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How to Answer Interview Questions | Interview Questions And Answers

Here are a few common interview questions and answers, that you should be prepare before interview. These are very simple interview questions and also you will able how to answer interview questions after reading this article.

sample interview questions, top ten interview questions, common interview questions and answers, interview questions and best answers,Job interview is quite crucial for most candidates. However, a little practice and preparation can not only make this task easy but also advantageous for your career. Listed below are a few common interview questions asked and some real quick and smart strategies to answer them to leave a positive impression and ace on the interview.
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A Little about yourself:

This is perhaps the most common interview question that the interviewers ask the candidates. One thing to keep in mind is that your resume already tells enough about you. The purpose of this question is not to know the candidate but basically, access his/her communication skills. The spoken skills, how you present yourself in front of others, and what you choose to tell others about you, tells a lot about what kind of person you are.
  • Focus on your personal strengths that might reflect on your personality.
  • Choose the attributes that can be helpful for your career.
  • The accomplishments that matter in the line of business you are aiming to be hired for.
  • Try to explain the motives behind your earlier choices; be it education or previous jobs.
  • Make an effort to convey a strong, positive image of yourself.
  • If you think there is something that you can discuss in detail, leave a comment that might intrigue the questioner to probe further.
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How would others describe you?

This question poses another opportunity to highlight your plus points, without sounding like a snob.
  • Talk about your character traits that are helpful in your professional development.
  • Try to paint a realistic picture and don’t sound like a snobbish person.
  • Share the attributes that others compliment about you often and find them likeable.

Why you want this job?

Money is the basic incentive for everyone, but answering this question, focuses on something more than that.
  • Talk about your ambitions. Emphasize your love for the particular job role that you want to play.
  • Share your likes or preferences that make you choose the employers over others in the job market.
  • Talk about how you want to grow and learn with this company or business.
  • Discuss your short term and long term goals that you would like to accomplish if you get this job.

Why should we hire you?

This is another tricky question which can be intimidating, but at the same time gives you an excellent opportunity to “sell” yourself properly.
  • Highlight your skills that can be beneficial for the employers.
  • Talk about your accomplishments that can prove to be a milestone for further development.
  • You better convince them that you are willing to work more than your prescribed job duties to prove that you were the best choice.
  • Talk about the common interests and concerns, so that it sounds like you are going to fit in quickly and amply.
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Why did you leave your last job?

This question leads you to tell a lot about yourself. Never, ever talk about negative aspects or the difficulties that might have forced you to switch your job. Instead, talk about being progressive.
  • Share your ideas of developing personal and professional skills.
  • Talk about your dreams and ambitions; things you’d want to achieve in your career.
  • Discuss different ways that you see you can grow with your new employment.
  • Try to convince them with the goals you want to accomplish working with them for their and your own development.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is a crucial question as it tells your employer about your attitude towards the job and your overall approach.
  • State your future goals and make sure they are rational and realistic.
  • Talk about how you intend to grow with this position and work for the betterment of your own career as well as the development of their business.
  • Assert this job as an important milestone in your professional journey.

How did you hear about this vacancy?

Answering this question smartly can land you in the business successfully. The key is that you let them know that you are prepared, willing and ready to work with them. Telling the employer that you learnt from an advertisement, general posting or online source won’t be much impressive.
  • Instead convince them that you have been following them keenly and have been abreast with their current situation.
  • This lets them know that you are interested and do take pains to be with them.
  • This shows your positive approach towards growing and learning with them.
  • This can convince them that you care about their business.

Describe your dream job:

In response to this question, do not build up castles in the air. Rather being realistic would be more helpful.
  • Talk about the possibilities that can lead you to your goals.
  • The ambience that drives you towards your ambitions.
  • Share ideas about overcoming the hurdles and limitations in the field of work and reassure your aspiration to progress with them.
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Tell about your weakness:

Talking about your weaknesses is never easy.
  • If you choose to share your actual weaknesses, do talk about strategies that you are following to overcome them.
  • The most common answer to this question is presenting a flaw in disguise of a strength.
  • Just try not to prolong it too much. Keep it short and wrap it up shortly and smartly without raising too many questions.

Tell about your strength:

As easy as it sounds, this question might open you in front of others more than it should.
  • Pin point that one or two things that you think you do really well.
  • You better try to support them with some previous experience to make it sound more convincing and productive.
  • Choose a strong point that you can align with the company’s needs.
  • Try to come up with something that highlights your professional skills.
In the end, it is important to have confidence in your abilities. If you are worth it, you will get the job. Be confident and nail it in the interview. Be humble, but at the same time show them that you are capable and confident.
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