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How to Grow Plants Without Soil? | Technology of Hydroponics

This is a very famous technique used for the growth of plants without soil and it is emerging rapidly in the sector of agriculture.

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Basically, hydroponics is a process in which the growth of the plants is done by the use of sand, nutrients, gravel or any other liquid other than soil. Undoubtedly, it is a subset of hydro culture. In this process, plants are being fed through nutrients. There are many systems of hydroponics that mainly include wicks system, water culture, and drip system etc. These three systems use different technologies in order to grow plants without the use of soil. As we discuss indoor gardening in our previous article.

A popular technique:

This is a very famous technique used for the growth of plants and it is emerging rapidly in the sector of agriculture. This technique has no limitations regarding the climate changes etc. It is very beneficial and useful in the current scenario, and it is the source of quality food products. This technique is mostly used by the people who live in the area where the climate is arid. It means that this technique is best especially when the traditional technique won’t work.
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Useful procedure:

In order to get facilitate from this technique, we must know that how it really works. In this method, the water needs to be delivered into the roots of the plants. There are a number of techniques used to deliver the water in the root system for example nutrient film technique. Although there are many types of hydroponics system but it is the most useful one. This technique uses a tank with a tube or pump which further pumps the solution made of nutrients into the tube where the root is suspended. This solution takes almost two to four hours to flow over that root.

Source of increase in quality and quantity:

So as to increase the quality and quantity the temperature and pH range too must be balanced. The vegetable grown by the use of this technique are more hygienic and contains A, B, and C then the products grown by the traditional method. It is a very productive method and protective of the atmosphere. The growing cycle of it is less than the traditional crops.
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Advantages of hydroponics:

Given below are some of the advantages that are being availed through hydroponics:
  • Sophisticated system of monitoring at reasonable prices.
  • Utilization of the cultivated area at its maximum level.
  • More concentrated growing cycles.
  • No labor costs.

Mean for the production of the food:

Certainly, hydroponics can be proved as an effective way of producing food in the areas where cultivation is not easy. Areas such as mountainous or deserts consisting of intense ecosystems have difficulty in using conventional method, therefore hydroponics proved to be as of great importance.

A simple method:

It is a very simple method which involves containers on tables; the water is passed through it contains all the important nutrients and flows continuously. The root system is properly monitored and the water is mixed with oxygen so that the proper functioning can be done. The plants are then inserted to special kind of pads that float onto the surface of the water.

Hydroponics use special fertilizers that are easily achievable. Moreover, the team of agronomists can also guide you in this way.
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