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What is GPS and How it works? | Global Positioning System

GPS or global positioning system is a very useful invention of this century. In many fields it is a necessary part of that job.

Global positioning system is the invention which makes our life very easy.
This is a network of 24 satellite placed into orbit by united states defense department.
Global positioning system was intend for military use originally, after that in 1980's u.s government made it available for civilians.  

Types of GPS:

You will not lost or need to ask for right directions when you drive, going out for run or bike and want to capture speed, evaluation change and distance and can upload it on online map you can share.
This is also used to locate places during drive test engineering, where it used in mobiles and above shown gps devices.

In Your Vehicle:

Many people knows as a car GPS, it makes great navigation aids. So the main thing is its improved and correct accuracy brighter color screens and direction in maps.
Now in added features traffic alerts and is wireless to mobile in car.
Its so easy to install in car windshield and connect it with power unit. You can enjoy above written features depending on you GPS model you choose once GPS installed.

On The Water:

For boots gps is has a boon. Moving maps and weather information system is a big advantage. In case of any emergency it provide precise information and this another key safety feature.

In Drive test Engineering:

This type of gps used in drive test engineering where it connects with laptop and controlled by any software like genex probe, tems investigation and nemo. Function of this gps is a little different however it also used to find way to reach at required destination / tower.
This is a plug and play device and connect easily with any software. 



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