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Does Images sent relevance signal to Search Engines

If content is king than Images get our Audience's Attention Whereas relevent images are instructional icons that helps the reader's to increase their satisfaction by telling the whole story with in the post body and more likely to get engaged.

Does Images sent relevance signal to Search Engines
Does Images sent relevance signal to Search Engines 
If content is king than an image has a worth of thousand words. Image narrates the whole story that you cover in the Post body section, at the same time it also build up the signals to Search engines about the relevance of your blog content.

Can a Search Engine understand an image?

Well ! A Search Engine index our blog images but it does't mean Search Engine can read our images. It can only read the texture formats in term of title, headlines and post body. While indexing an image, Search engine always read the following embedded text Attributes of an image.
  1. Uploading Image title
  2. Caption 
  3. Alt tags

How Search Engines Work with images: Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking ?

Search engines have three functions that work regular basis when something is updated:

Crawling : 

Its a finding process in which google rebots find the new or updated contents including blog pages, images, videos and text data with their particular URL links. They fetch all the data and store it in their index database system called Caffeine.

Indexing :

A process of storing the overall data information in an organized and arranged manners that google rebots find in Crawling process. Than index the new updated data in previous data, arranged it. 

Ranking :

Caffeine data base collect all the data from a blog URL link and store it in its indexing function and when the search is made it show the best running relevant store data from most important to least important.

Data is ranked according to its relevancy with the query is made about any subject the best match from the Caffeine database will be visible for seekers.

How to Drive Google Image Search Traffic?

Let say we are running a blog page and we think whenever post a content that how to get return audience.

For that we have to follow some steps..

  1. User-friendly
  2. Clear and sharp
  3. Specific diminishes
  4. Image placement high up on the page
  5. Structuring your Blog Directories
As we already clear that Google can't read your image so the only way to specfy the image is about are its attributes.

Types of traffic:

  • It’s irrelevant
  • Bounces

ok let's be practical:

1. It’s irrelevant 

There are some people looking up for "Jona Cena". They search it and get he results, they really dont care what we have written because they want to see the look of that person and maybe they copy that image and use it on their own blog. We get the traffic but this is not relvent traffic and my blog is not about jona cena.

Not all but some of them may bookmark our blog for future reading...

2. Bounces

Once the visitors landed on the page and they got realized that we got it what we are looking up for they consider your blog costly articles and momentum goes on which convert them in to a regular audience.

At the end off ! Definitely you'll think that "How can an image SEO drive huge traffic for a blog ??

Answer is simple ! Today an image and related video's both are higher growth in search engine and if you know your niche and write eye- catching titles with incorporated keywords and links than all these embedded text helps the Search engines to crawl, and index your blog images which later on search engine can easily find these images than surely this'll give you huge traffic.

So we try our level very best to cover all the aspects that how SEO image works and provide a relevant signal to Search Engine and increase our traffic, still your thoughts are welcomed ...

Thank You ...
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