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Online Verification of Vehicle Ownership in Punjab, Pakistan

GOD forbid, if your vehicle have been stolen or lost then you can check the status and all information online by punjab vehicle verification services online.

If you are planning to buy a second-hand car, bike or another vehicle in Pakistan then it's very important to check the documentation of that vehicle/ownership record. It was a lengthy process in past but now you can get all important details by SMS and through the internet. Follow below steps to find details of any vehicle.

punjab vehicle verification

Punjab vehicle's online record verification via MTMIS:

To check the online vehicle verification Punjab you have to visit the website: MTMIS (Motor Transport Managment System)
This department MTIMS Punjab is controlled by excise and taxation department by Punjab government.

Process of checking:

Here is a step by step guide to check Punjab vehicle verification services online.
  • Open this government website: Click Here
  • Now write your vehicle registration number in the box showing in bottom.
  • You are done.
The website data base will show you these details:
Engine number, Chassis number, Registration number/date, Manufacturing year, Owner name and city, and many other details also.

Vehicle verification service by SMS:

If you want to check the details of vehicle that are in your use or not in your use, now it is very as simple as writing a SMS to know about more details you can also call on this Toll free number 08009966.

Process of checking:

Follow the simple steps:
  • Go to your mobile write message option.
  • Write registration number of your vehicle.
  • Send it to 9966.
  • You are done.
When you will get a SMS reply you will get the data like; registration year, vehicle color, engine number, chassis number and others.
You can also change the record of your vehicle.

Stolen Vehicle Identification System (SVIS) Islamabad:

SVIS stolen vehicle identification system is introduced by Islamabad police to locate the stolen vehicles every where in Pakistan.

Process of checking:

Follow the simple steps:
  • Go to your mobile write message option.
  • Write Chassis number of your vehicle like; (CNO XYZ1200112255).
  • Send it to 8521.
  • You are done.
Now you will receive a SMS where the information will be like this:
  • RNO ..........
  • ENO ..........
  • CNO ..........
  • Status (Stolen/Recovered)
RNO is registration number, ENO is Engine number and CNO is chassis number.


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