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How to Uninstall an APP from Android Mobile, Android Tablet

Are you worried about app uninstall? Do not worry and check how to uninstall your app in easy steps. (Engineer Hammad Mobile Tips)

App uninstall
Apps that downloaded directly from google play can directly remove from your android mobile or android tablet. 

But some apps we cant uninstall easily so below are some easy steps to remove unwanted apps from your android mobile or android tablet.

Some apps harm your device and play as your administrator and not easy to uninstall so follow below steps for that types of applications.

First Method:

(Drag and Drop)

First of all tap on your app you want to uninstall from your android device like pic shown below.
Now click and hold selected app and drop it to uninstall icon like shown below pic.

drag and drop method to uninstall an android app

Second Method:

(Use Application Manager)
Every android mobile have setting button in menu for different functions. So tap on your setting button and scroll down for application manager.

Use application manager to uninstall an android app

When you open setting, look application manager. Some companies named it as Manage apps as shown in above picture. 
Now tap on manage apps to uninstall application like below picture. You can also stop your application by clicking on force stop button.

how to uninstall an app from android mobile or android tablet

Third Method:

(Administrative Apps)
Third reason is the app you are trying to uninstall is administrative app. Mostly security apps need to control administrative tasks and phone lock states. This type of application install themselves as administrative apps.
These apps protect themselves from users directly uninstall, so that we cant remove that apps directly.

Now are you ready to uninstall your app???    ok
Go to security and then device administrator and deactivate it.

about administrative apps

Go to 
settings ===> Security ====> Device Administrator

Now un check app you want to uninstall and after that you can easily uninstall that app as fist method. 


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