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Types of Engineering Careers for Students | Engineer Hammad

This post is related to engineering careers or types of engineering careers. When we talk about careers in engineering....

A fine person can make a career out of anything only if he is determined enough. In this age of increasing population, technology advancement and cut throat competition, it has become a painful phase for students to choose the best engineering field. Technology is replacing almost everything a person can do so students must choose wisely what they want to pursue in their future.

As the tree has many branches so does the engineering. Engineering is one of the professional studies that acknowledges every field of basic sciences. From biology to genetic engineering, from physics to civil engineering, from chemistry to chemical and mechanical engineering, it has a wide range of subfields that spark student’s interest.

Here are some types of engineering careers / engineering careers list for students.

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Types of engineering:

1. Civil Engineering 2. Electrical engineering 3. Bio medical engineering 4. Software engineering 5. Aerospace engineering 6. Agricultural engineering 7. Electro-mechanical engineering 8. Mechanical engineering 9. Petroleum engineering 10. Mining and geological engineers.

Civil Engineering as a Career

If you have a knack for arts and design with a tad bit touch of some mathematics, then as a student you should opt for civil engineering. It has striking similarities with architecture but it deals on the different horizon. Civil engineers are earning quite handsomely because the artwork and detailing is a major part of it that makes all the difference.

Electrical Engineers are Successful

Electrical engineering career is among highest paid career option in today’s world. As advancement progresses so does the need of power, electricity, and energy increases. From electrical circuits to computer chips, telecommunication signaling, routing, electronics, control systems and power circuits all related studies are included in electrical engineering. This area welcomes intensive research and development as it helps in the futuristic progress of this world and the human race.

Biomedical Engineering – Smart Career Option

For students who want to explore multiple fields at a time, biomedical engineering is for them. Extensive research and hectic work in lab with handsome earning package are the fruits of pursuing a career as a biomedical engineer. Artificial limbs, fast action drugs and pharmaceuticals, advanced diagnostic equipment and devices has impeccably improved the quality and span of human life. The hard work put into this field is unmatchable and the fruits are sheer bliss for our generation.

Software Engineering – Smart way of Earning

Software engineering is one of the engineering careers that is advancing rapidly. Our daily lives are thankful for this miraculous field of engineering. The money a software engineer can earn is ridiculously amazing. The best part is that as a software engineer, you can work from home. So if you are a tech lover and has good analytical and problem-solving skills then you should pursue software engineering as a career for sure.

Aerospace Engineering – Attractive Salary

A whole new world, milky ways, thousands of galaxies, billion stars and meteors, if you aspire to look beyond your ordinary world then you must study aerospace engineering. Salary of an aerospace engineer is astonishingly remarkable.

Last Lines:

Engineering career is the highest paid profession in today’s world. There are vast opportunities for research and development in this field for better future. Among various types of engineering, choose the most suitable field according to your interest, passion, and aspirations.


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