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How to Register a Godaddy Domain Name in 2020

Registering a Domain Name with GoDaddy - Step by Step Guide. How to buy a domain name using most popular domain registrar GoDaddy...

How to Buy a Godaddy Domain Name 2020
How to Buy a Godaddy Domain Name 2020
GoDaddy Inc. is an American Internet domain registrar company .It have all the tools that help us to build a website, which means all in one place , we can register a domain name , web honest and build our website.

Buying a domain name is the first step for online presence 
So there are lot of platforms where you can build a website , the only thing which is required for a startup is you domain name.Which we can buy from internet domain registrar companies.

Godaddy is cheapest domain registrar company where you can buy your very first domain in just 1.17$ and use it free while starting you blog.

How to Buy a Godaddy Domain Name 2020

Simply follow these steps to register a domain name with GoDaddy:

1. Visit

Open your browser and visit

Click on Create new account

Now Enter the Information

 1. Email ID
 2. Username
 3. Password

Click on Create Account....

Sign In

If you already have an Account or you create it now

Enter the Username

Enter the Password

Click on Keep me signed in if you want to save you username and password ...

Click on Sign in ...

2. Domain Name 

Enter the domain name in Domain section , We are going to buy ...

NOTE: You find your own name that you want to buy , and if that name is not available than you have to change you domain name. In our case is available so we are going to buy this name. 

Simply add the domain name in Domains tab and hit the button search...

While Clicking on Search button

You will get the below page and price with "Continue to Cart" button

Click on "Add to Card" and than click on "Continue to Cart"

Next we have the "Make the most of your new domain" page where we have to specify the following things.

1. Domain Privacy

There are two plans under Domain Privacy 
1. Privacy Protection 
2. Ultimate protection & Security 
3. No Thanks

Click on No Thanks

2. Start your web for FREE
Leave this tab as it is ...

3. Email address with domain

If you want to go with professional than select professional otherwise Click on the menu and select "No Thanks"

4. Linux Web Hosting

Again we have three options 
1. Economy
2. Deluxe
3. Ultimate

Click on the menu and select "No Thanks"

Click on "Continue to Cart" Button

3. Payments

Before making payment:

Change by default domain form 2 years to 1 year because it costed low as compare to accumulated 2 years...

But it you wish to buy for more than 1 years than you can buy from 1 to 10 years if you have money in term of investment.

Here you have to add the following information: (Compulsory)
  •  #16 Master Card digits
  • Card Expiry date 
  • Security Code of the Card 
Click on "Save" button

Complete Purchase

Edit the years with your own choice 

See all the information 

Click on "Completer Purchase" button

You've successfully buy domain name ... 

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