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AliPay Joins Telenor – A Step forward for Digital Financial Services

Alipay is online transaction solution provider company by it can be used by other countries too apart from china. Telenor is the partner of Alipay in Pakistan.

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Telenor is Pakistan’s one of the largest and reliable mobile network. Telenor is among the pioneers that introduced digital payment method across the country by the name of Easy Paisa. Recently it has announced to join hands with AliPay for efficient digitization of payments in Pakistan.
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Telenor Has Changed the Present with EasyPaisa:

Going back in the history of Telenor, EasyPaisa was started back in year 2009 and developed to become most reliable branchless digital banking service in the country. EasyPaisa targets the largest chunk of Pakistan’s population that is less privileged and unbanked segment of population. This branchless banking greatly helps small, medium and microfinance businesses to smoothen their transactions and have timely payments through Easypaisa.

AliPay Comes to Pakistan:

AliPay started in year 2004 and since then there is no stopping by for it to progress for the betterment of advanced and digitized future. Payments, wealth management, financial services, banking for unbanked segments, shopping, funds transfer and many other financial services are diligently addressed by it. It has now penetrated in Pakistani Digital Banking market where there is a gap in terms of digitization and innovative digital financial services.

This strategy will change the course of country’s progress. As in China, AliPay has modernized the payment and wealth management system by offering customer friendly, just in time transaction services that now more than 40 million conventional merchants and businesses accepts payment through AliPay. [Tips:] Register your own company in Pakistan.

AliPay Purposefully Join Hands with Telenor:

Ant Financial Services Group is proud to have this strategic partnership with Telenor in Pakistan and excited to develop and bring innovation to mobile payment and digital financial services in the country. Economy of Pakistan is growing progressively, and China is ready to reap the benefits of economic investment in this region. [Read:] 2G 3G and 4G services in Pakistan

Alipay is among world’s biggest digital payment technology platform that facilitates small businesses, personal banking services and timely transactions across China. Pakistan is in much needed of foreign investment to come out of its dependence on aid; China truly understands this and is helping Pakistan through such joint ventures.

Telenor With AliPay:

Telenor has its microfinance bank by the name of Telenor Microfinance Bank (TMB) and with this visionary alliance with AliPay, it is bound to strengthen digital banking and business services across Pakistan in years to come. Businesses will be more goal oriented and modernized to cater the needs of emerging market trends and customer expectations. This partnership will thoroughly benefit the business industry specially by operating in less privileged areas and villages.


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