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How To Get Register With Saudi Council of Engineers?

Saudi council of engineers registration process is much easier. You just have to open Saudi council of engineers website and login into it and submit requested documents, After approval pay Saudi engineering council fee and you are done.

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Saudi Arabia has a lot of opportunities for engineers. The country is prospering a lot in engineering and related fields. Domestic and foreign engineers can take significant advantage of the job and business prospects for skilled engineers in Saudi Arabia.

- It is important to understand that if you are not listed with Saudi Engineering Council and you are not registered as an engineer in Saudi Arabia then it is illegal for you to work as an engineer in the country. If you are found doing this, then your Iqama may be cancelled and you might have to face deportation.

Saudi Engineering Council Registration process:

Following are the easy and simple steps that you should follow in order to get registered with Saudi Engineering Council and to mention Engineer as a profession on your Iqama in order to be eligible to work as an engineer in the country: Related Post: How to change Iqama Profession?

Step 1: Attestation of degrees: 

Get your academic and engineering degrees attested from HEC, Saudi culture, and foreign affairs. You have to get attestation from Saudi Culture Office and Saudi Embassy of the country from where you got the degree. For example, if you got your engineering degree from the Pakistan, then you will need to get degrees attested from Saudi Embassy of Pakistan to get degrees attested.

Step 2: Offer letter from employer:

Contact your employer to give an offer letter. This letter should include your full name (exactly as mentioned on Iqama), monthly salary (gross), period of joining employment and Iqama number. The letter should state that your profession should be changed to engineering. The name should be stated both in English and Arabic.
The letter should be attested from Chamber of Commerce of the city where the employer business is.

Step 3: Upload Scanned Documents:

An application form is available there. Attach the following things with the application:
  1. Recent picture.
  2. A copy of passport. (Online renewal process of Pakistani passport)
  3. Transcript of Engineering degree. (Top Engineering universities in Pakistan)
  4. Engineering degree certified attested from Saudi embassy.
  5. Authorization letter. 
  6. Employment letter and a copy of Iqama.

Step 4: Registration Number / Ticket Number:

After you have uploaded all above document, you will receive an email/SMS notification for payment of fee worth SR 500. This fee can also be paid via SADAD. After you have paid the fee, a ticket number will be issued which will serve as a reference to your application.

Optional step:

You can call them after performing step 4 to make sure that you are on the right track. Calling them will also expedite the process.

After step 5 is complete, you will receive a temporary membership number. Your membership status will be shown as “Engineer with non-engineering iqama”. Other relevant fields in your profile on Saudi Council of Engineers website (such as Yaqeen and Jawazat) will appear as Red now. Related Post: Check Iqama Transfer or change of sponsorship status online.

Saudi Engineering council Renewal process:

Saudi engineering council renewal is very simple, just open SEC website and login into Saudi council of engineers login and click on renew and Add new request.

saudi council of engineer renewal procedure, saudi council of engineers renewal fee

Saudi Council of engineers renewal fee:

If you are registering first time with SEC fee will be charged 500 + 750 for three years, after that Saudi council of engineers renewal fee is 250 SAR/year.


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    میں نے ممبر شب لے لی ہے لیکن اس میں جوازات اپڈیٹ اور یاکین اپڈیٹ کا آپشن آرہا ہے وہ کیسے اپڈیٹ ہو گا۔ میں جس شہر میں ہوں اُس میں سعودی انجیرنگ کونسل کا آفس بھی نہیں ہے اور 500 اور 200 ریال کے بعد مجھے کوہی میسج بھی نہیں ملا۔ مہربانی کر کے تھوڑا گاہیڈ کر دیجیے گا۔

    Dear Sir, I already got SCE Membership and now i need to update for yakeen and jawazat update so how can i apply for that. because i didn't receive any kind of massge for yakeen and jawazat update. so how can i apply for online? kindly help me regarding.


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