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Education System in Pakistan | Government vs Private

In this article, We deeply Explore the Education System in Pakistan essay, Problems and their Solution today. Moreover the Current Educational trend and a quick review on Preventing School Failure...

Education System of Pakistan (Government vs Private)
Education System of Pakistan (Government vs Private)

What is Education?

A Process of learning or gaining the knowledge for understanding the power of self control. The process includes the practice of teaching, training and discussion is called education. Now a days internet is also a big source of education.

Government Institute:

Government Institutes are primary or secondary Institutes, funded and controlled by the local, state or national government under a mandate and offered to all children without any kind of charges.

Private Institute:

Private Institutes are controlled by a private sector or body. Not funded nor administered by the government which means funded partially or wholly by student’s tuition charges.

Educational in Pakistan 

  • Total GDP contribution 6% (2 from Govt and 4 from Private institutes)
  • Government Budget for Education: 9 billion

According to Econometric models, Pakistani Population is projected around 229.50 Million in 2020, For that there are 260,910 educational institutes with 1.5 million teachers to facilitate almost 41 million students.

While concern to its division there are 180,848 Government institutes and 80,062 Private institutes which are 69 and 31 % respectively. Government spending 9 billion with the total adding up to nearly 2% of GDP.

While Concern to Private Spending 

Private spending on education is double than the Government spending with the total adding up to nearly 4% of GDP. 

How effective is the Government education system ?

Government of Pakistan spend 8 to 9 billion each year including cities and villages students, from which 88% is allocated to Govt teaching staff and remaining 11% is for educational development. Which mean education field is on extreme level due to paucity of funding.

Still Government Results are much Better than Private one's. 

How ... !!

We all know that class 10 or 10th stander is a career shaper which indicate the performance of the person during any kind of a hiring process.

If you want to work as Government lower grading like Peon, Police officer etc minimum qualification which is required is 10th.

But if you want to get a healthy lifestyle and a job etc than 10th class is the first step, go and get some higher education to meet the requirements of the job, you want.

So 10th Class is the Central Point....

Next we will explore the main thing on the base of results where 10th class is our main element.

Comparing Results:

Pakistan be formed o four provinces :
  1. Balochistan 
  2. Sindh
  3. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  4. Punjab
 Punjab hold up to 110 million population out of  229.50 Million.

Lets take an example of 2019 Results of Punjab under the Gujranwala Division. Which are divided in to 2 Groups:

  1. General Group 
  2. Science Group

Governments VS Private Institutes 

Government vs Private Results
Government vs Private Results - (General)
Government vs Private Results  -  (Science)

Total Students Appear in Exam:

71400  +  144133 =  215533 Students 

Government Students:

41514  +  115771 = 157285 Students

Pass and Percentage:

29142  +  100360  = 129502 Students      82.34% Result

Private Students:

29886  +  28362 = 58248 Students

Passing and Percentage:
15944 + 18721 = 34665 Students     59.51 %  Result  

Keep in mind that Government of Pakistan spend 9 billion  and get 82 .34 percent results, At the same time Private institute spend double cost and get 59.51 percent results only.

Governments Institute fee and Spending:

  • Not working for Profile
  • Sole aim is to provide Education
  • Tuition free 0
  • Teacher collect salary from Government
  • School material from Government free
  • Education stuff from Government free
  • In case of uncertainty Government provide the things on demand 
  • Scholarships
  • Free educational events

Private Institute fee and Spending:

  • Working for Profit
  • Aim is to Provide education , Nature:Business and Profile 
  • Tuition free Minimum Rs. 2500 per month (Depend on Institute)
  • Teacher collect salary from Management Body 
  • School material from Management Body
  • Education stuff from Management Body
  • In case of uncertainty Management Body provide the things 
  • Scholarships limited
  • Paid Educational events

According to my Personal experience in a private institute, Government institute are much better than private one's because they provide every thing to the students that they want and more over students are treated as equal but Private institute take only those students who are able to pay fee and other dues of the institute.

Its is also mention in the study of National Center for Education Statistics (NCES 2006 Report) that now Government students score high in standardized test. 

In short, Government work for a nation and society because its their responsibility to cover all up and down and make it a healthy society. Where as Private institute also work for society but their first aim is to get maximum profit , if a students is unable to pay the dues he / she have to face issue in term of fine or maybe end u with a termination.

Quick facts:

  • Government Institute are much batter than Private Institute
  • GDP contribution 6 %
  • Government Spend nearly 9 billion on Education
  • Government Institute are better in all the way
  • Government Institute Score 82 % where as Private Institute Score only 59%
Well we cover all the educational aspects but still we want to hear from you for our inspiration , Comments below what do you think which one is better for a reason.??

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