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What Does It Take To Have An Attractive Web Design?

Content and design are equally important to gain competitive advantage. Some professionals opine that website design is more important. to find what makes a website design attractive, read more...

web designs, importance of a website, how to choose an attractive look for a website, To keep pace with the online market, every business is creating its place in the online market. There are many sources through which a business can appear online; website is one of them but the most imperative one. Businesses can develop e-commerce websites to attract customers towards their products and services.

Now the vital question is how a website should look like? The simple answer is that it should be an attractive one. And what does it take to make a website design attractive?

Importance of Website design:

While some people visit e-commerce websites for shopping, others just stop by for taking some information; so what would be most critical for them: website design or the benefit that they are getting out of it?

Marketing gurus say that content is the king (no doubt it is), but what if the user finds it difficult to locate the exact information, or is unable to read content, or even worse, suffers from pathetic color contrasts - in this happens, they will switch to another site and never come back to yours.

So it can be said that both content and design are equally important to gain competitive advantage. Some professionals opine that website design is more important. Someone with good aesthetic sense and web development and design knowledge can create an appealing website design. Alternately, professionals or freelancers can be hired for rendering these services.

What makes a website design attractive?

Here is a small checklist that can help in making web design more appealing:

  • Simple & Creative Design:

Several websites are being launched every day; to have a competitive edge, the website design must be creative enough and stand out from the crowd.

There are two ways to enhance creativity in your website: 
  1. By pinpointing design elements that you like in another website, or 
  2. By highlighting the design features that they lack. 
The website design must strike the balance between over-complicated and too-easy.

  • Appealing Visuals

To create an impulse among website visitors, an attractive design must be there with appealing visuals. Relevant, original and high-quality images must be added in the website so that website could decrease the bounce rate; people stay longer on a website that has appealing yet logical images. 

  • Choices of Colors

Color schemes and combinations are considered the soul of website design. It enhances the brand image and positions it rightly. A unique set of color schemes is not mandatory; if used rightly, even simple combinations can also make web design appealing. Preference must be given to those colors that compliment your layout design and are related to your brand. Colors can do magic in making a responsive web design.

  • Use of Few Graphics

Use of graphics must be done wisely. Too much graphics on a single webpage generates negative response by complicating the view and distracting the user from the information. Needless and irrelevant graphics can destroy the whole website design.

  • Mobile-friendly website

In the age of today, if your website does not have a mobile-friendly version, then be ready to lose about 50-80% of your users. The website design should be able to adapt according to different screen sizes. Something that looks awesome on a computer screen may look out-of-place on a mobile or tablet screen; adjust your visuals, design, and content according to the needs of all users.

So, if your checklist is complete, get going then or Contact us for more information and for WEB DEVELOPMENT Services.

Author bio:
Qurat-ul-Ain Shahzad is a professional content writer with a decade of experience to back her skills and expertise. She is a mother, an enthusiast, a dreamer, an avid reader and a loving person! You can reach her at


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