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Quality of Engineering Studies Vs The Variety Of Engineering Fields

The quality of engineering education is much more qualitative than it should be having insufficient importance given to practical and numerical studies.

In the current era engineering is a massively growing sector, and it’s considered as the top career pursued by both male and female. Engineering is among the highest paid jobs in the market nowadays. There are a wide variety of engineering degrees offered to the students. To match with the market competitive need nationally as well as internationally. High level of engineering education should be provided in the educational institutes. To produce competitive and skillful engineering human resource educational institutes need to focus on providing quality education to their students.

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Quality of engineering education:

The quality of engineering education is much more qualitative than it should be having insufficient importance given to practical and numerical studies. The understanding and the intellectual ability of the teachers is also very important. As the methods of teaching and the different procedures followed by teachers shall not be outdated. The way of teaching adds value for the students in the whole process of learning. The way of teaching must be updated instead of using the outdated textbooks, different visual aids shall be used while teaching. * Difference between B-tech and BSC engineers.
The quality of the students and their interest and learning ability also matters. Engineering educational institutes must also set criteria to assess the quality of students to produce good engineers. Getting an engineering degree is becoming a default strategy in many cases instead of taking a considerate decision as it should be. The quality of study in engineering institutes varies on the basis of the educational institute it is, the more famous and popular institute it is the more concerned they are about the quality of the education they are giving to the students.

Importance of creative thinking for quality education:

To improve the quality of education original thinking and creativity is habitually a required quality. It may be not necessarily inherent but it is without any doubt the most essential quality a good engineer must have. Creative thinking cannot be taught from textbooks but it must be adopted by the teachers first to be adopted by the students of the engineering institutes. And it must be encouraged in the education system that resultantly encourages learning. Teachers need to adopt inspired and problem-solving tactics for teaching engineering for any field. * Employment opportunities for skilled labor in KSA.

Providing quality education to produce quality engineers should be the top priority for all educational institutes for whatever engineering field they are teaching. Students should excel in whatever engineering field they are excelling in. With the availability of a wide number of engineering fields quality of education must also be improved.

The variety of engineering fields:

Engineering is a comprehensive term covering a vast range of industries and applications. With the combination of mathematics, technology and science engineers yield creative solutions for the real world problems. Resultantly different fields require different engineering degrees. Previously engineering was divided into four main branches, mechanical, electrical, chemical and civil having sub-branches of every discipline.

But now, however, the number of available engineering degrees have been increased. With more and more advancements in the industrial sector, more engineering fields are also emerging. Among the existing engineering fields, other engineering fields are also available such as software engineering, analytical, management, geotechnical and much more. For the variety of engineering fields, the educational institutes must maintain the standard of quality education they are providing. And should not compromise on anything less than the best. * Employment trends of IT job sectors in Pakistan. 


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