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How to Run Old Games on Windows 7 | How to Run Games in Windows 7

Mostly people worried when can not play games on windows 7. So in this topic how to run old games in windows 7 you should be able to play all types of games. [Engineer Hammad]

Follow these simple steps for How to run old games on windows 7.

1.Open Start Menu

2. Open Control Panel

3. Click on View mode and Change category.

4. Click on programs

5. Select Programs and features.

6. Now Click on Left Side bar Turn Features On or Off.

7. Check Games Box.

Now You are done. If you have any problem or questions then comment or contact me.


  1. red alret does it run ?

    1. You can play red alert 2 also click on this link for more information;

  2. My great luck I was roaming for suck types of solution. I use windows 7 ultimate and sometime love to play my old favorite games. But I have to face some problems when I was about to complete a level and stepped to the new level. I do believe this is a great helpful guideline on old game issues. I would like to appreciate your hard work and of course for sharing. I also visited the Pirate Bay late Read more here. which is got down for downloading issue, Read more here


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