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RF Engineer Interview Questions | Drive Test Engineer Interview Questions

These question are about rf / drive test engineers to help get job easy and for students also to know more about rf engineering. Telecom Engineering

 RF Engineer Interview Questions:

RF Engineer Interview Questions, Drive Test Engineer Interview Questions
RF engineer or rf drive test engineers are commonly asked below written question. But it depends on your job duties for which postion you are hiring. Rf engineer interview question should not be same all time due to new technologies coming day by day but basics are very important to understand. When you talk about drive test engineer jobs you should have to know companies for drive test engineers.

Interview questions and answers:

Q.1: Please introduce the telecommunication/wireless system configuration.


Q.2: Tell us 2G/3G(noun) parameter we often see in the testing ,explain it:

RX Level (Received signal level):
-70dbm to -20dbm:good;-70dbm to -80dbm:normal;-80dbm to -90dbm:acceptable; below -90:bad

RX Quality (Recieved signal quality):
0 to 4 :good;   4 to 6 normal; up 6 bad;

C/I: Carries power / Interface power

RSCP: Recieved signal code power
-70dbm to -20dbm:good;-70dbm to -80dbm:normal;-80dbm to -90dbm:acceptable; below -90:bad

Ec/Io: Chip energy / Interface of other cell:
0 to -6:good;-6 to -10: normal;-10 to -12:acceptance; below -12:bad.

Q.3: Introduce the testing for new site.

On air or not
sector swap or not;
site coverage;inter handover;intra handover;
GPRS or hsdpa hsupa testing
video call testing(3G)
sms,mms testing

Q.4: How to estimate the antenna /feeder cross during testing?

When we at the service cell coverage the rxlev is other cell’s .and the rxlev is weakly.
When we test ,target cell ,the sverce line connect to other cell.

Q.5: Please Analysis of Causes of call drop.

Poor coverage:
Coverage hole, dead zone, isolated island, uplink/downlink unbalance Coverage over shooting Signal attenuation.
Internal interference, external interference and the equipment interference ; Strong downlink/ uplink  interference.
Parameter setting not proper:
Radio link timeout counter, handover, power control etc.
Handover failure:

Q.6: Please Analysis of Causes of handover failure.

missing neighbor or neighbor not defined
parameter for the handover are not good

Q.7: Introduce the software and test equipment you have used Software:

TEMS product:TEMS9.1;8.14;8.03;
Probe1.5,probe1.4;probe1.3; assistant analysis
actix analysis
 Test mobile:
sonyerrisson: k800i; k790i; z750i; w600; w995
Nokia: 6680; N70; N80
Motorola: V3XX

Q.8: Introduce the mapinfo and googlearth.

Check the site location from google earth or mapinfo
check the entironment nearby the site and make a plan for the testing from google earth and mapinfo;
analysis the logfile from mapinfo.

Q.9: how can analysis the logfile and make report.

actix software analysis
Tems software analsis
assistant software analysis
Check coverage,quality ,handover and Throughput and so on.
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  4. Write more about rf engineer interview questions.

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  9. Good Knwoldge In Telecom Sectar Expecal Dbm Some Thing

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  12. Sir, this is great info. I am going to have my first job interview ever in this field. Any Major terms and language or pointers which might help out please. And also, do you have any updated info and technology and platforms which i should know about? Trying to get ins and outs as a beginner. Thanks and thanks for posting this info....

  13. Hi,

    What if in drive testing the RF passed and the quality was good but the AF (audio) was not clear in layman's term choppy or distorted audio.
    Where can we find the fault?

  14. it may occur due to poor rx level and ber

  15. Sir During Conference call which channel is used to Establish another call? please clarify my Doubt


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