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Money Transfer to SABB Bank Saudi Arabia


If you do not have account in any bank and you want to send money to someone then do not worry and just follow these simple steps...
  • Go to SABB BANK
  • Take Token and do not wait, just go to cashier and take deposit form
  • Fill this form
  • And submit this with money on your turn.

How to Submit form:

  • On header write date and receiver / customer name.
  • Write money in given box like this
  • 500 * 10 and 100 * 20 (depend on your currency type.
  • Write money in words.
  • Your name 
  • Mobile number
  • Valid Iqama ID number
  • Signature
Now you are done so go to counter and give form and money to cashier for bank procedure.
Within 15 minutes your money should be transfer do not worry if not receive message just call to receiver to collect money. 


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