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Saudi Arab Is Interested In China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Pakistan’s newly elected president has also visited Saudi Arab and appreciated the vision of 2030. Moreover, he has also given assurance of full collaboration from his side.

A few days back, a representative from Saudi Arab reached Pakistan and informed that they are interested in CPEC. Representatives have claimed that Saudi Arab would be taking part in this super project. This tremendous project is taking place in Gwadar and Saudi Arab will contribute and participate by doing some investments. It was being said that it is a kind gesture which we want to give to the people of Pakistan who have done valuable services for the progress of kingdom. Undoubtedly, this is true because almost two million Pakistanis are engaged in the development and the progress of the kingdom.

Pakistan-China Friendship:

The friendship bond between Pakistan and China is very strong. These two countries are known to have the strongest friendship ties. China spent billions of dollars for the project of China Pakistan economic corridor. The project will allow the establishment of a connection between Kashgar and Gwadar. Moreover, it is also the purpose to strengthen the economic ties of both the countries. Related Post: How to register a company in Pakistan?

The project was started under the china’s OBOR project which is also known as one belt one road. Such activities have brought the two allies very close to each other. The ambassador also stated that both the countries Pakistan and China will exchange such programs which are educational and cultural too.

Saudi Arab being the part of the project:

Pakistan’s newly elected president has also visited Saudi Arab and appreciated the vision of 2030. Moreover, he has also given assurance of full collaboration from his side. The country is very eager to boost up the relations with Saudi Arab.

link road from china to pakistan to saudi arabia

However, there are many other countries that are really not happy with this decision. Let’s take the example of India as road summit is being boycotted as a gesture of opposition. This clearly reflects that India is against this decision. On the other hand, United States is making good relations with India. The reason is to minimize the economy of China and to emerge itself as a great power. When it comes to Iran, Saudi Arab has no good relations with Iran. Therefore a wave of disturbance also took place in Iran.

Iran and Saudi Arabia issue:

As it is mentioned above that Iran and Saudi Arab have some unresolved issues, therefore, doing investments in CPEC is causing disturbance for Iran. They do not want Saudi Arab to invest in this project of China Pakistan economic corridor.

Committees for guidance:

Well despite all such kind of issues Saudi Arab is all set to make developments. There are many committees formed. These committees will not only provide guidance for cooperation but also coordinate to provide them with a right direction. The field where cooperation is needed is not only equipment but also culture, security, trade, investment & finance too. All these things are the proof of the interest that Saudi Arab is taking in CPEC.

We hope this project to be a successful one because the coordination between countries is very strong. Moreover, Saudi Arab is agreed to contribute at the best level. No doubt it’s a very valuable project. Related Post: Top innovative ideas for doing small scal business in Pakistan.


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