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What is SEO ? Search Engine optimization and its Behavior in 2020

Google is better at giving people the exact search results they want, creating content that's a 1:1 Search Intent match is going to be a landscape for 2020 SEO.

What is SEO ? Search Engine Behaviour 2020
What is SEO?  Search Engine Behaviour 2020 

What Does SEO Mean? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, Which means how much it is easy for a  Search Engine to find you Blog or Website. There are lot of Search Engines used world widely like: Goole, Bing. Yahoo. Baidu. DuckDuckGo. and etc...

Google Can Bring You Back 100,000 Answers

90% of the searching queries are made in through Because Google catalog operates quickly to index the pages and contents as compare to other Search Engines.

Google vs Book

Google Search Engine is functioning similar like an Exercise Book because at the beginning of the book there is an index pagination system which tell us that this content is accessible though this page number.

Same way, Google have an Indexing catalog where contents and pages are stored and reserved. When user made a query, Search engine find that particular query in his indexing system and display the most to least relevant results.   

The Psychology of Persuasion:

According to MOZ:
The following behavior is observed on Organic Results, when a user search something.

Top 3 organic results, they get over 70% of all the clicks.

First Position: 

Usually gets the bulk of the clicks between 35% and 40%.

People click on the first result because they think google show us the most relevant answer again our question.But if they did't get what they want or maybe not satisfied than they click on 2nd one.

Second Position: 

Usually get the clicks between 15% and 20%

Behavior is remain same, User want the most relevant and best ever information and maybe he or she did't get from the first page , so got here.

Third Position: 

Usually get the clicks between 10%.

So if a user did't get what he or she wants from the above 2 results then they he or she click on 3rd page.

Mostly we got what we want from the first 3 results ...

That will happen only, if you have done proper SEO of your website or blog, So make sure that your website is ranked on the first page of Google, otherwise you are losing a lot of traffic.

But the question is how does Google know that which content should go on the first page?

Which Content should go on the First Page of Google ?

Well in that case, visitor indent and Relevancy are the biggest factors.

As we all know that Google is using over than 200 factors to determine that what is more relevant and important in their algorithms and its very tough to implement all the factors on a page but if we can focus on few one's then we have a chance to get ranked in the search results. 

One more thing about relevance, just to make sure that your site is useful. Because when a user clicks on your site to find something, Page should be friendly and its easy to find things on the page. 

Otherwise user will click back and look up for a different answer...

So Google is better at giving people the exact search results they want, So creating your content that's a 1:1 level today so your blog or wbsite's search storage intent match is going to be a landscape for Google SEO 2020 .

In short, the SEO landscape is very dynamic today so put the most relevant words in your Title and Keywords and cover all the things related to your article. 

SO Create your Blog today, work on your Blog SEO , get ranked and earn a lot of money...

So we cover simple SEO in the definition of Google , hope for the best . Comments below if you have something more interesting to share...

Keep Blogging...
Thank You...


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