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Engineers Are Moving Towards Business in Saudi Arabia

Engineers are the successful businessman, And these days mostly engineers in KSA are moving to towards business. In saudi arabia 85% of manpower is in engineering field.

According to the information of Saudi Ministry of Labor, Expatriates in Saudi Arab make up eighty-five percent of manpower in the engineering field. According to an estimate, there are two hundred thousand registered expatriate engineers.

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Why doing business here?

Saudi Arabia represents one of the most successful and stable markets in its region. Moreover, the expansion observed in international presence is very noticeable which occurred over recent years. However apart from this, still there are entry barriers which makes expat engineers a bit reluctant and confuse to make their way into the Saudi business sector. Due to lack of competition there, such barriers conserve a great deal of profits. * IT industry future in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
The main issue here comes out to be the cultural difference, lack of workforce willing to settle in Saudi Arabia, and the lack of sufficient information regarding the Saudi market. In addition to this, an impression that Saudi business markets are time taking depends on good contacts and are most of the time, difficult to move in.

Form of doing business in Saudi Arabia:

Following are different forms of businesses that are used by expat engineers there.

  1. LLC - Limited Liabilities Companies.
  2. Branch offices.
  3. Joint Stock Corporation.
  4. Partnership.
However, it is important to understand that there are many legal requirements that one needs to fulfill before embarking on the career ladder. For instance, the most basic requirement is that one should hold a legal work visa that allows him or her to work as an engineer in Saudi Arabia.

If someone is caught working without a work visa (or a visa stipulation that allows them to work) he or she can land into serious trouble and even face deportation. So in order to avoid such inconvenience, it is better to check for all legal requirements like visa, insurance, and others before starting work as an expat in Saudi Arabia. * How to apply permanent family visa.

Facts about doing business in Saudi Arabia:

Business Language used in Saudi Arabia:

The official language of this region is Arabic; however, the English language is widely spoken and used in the business world.

Hours of Business in Saudi Arabia:

Generally, from 8 am to 12 pm, and after that from 3 pm to 6 pm are the working hours. From Sunday to Thursday these timings are followed. However, Friday and Saturday are off days.

Business dress:

People doing business there, are expected to wear smart and conservative dress. Especially, women out there strictly have to follow this.


It is considered a good sign to exchange gifts, as it builds good relations. Gift giving is in very much practice in Saudi Arab. Although it is not compulsory to make exchange of gifts when meeting business associates in Saudi Arab for the very first time, however giving it might be appreciated. Wrapping of gifts should be done and they should be of good quality. Pork products, alcohol, and knives should be avoided. Opening gift in front of the person who gave it, is not considered in good manners. So, one should avoid it. * The future of engineering in gulf states.


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