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How to get driving licence in saudi arabia

Driving license is much necessary in Saudi Arabia to get a job and for your personal uses. I wrote a detailed article how to get driving license in Saudi Arabia KSA check it and comment your problems.

Steps to get Driving Licence in KSA:

Step One:

You need these document to go for first try for driving licence in Saudi Arabia.
  1. Passport first 2 pages copy
  2. Visa page and border number page copy
  3. Iqama copy
  4. Your country driving licence copy and translation
  5. Blood group test and eye test (No need blood group test if written on your country driving licence).
Now go to driving school nearest shop and pay 10 or 15 riyal and take a form filled in Arabic by local shopkeeper and get file.
Now you are ready so go to driving school tomorrow at 7 o'clock where first of all go to hall no 2 where they will check your file and stamp on first page. After that go out side hall number 4 and take the initial trial. If he judge you are good driver then he will write ا and if you would be average then he write ب and if you are bad driver then ج and this is almost fail because when you go to reception and submit your file they will give you time after 3 months and 1 month classes. 

Step two:

Take your file and go back to hall no 2 he will take hundred riyals for instruction classes. Classes should be on same day in evening 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm your file will be held and then you will be given a slip.

Computer Test:

After your instruction classes your second test is computer test where you should attempt correct 15 questions out of 20. This is not difficult if you prepare a little before computer test.

Final Driving Test:

If you are successful and passed final driving test come back to computer test waiting room.
Get your file back and go to hall no 1 counter no 14.
After 15 minutes your name will be called for licence and you will be given licence.
Picture Example for How to get driving licence in Saudi Arabia:

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