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How to Calculate Your GPA with 4.0 Scale

How to calculate your GPA on a 4.0 scale - Discover how to calculate your current grade point average , these are crucial to the success of your academic and professional career...


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This free GPA Calculator is provided by
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Grade Point Average (GPA):

It is a standardized measurement number which represents the average value of the collected concluded grades earned in all the courses.

There are two components while dealing with GPA.
  1.  Grading 
  2.  Credit Hours
How To Calculate Your GPA, Calculate GPA Online, Grade Point Average formula,

1. Grading 

A grade point is a standardized measurement number which express the level of achievement in a course.

GPA Grade Scale:
Here is the scale of GPA 4.0, in which a student with 49 marks or less than 49 marks in a subject is not eligible to pass out that particular subject. He or she has to repeat that particular subject, while on the other hand , 49.5 is a passing grade and as long as you got higher marks, your GPA and marks percentage will boast which show your achievement in that particular subject.  

Grade Points Equivalent :

Grade points equivalent is the grade worth against the marks.

GPA calculator online by engineer hammad

As per above image if a student got 84.5 or above it, he or she got grade A+ and his or her GPA against that figure is 4.0 out of 4.0 ...   

2. Credit Hours

A credit hour is a lecture time during which a professor teaching a signal subject to the class. Mostly, one lecture lasts ONE and Half hour and two lecture in a week. 

So 3 Credit hours in 7 days per subject.

GPA Formula

Now the question is how you can find your GPA if you have grades or marks.


Let say a person have 4 courses and he got A+ , B, B and A+ so according to our GPA scale we mention points against these grades...


Let Go with Formula:

We multiply CREDIT HOURS with POINTS FOR GRADES which are equivalent to weighted Points.  

We add up all the weighted Points which are equal to 54.

Than final Piece (Division) of the formula in which we divide 54 with the total credit hours 15.

Finally we got 3.6 GPA ,,,

If you want cross check your answer that here we have a UOG GPA Calculator.

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But think about... 

Your GPA is important, but it isn’t everything, because a high GPA doesn't mean you are very good or a low GPA doesn't mean you are not intelligent , It is because during some semester you are distracted from your study career or lose your focus due to some reasons...

What is CGPA ?

CGPA means Cumulative Grade Point Average is a measurement of average grade points obtained by a student in all the semesters. 

CGPA is very Important 

While Apply for a Job, maybe limited they have required a high GPA but it doesn't mean a higher GPA scorer will do this much better than lower . But still in some situation high GPA is required and very important like

Eligible only 3 CGPA or Plus

Difference Between GPA and CGPA

GPA refer to one term only where as CGPA (Avg of all the semesters) obtained for all semesters and courses completed up to a given academic term..

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