blog Setup

As you can see we have write our Blog title as "Engineer Rana Hammad" and you see, we find our blog through 2nd way with our title instead of direct domain name or url.

So "Engineer Rana Hammad" this is our Query

At the top of the page you can see we have our blog where blog title and domain name are mention same as we setup in our blog setting.

Google is showing domain name on the top and than our blog title and than after the title blog description is visible.

So its clear that Domain name and Blog Title both are different in blog setting as well as in Google Search Engine too.

3. Though Blog Theme

Blog Title Optimized
So <data:blog.pageTitle/> this piece of code is used in overall blog theme for showing the blog title while concern to Domain there is no working order within the theme setting .There is only one thing relevant to domain name setting and that is custom domain in under the Basic tab.

Where you can change the name with your new TLD Name.

Why Domain Names Are Important

Becuase is a poor extension which ultimately show poor ranking in Google Search Engine. On the other hand , .com .net etc are TOP LEVEL DOMAIN NAME so they have better priority in Google Search Engine and make your blogging as a brand name.
That's it for today 

Understand these things while creating a new blog, surely these things will help you and you will be able to achiever what you want but with this understanding...

Share with your friends and comments below if you have something more interesting to share...

Keep Blogging...

5 Steps of Ultimate Success Formula

The Ultimate Success Formula
The Ultimate Success Formula
Success doesn't come & find you,Yes you have to go and Get it
Most of the respondents in many situation under different environment have a successful and strong attitude to face every situation and be successful. The context or environment is different , like it can be any business company, it can be a job, our love or a relationship.

Think why they are successful today!

Simple they achieve what they want just because they have no problem with others. They have a strong intention to turn their bad mode in to a Creator mode.They learn a lot of lessons and end up with a focus on their own work instead of listening to others . 

Because of a quick life experience they stops relate their self to others and adding new values in a unique way.

Let’s take a look.


1. Scores

Start with the current ending results. There's no way you can do it if you don't know what you want to achieve by choosing right career


Sit back and try to figure out what you want from your business, is it healthy and independent?

What success look like for you and for your business?

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The first step is to set a valuable goal that takes time and effort. As reflective training, different results await you because you want to develop something today that will be inherited by the family later, or perhaps your business will grow as a business that benefits society. . 

These situation will certainly help you to have a clear vision of your success in business field.

2. Answer to "WHY"

Understand your self because if you did't understand yourself, probably there is no mission or vision. So look at your business and understand this question.
  • why you want to take this business on the next level ?
  • why you want to grow your business ?
  • why you want specific outcomes form your business ?

When you understand your these question with your strengths and the desired business outcomes, things work easier and smooth for you. With your creator mode and the previous values, you'll get the better ideas to achieve your Goals and ultimately you'll get desired Outcomes. 

So don't give up.

3. Take Action Shots

Convert your plan in to steps and than achieve these steps one by one, it will show you the results.As you thinks this step is not working well , your all previous work is safe , so just change that particular step only.

Let say, worked on a small formula to develop our business and it didn't really work well for us. Use the key formula to make changes to change your business and many of your staff.. 

Take a deep breath and forward with a big action that work well and move your business to the next level. 

4. Change the Action if it Doesn't Work

Adjust your attitude which is not working for you. Rethink about your goals and analyze how you can achieve your goals. If this analyze approach works than it will take you to the next level, but if you notice that this process does not work at all, than think again and changing it.

Keep in mind that this strategy is not optimal for changing a business, because failure is also an important part of success and new entrepreneurial experience .

5. Celebrate the Wins

When you do something selected by yourself, signify and don't lose your focus you will be a little more closer to your game plan. So Play well, before you can join a party and enjoy this as your success (progress), but you can expect a higher level of success. . So, for now, enjoy your celebrations.

 Ultimate Success Formula

While we are looking back ! our past experiences narrate what we did wrong, learn from your mistakes and turn it in to your successful life.  

This is the Success Formula.

1 an only 1 formula for Success
  1. Try again and again until the desired result are not pull off.

Facts that actually make My Self Better today
  • Not worried what other's are thinking about you
  • Not listening other's deflating stories
  • Don't repeat your mistakes more than 3 to 4 times
  • Love yourself and behave good, no matter what happen next
Don't give up ...

Keep blogging ... 

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