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Process of Saudi Engineering Council Registration

SEC: Saudi Engineering Council Registration process and step by step guide for new expatriates from Pakistan, India, Philippine, Bangladesh, Jordan and Egypt etc.

Saudi Engineering Council Registration 1st Step:

To  get your first iqama it's very important to register with Saudi engineering Council if you are on engineer visa. The engineers who are residing in Saudi Arabia open Saudi Engineering Council website:

Saudi Engineering Council website is like below picture...!
Saudi Engineering Council Registration step1
Saudi engineering Council registration step 1.
Now click on Registration to create your account on Saudi Engineering Council website for free. Website requires some basic information about you and upload your recent photograph. Put your correct information and wait for a while.

Document You Needed:

Note: All documents must be in the (.jpg) format and size should not exceed 512KB.  
  1. Iqama or Passport (Border # and Visa page scanned copy).
  2. Passport first page scanned copy
  3. Engineering degree attested from Saudi External Affair Ministry. (Attestation from HEC / Saudi Culture and Foreign Affairs for Pakistani and Indian People)
  4. Degree Transcript / Marks Sheet (No attestation required) but i recommend to attest this too.
  5. Employ Letter from your company where your job title should be as engineer and date of joining attested by the chamber of commerce.
  6. In this process, website would ask you to download an authorization letter. Download authorization letter and fill up this letter (Acceptable without your stamp).
  7.  If you are Philippine national then you would upload one more document asked by SEC site. (Leave this others)
  8. Upload your Resume.
You are done and now you will see your account like this...!
Saudi Engineering Council Registration step2
When you come to this step system will generate a registration number and you will receive a text message and email.

Second Step of SEC Registration:

  1. Pay your first fee 500 SAR and wait until your request approved or rejected.
  2. If approved then pay 750 SAR more.
Same day your profile looks like this for new foreign people...!
Saudi Engineering Council Registration step3
So when you get your iqama then update it and finally Your profile looks like this....!
Saudi Engineering Council Registration step4

If your application rejected then contact them on given phone numbers or visit Saudi Engineering Council office personally for correction or advise from Saudi Engineering Council.

After 2 days or within a one week Saudi engineering council will give you a card and a certificate like shown below.

saudi engineering council certificate, engineer hammad, rana hammad
Saudi Engineering Council certificate 

For more details please visit Saudi Engineering Council official website:


  1. Anwar Ali21:27:00

    Sir i am in Saudi Arabia on labor visa. Can i change my profession easily to engineering profession.

    1. Yes you can. Just get offer letter from your company where your designation must be as engineer. After that go to SEC office and follow the procedure.

  2. As Salamu Laykum Sir. I have all the documents with me with regards on my academical records(Diploma,Certificates, Birth Certificate, Transcript of Records, etc..) Do i need to send it back to the Philippines to make authentication or our Philippine embassy here in jeddah can fix this issue? Thanks
    Sir, your answer will highly appreciated. More power.

    1. Dear, Saudi Engineering Council has change some rules to get register with saudi engineering council. Now if you have 3 years of experience after 16 years of education then you can apply for that, SEC will also take an exam after that SEC will register you. Thanks

    2. 3 yrs experience in Saudi or anywhere?

  3. Sir , According to new policy of Saudi Arabia some professions are not renewed when saudi engineering councl approved the documents according to designation in iqama. I have one question my profession in Iqama is General Surveyor and I have diploma of Quantity surveyor with attestion of Saudi Embaasy and Foreign office of Pakistion. Can you tell me that my SEC approved my request or not because profession are different.

  4. Does SCE accepts Master degree Saudi culture attested?

  5. Does SCE accepts master degree with saudi culture attestation?? Or registration can be done only on the basis of Bachelor degree?
    As i have attested my master degree program and HR is asking Bachelor degree to be attested however my highest relevant degree is already attested


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