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Telenor - One Of The World’s Major Mobile Operator

Official website of telenor is where you can buy sims, get new offers and can buy phones too. Telenor internet packages, data offers and call packages links are also included in this post.

Telenor Pakistan, Mobile operator telenor network, Pakistani telecom networks, telecom pakistan,Undoubtedly Telenor is one of the world best and major mobile networks consisting of almost 170 million subscribers. The Telenor group has more or less 12 markets all across the globe.

The workforce of the company includes 22000 employees. Their vision is to empower societies all over the world.

Telenor Pakistan is wholly owned by the Telenor group; their top series include excellent voice quality communication services and internet packages.     [Jobs]: Jobs in Telenor.

Telenor is basically the second largest mobile company/operator in Pakistan. Taking about the history of it then it was first initiated at the year of 2005 and for this purpose investments for US $ 3.5 billion were made.

Digital ecosystem:

Telenor aims to provide people with digital ecosystem it has developed such a system that facilitates digital penetration through technology-enabled devices. They intend to support the agenda of digitization of the country of Pakistan and hopeful to bring better communication facilities to the people of Pakistan. As far as customer relationship is concerned, they have built a very strong relationship by offering attractive deals in order to satisfy the demands and needs of the customers.

Along with other facilities, Telenor has introduced the offer of EasyPaisa, through Easy Paisa now you can pay online it is an online payment solution. Easy Paisa has its own mobile application that enables people other than Telenor customers to use this service On the other hand, Telenor also deals with digital inclusion by using various accelerator programs and hence has developed a digital system.

Key facts:

Here are some of the key facts with regard to the Telenor group:

  • Telenor has the largest single European foreign direct investment in the country of Pakistan.
  • A mobile network having richest portfolio of products and a fastest growing network.
  • Telenor’s mobile subscriptions for the year of 2017 is 41.625 million.
  • The revenue of Telenor for the year of 2017 is 8.181 billion.
  • Telenor’s headquarter is positioned in Islamabad. 
  • Telenor services in Gwadar.

Development initiatives of Telenor:

Telenor contributes towards various initiatives. One that carries a lot of significance is the sustainable development which further involves initiatives related to emergency responses mobile identity, inclusion ,digital learning, safe use of mobile phones, etc. Moreover, Telenor Pakistan introduced a program known as the Safe Internet School program in which various schools were targeted for the purpose of digital learning. Telenor is also raising awareness through programs like ichamp, etc.

Digital Birth Registration:

No doubt identity is one of the basic rights of every human being, but unfortunately not every child is registered. For this reason and with the collaboration of UNIEF, Telenor is providing the facility of digital birth registration. Telenor Pakistan also offers various opportunities to disable persons so that can be proved as a resourceful asset for the economy.

Their strategy:

Their basic goal is to connect customers all over the world. Delivering high speed internet is the base of what they do. Their strategy towards year 2020 is to transform the experience of their customers.

Their behaviors and values:

When it comes to behaviors and value, then there are four things that they believe and follow. Firstly, they believe in exploring; exploring with regard to the innovations that they can do in order to facilitate the customers in the best way. They believe that learning is obtained through the growth and exploration. Secondly, they believe in diversity by working with different type of people enable us to be more efficient. Thirdly they believe in keeping promises and using trust as a key of all relationships Lastly they consider respect as the most important element and give respect to their valuable customers and show are.

Telenor Taleem:

Telenor offers a portal for its subscribers known as Telenor Taleem. As the name suggests it is an educational portal. In this portal subscribers will be able to acquire engaging content through SMS. The aim of this portal is to provide literacy to masses. Now using your mobile phones you will be facilitated with live shows and special offers. By subscribing to this portal the user has to provide the company with some details including exams, university students and quizzes on weekly basis.

Daily tips:

This Telenor Taleem portal offers various tips for its subscribers which include student tips, latest fashion trends, sports review, health tips and much more. If you are a university student and in search of some kind of internship, then you will be provided with all the details and alerts through this portal. Apart from studies you will also be updated for entertainment alerts.

Telenor has done a commendable job in improving the telecommunication sector of Pakistan by bringing in healthy competition, quality service, reliable rates and excellent dedication. With merger of Warid and Mobilink, Telenor is striving even harder to maintain clientele on its network.

Telenor Head office in Pakistan:



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