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Top Innovative Ideas For Doing Small Scale Business In Pakistan

Are you looking for how to start a business with low investment? Then you are at right place, we have discussed many small business idea in this post which will help you a lot.

new business ideas in pakistan and india
Doing business in Pakistan is not something hard to do; instead, the country of Pakistan gives you several opportunities to conduct business activities.
Regardless of a particular sector (industrial, economic or agriculture), you can carry out your business in any sector or field. * 8 reasons why investment in Pakistan is feasible

Although, Pakistan is facing so many problems and financial crisis etc but small scale business are playing their part for the increase in gross domestic product. These small scale businesses might be very helpful for you. They may include delivering food services, day care centers or beauty salon etc.

Small scales businesses:

  • Beauty Salon / Beauty Parlor
  • Tutoring
  • Auto Spare Parts
  • Smart Phones
  • Dress designing 
  • Property / Real Estate
  • Photography
  • Medical stores
  • Catering
  • Guest House
  • Driving Coach
  • Restaurants
  • Laundry Services
  • Web Development
  • Bird Farming
  • T-Shirt printing services
  • Fish Farming
  • Turkey Farming

1. Beauty salon/beauty parlor:

The purpose of beauty parlors is to enhance or polish the beauty of the customers. This kind of business is at its peak nowadays because of its increasing trend. Customers are very much attracted towards beauty products and things. The question is what you really have to do to take a good start in doing such kind of business. The very first thing that should be kept in mind is the location of your parlor. Select a location that is commercialized. Secondly the staff, it must be highly skill full.

  • Services:

The services that must be provided by your parlor are Makeup, haircut, nails etc.

  • Legitimate:

Do not forget to register your parlor under authorized certification.

2. Tutoring:

Tutoring is probably the best choice for the students of Pakistan, who want to do small business. If you are good in studies and can explain things in a very good way than it is the most appropriate choice for you. That is how you can learn and earn at the same time. You can also conduct such activities at group levels and this is how you can earn in a more good way.

3. Auto spare parts:

As we all know that in Pakistan, most of the cars that are bought are not new. People have more tendency of buying second-hand cars in Pakistan. This thing ultimately gives a rise to the demand of spare parts. The location must be the right one that is easily accessible by the clients. These spare parts are not only the need of commercial vehicles but also private vehicles. Therefore, they must be durable.

4. Smartphones:

The business of smartphones is at its peak. In Pakistan, every single person has a smart phone. People are interested in buying smart phones through small shops rather than big companies or large shops. Hence, make sure that your shop is accessible for every kind of client. This type of business is no doubt a good source of earning.

5. Dress designing:

Well, if you are crazy about fashion and designing is your hobby that it is most suitable and reasonable choice for you. It will enhance your skills as well. For this kind of business activities, you do not need heavy capital investment. Creative designs and styles always grab the attention of the customers.

6. Property or real estate:

This is a very convenient way for carrying out small business activities. You don’t need any specific quantity of capital investment; rather you have to be careful and have to keep an eye on the ongoing rates of the property. The rise and fall of property rates, you must have knowledge about the market demand as well. This kind of work can also be done as a part time job.

7. Photography:

This type of work is entirely based on your interest. If doing photography is your passion then you must go for that. It is the appropriate choice for you. For this kind of business, you only need to have a camera of your own. * How to buy a good Memory card for photography

8. Medical stores:

You can also do some investment in the business of medicine. It may require heavy capital but it will definitely going to pay you in long run. Because of the increasing growth of disease and infections the demand of medicine has risen so is the supply. Therefore, it is not useless to say that doing such kind of business is a smart business choice.

9. Catering:

Another good business choice is catering. No doubt you need catering for family functions, office events or other kinds of events. Hence, this type of business is a good source of earning. The capital required to conduct such kind of business activities is not very large. This type of work is enjoyable. One important thing that has to be kept in mind is the effective advertisement. Like other kinds of business, this type of work also needs advertisement. Because advertisement is the sole source of making people know about your business.

10. Guesthouses:

If the residency of your house is near any kind of hill station or near less densely populated areas than you can use your house as a guest house. You can set it that way and give people a place to stay. This is how you can earn well and you do not have to make any big efforts.

11. Driving coach:

To be driving coach is not a bad option. If you are good in driving and you have got all the skills of different techniques than what are you waiting for? You can open your own driving center. Furthermore, you can use your own care for this purpose. In other words, you do not have to be worried about the capital investment as it is not very large. * Online verification of vehicle ownership in Pakistan

12. Restaurants:

Another preferable option is doing the business of restaurants. Pakistan is a country where the inhabitants are food lovers. No doubt there are so many restaurants existing in Pakistan, therefore, you have to create a unique one. It can be unique in its taste or style etc. The demand for the food is never low; people here are fond of eating.

Choose wisely:

No doubt there are several options available for a person who wants to do small scale business. But one has to be careful in choosing the type of business, only that type of business must be chosen in which you are interested and skilled.


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