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What is your dream job? Do You Wanna Work For Telenor Pakistan?

Most probably you are in the favor of such a company that offers not only a great exposure but also provides the most innovative and progressive services.

Everyone has the desire to take a step in professional life by doing some amazing job. 

What is your dream job?
Is it some kind of specific workplace culture that you want to have, or you are more concerned with the perks and the remuneration offered by the company?

Most probably you are in the favor of such a company that offers not only a great exposure but also provides the most innovative and progressive services. The definition of a good workplace definitely differs but what if you can get all in one?

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Telenor – Digital services provider:

Enter the world of Telenor Pakistan that is considered to be as the second largest cellular as well as digital services provider. The company of Telenor has received a number of awards and certifications from Human Resources Management of the Pakistan society at various events. The key pillars which has a great significance in front of the team is innovative ways of work, constant support and learning, mentorship and most importantly the country development in socio economic sector.

Pros of working in Telenor:

Telenor is quite concerned about the priorities of its employers and has always strived to provide with improved services and packages. First of all, the work environment of Telenor Pakistan is excellent, you will be able to get exposure and new experiences. Moreover, you will have to face new challenges that are very necessary in order to build a strong personality.
As far as the working hours of the company are concerned then they are quite flexible, you will definitely enjoy working here. One of the best things that the company has to offer you as an employer is international travelling. Because of this benefit people often consider Telenor Pakistan a dream job.

One thing with whom so many employees are concerned is the salary package which itself is satisfactory based on your performance. Working with Telenor is beneficial in this way that it focuses on people's development and their empowerment through the use of some brilliant innovative ideas.

In this work environment, you will be able to explore your ideas and opinions and hence will be able to contribute your services.

Productive workplace:

Telenor offers its employees a really productive workplace, in the sense that each and every employer is encouraged by the company to enhance their potential. The core focus is the progress in career and growth. New ideas are always appreciated here. Flexible work hours help individuals in maintaining the balance of their work life.

Country’s preferred employer:

Over 12 years, Telenor has achieved the valuable status of country’s favorite employer. Gaining this status is not an easy job but it requires full of dedication and commitment. Telenor has its own values and the company is very career oriented, it has introduced a program namely Naya Aghaaz for the women who want to work.

Moreover, Telenor also trains those people who have some kind of disability, so that they can take an active part in corporate culture. The Telenor employees are facilitated with those opportunities having international resources and exposure.


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