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5+ SEO Plugins Essential for your WordPress website

WordPress is providing thousands of useful SEO plugins to rank a website on the search engine.

Optimizing the website for search engines helps to rank higher in search results with some little effort.

If you’re running a WordPress website, SEO provides some amazing features to quickly rank a website in SERPs.

And if you’re not getting potential organic traffic to rank the site, it’s time to go with some incredible SEO plugins for the website.

The basic purpose of the SEO Plugins is to provide advanced features for webmasters to optimize the Meta-Data of a website.

It optimizes the important elements of a webpage including Title and Description.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the best SEO plugins that can be used to make your WP website’s SEO strong and effective.

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5+ SEO Plugins Essential for your WordPress Website

Following plugins are widely used to increase the SEO score and overall performance of a WP website in all search engines.

  1. All in One SEO Pack 

You can use this all in one SEO pack to quickly optimize the WP site for SEO.

It is easily accessible and also has some advanced features for all developers.

All in One SEO Plugin is one of the most reliable SEO Plugins and can be used without having any proper knowledge of SEO to use it.

This SEO plugin for WP site creates a Meta Box to optimize Title and Description.

It will help to optimize the Meta Data of the post within no time.

This SEO plugin also provides an interesting feature to quickly submit the sitemap of your website to a search engine.

It also helps multiple users to prevent writing plagiarized content to avoid some major repercussions.

Features of this SEO Plugin:

Ø Automatically generates Meta Data below each blog post

Ø Support Google AMP to support multiple mobile pages

Ø Also compatible with Google Analytics

Ø Provides an option for webmasters to override post Titles

Ø Allow users to quickly Optimize the Meta Data including the URL of a blog post

Ø Immediately redirects the attachments pages to the parent ones

Ø 100% compatible with the PHP 7

Ø Default Nonce Security Built into each SEO packs


This amazing SEO plugin for WP sites is helping several webmasters and SEO experts to optimize their websites for SEO.

It contains every single feature to optimize every single blog post of the website.

The main focus of this WP plugin is to boost the SEO of a website to rank higher in SERPs by optimizing the Meta-Data.

It also helps a lot in improving the technical SEO issues and submitting a sitemap to the search engine.

It contains almost every important feature and specially designed to help search engines and the audience to get the most out of the website.

YOAST SEO Plugin is included in one of the top WP plugins for SEO purposes and is available in all versions.

Features of this SEO Plugin:

 ØProvides access to the user to optimize Meta Data

 ØHelp users to analyze whether the blog post is SEO optimized or not

 ØAutomatically creates an XML sitemap to make it easy for a search engine to understand the site’s structure

 ØHelp to increase the loading speed of all pages

 ØProvides Email Support for the premium users

Ø Allow users to add structured data

Ø Creates an in-depth to increase the chances of getting excellent results


3.   PrepostSEO

This SEO WP Plugin provides a complete SEO solution to optimize a blog post to get a higher rank in search engines.

The main focus of this SEO plugin is to check the SEO score of a website before posting a blog post on a WP site.

This will help to figure out the technical SEO issues and provides some incredible features to fix them.

It also checks the content for plagiarism and ensures that the content that you’re going to publish on the website will be completely plagiarized-free.

This plugin checks every single sentence and displays the copied content within a few seconds.

Features of this SEO Plugin:

ØImmediately checks the plagiarized content ØChecks domain and page authority to make an SEO score

 ØQuickly checks the Grammar and Spelling mistakes to increase the content’s quality

 ØProvides an option to check headings in the live preview of the blog post

 ØGives an instant warning on finding a broken link

 ØCalculates the Keyword Density in the current blog post

 ØShows the SEO score of the site

 ØProvide suitable suggestions to improve the SEO of a website 


4.   RankMath 

Almost every SEO expert and webmaster use this WP Plugin to understand the problems occurring while ranking a specific keyword in the search engine.

This SEO plugin helps to improve the on-page SEO of a website and gives some advanced features to increase the SEO score of the site.

RankMath also gives some suggestions if any internal or external link is missing from a blog post.

It helps web owners and SEO experts in improving their website’s SEO to attract more organic traffic.

This SEO plugin always keeps a check on the content’s length, Title, Description, and URL.

RankMath also helps to configure Google Schema Markup and it automatically configures itself through a step by step detailed procedure.

Features of this SEO Plugin:

Ø Quickly optimizes the untitled keywords

Ø Automatically integrates with the search engine and shows all important information

Ø Provides a complete installation wizard that sets up SEO

Ø This WP plugin also has the features to display the SEO optimized breadcrumbs

Ø Provides a built-in 404 Monitor to resolve these type of problems

Ø Gives social thumbnails and also provide some options for users to overlay a video on the thumbnail

Ø Automatically configures the Google Schema

5.   Broken Link Checker 

A broken link checker is one of the finest SEO plugin used to check the broken links in a web post.

It quickly checks the entire website and finds all dead and broken links.

This WP plugin further provides the best suggestions to fix all bad and broken links.

The main focus of this plugin is to scan the entire website to find bad links, optimize images, and also checks the CSS of the site.

It also comes with fast loading XML sitemap features and creates a locations KML file for multiple local sitemaps.

This SEO plugin is used on a very large scale by webmasters to improve the linking structure of the website.

Features of the SEO Plugin:

Ø Scans the entire site, internal and external links and comments to find all broken or bad links

Ø Shows broken links differently in a page

Ø Also, prevent Google from checking bad links the web pages

Ø Quickly finds dead links and all missing images in a post

Ø Integrates with the Google Search Console to display important information

Ø Helps to track the ranking of a keyword

Ø Instantly generates different social media thumbnails 


6.   The SEO Framework 

It is the only SEO plugin that follows the rules of white-hat SEO that were imposed by the search engines.

This WP SEO plugin is one of the fastest full-featured plugins that help to quickly optimize the website for SEO.

Once you activate this plugin, the website will be automatically protected against some major SEO attacks.

The SEO Framework helps to instantly create critical Meta Tags in all languages.

This saves your time and removes the requirement for any advanced SEO knowledge.

It plays a great role in improving the website’s presence in search engines and it also makes social sharing quite easy.


Features of this SEO Plugin

Ø Quickly optimizes the Meta Data of the pages

Ø Provides an SEO bar with multiple indicators to check the status of On-Page SEO

Ø Provides an option for users to customize page Title and Description

Ø Provides an Open Page Graph for social platforms

Ø Generates and submits a sitemap to Google

Ø Easily provides Backlinks to RSS

Ø Quickly saves the user from several content scrappers

Ø Prevents users from committing common SEO mistakes

7.   Slim SEO 

It is one of the finest automated WP plugins used to optimize a website.

This SEO plugin comes with the complete SEO solutions and provides an automatic configuration.

It also generates an XML sitemap and it to the search engine within a few seconds.

Slim SEO easily deals with the Meta-Tags and also provides an Open Graph for multiple social media platforms.

This plugin is the best option for those users who don’t like complicated solutions.

The simple user interface of this plugin makes it easy to understand for every type of user.

Features of this SEO Plugin

Ø Auto-generates the Meta Tags

Ø Allow users to breadcrumbs trial on the site

Ø It adds some structured data into the site to make it more visible on the internet

Ø Automatically redirects the attachment page to the attached file URL

Ø Come with multiple contributors

Ø Also, create social media tags to share posts on different social media platforms

Ø Provides the Meta Robot tags


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