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How to Speed-Up your Blog with Image Optimization ?

Learn how to optimize images for your blogger blog, as well as the process of decreasing their file size with better quality and enhance your blogger performance and loading time.

How to Speed-Up your Blog with Image Optimization, Blog speed, Blogger SEO
How to Speed-Up your Blog with Image Optimization ?
The 21st century where people wants quickness so i thinks its a great challenge for all of us to make ourself quicker like machines. 

BLOGGING is a game of  COME SEE & GO.

As we're blogger's so mainly users come from education community, what about if they com'in and see loading, loading, loading and they go. This means we have a problem with our blog which is loading speed. 

One of the main reasons why blog and website's are loading slowly is just because, images are not optimized.

Some top blog communist believe that Images are the #1 cause of a slow blog. Which cost to lose our audience and money as well.

Reason is IMG...

Okay Lets Explore it Deeply.. !!

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Image format:

There are three types of images.


JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group which means an image which have a lots of colors. 

Image Description:
  • Small size
  • Lot of colors
  • Use saving as Photos

2. PNG: 

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics which means an image which have a transparent background. 

Image Description:
  • Large size
  • Transparent background
  • Use saving as logos and Graphics

3. GIF: 

GIF stands for graphic interchange format which means an image that keep up both animated and static images.

Image Description:

Small size
color & Transparent background
Use saving as displaying animations

Major benefits of Image Optimizing:

  • Quick Page loading speed 
  • Better SEO ranking 
  • Improves our user experience 
  • Less storage space

How to Speed-Up your Blog with Image Optimization ?

Image optimize

Lets take an example of our post image , We create this image in our Photoshop cs version where total size of the image was 75kb and then we do have optimize this image which sized almost 66% less than original with the same quality, width and height.

How it Speed-Up

Blog load system will load 26 KB much easier as compare to 75 KB.


Let say we have posted 200 articles with their thumbnails so every image hold 75 kb which means your blog is currently loading 1500 KB at a time. 
At the same time when we optimize all our blogger images than our blog hold up almost 5200 KB which is much easy and quicker as compare to 1500 KB.

As we have done a practical test on several website and found here by the top 3 Compressing websites:

They are using optimal algorithm to reduce the images minimum size alongside with maintaining image quality. 

How to use these Website's for Optimization ?

First design your image in Adobe Photoshop save it in your required format and Simply open the website and upload the image and compress it .

Note: You can also optimize blog images from minimum to maximum level.

I am sure this article will help you to optimize your blog images and boost your blog performance.

Comments below if you have something more interesting to share, as we always inspire user thoughts.

Keep Blogging , Share our Article & Stay Tuned...
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