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Telenor Daily Weekly Monthly and Social Media Internet Packages

Telenor internet package are more cheap then or networks, to get telenor weekly internet package, telenor monthly internet package, and daily so on; subscribe to these codes.

telenor daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages
Life nowadays without internet for even a single second can’t be imagined. In this era of technological advancement mobile data packages offered by the telecommunication companies let you reach the world. Everything or anything you want to do is just one click away. Telenor internet package lets its customers stay connected to the world 24x7. It’s been on the edge for a long period of time to spread out the 3G services of telenor all over Pakistan.

Telenor brings the best 3G coverage map while giving access to the remote areas and connecting people living far away from each other by bringing them closer. The fame of Telenor 3G is what everyone is talking about. Telenor net packages make life easier than it was ever before and the packages offered are just unmatchable. Telenor internet services can be availed by its prepaid customers while using Telenor Talkshawk, Persona and Djuice. Telenor offers wide range of internet packages which are the following:

Telenor 3G internet package:

To get success in business requires immediate mobile access to explore business opportunities available around the world. And the best solution for such a situation is Telenor 3G packages. They give its customers a sense of freedom while using mobile data without any fear. Telenor internet is something where present meets the future.
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Telenor offers 3G packages on daily, weekly and monthly basis. It includes number of bundle offers, such packages that customers can avail for 3 day, weekly or monthly basis.
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Telenor Monthly Internet Package:

Telenor Weekly Internet Package:

Telenor weekly package

Telenor Daily Internet Package:

Telenor Unlimited Internet Package:

Telenor 3G lite bundle:

Telenor 3G daily packages include the data offer of 50 MBs for only Rs.12 which is valid for 24 hours. The package can be easily subscribed by dialing *345*141#.

Telenor 3G daily bundle:

Telenor offers 3G daily bundle for its customers with a data limit of 75 MBs which is valid for 24 hours. This internet package can be availed for Rs.15 by dialing *345*131#.

Telenor 3G unlimited daily bundle:

Telenor unlimited 3G bundle lets the internet lovers use 350 MB of mobile data from 1pm – 7pm for Rs.13 by subscribing *345*139#.

Telenor social pack:

Telenor social pack offers customers to use social media sites frequently with up to 100 MB data limit. Package subscribers can use Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter for 24 hours by dialing *5*325#.

Telenor 3G for 3 days:

Telenor internet packages transform something that is actively used to a continuous combined experience by availing the bundle offers. The data limit is 200 MBs including 200 more MBs free for using Facebook for 3 days by dialing *345*133# for its subscription.

Telenor weekly package:

The unique and interactive mobile applications have created expectations and standards for digital media. Telenor 3G packages are growing to become rich in functionality. Data limit is 50 MB for this package that is valid for 7 days for Rs.75 and it can be subscribed by dialing *345*134#.

Mobile devices have become a communication hub, our daily routine activities either they are personal or professional their schedule is moved to our mobile phone. The internet packages by Telenor provide real-life information according to customer’s needs. It gives three times faster internet coverage, ten times faster internet and social media access wherever you are.

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