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How to Write Catchy Headlines for a Blog | 5 Viral Headline Examples

If you want to learn how to write headlines than check our 5 catchy and Viral headline examples, You might have heard that 8 out of 10 people read a headline so You Need To Learn From Right Now...

How to Write Catchy Headlines for Blogs | 5 Viral Headline Examples
How to Write Catchy Headlines for Blogs | 5 Viral Headline Examples
A headline is a first impression that help a blog for making audience and new visitors. Because it is the main key for getting our audience attentions.

You're where your brain is but not where a front-page headline is.

If you want to get audience than, with out a great title and headline, it is not possible. Because it's your title and headlines that turn your visitors in to regular reader and the rest of your article body, because with out it, your blog page may not even exist. 

So simply , a headline is a promise to blog audience that we are providing your the same thing you are looking up for. When an article is according to reader's intent and make a clear statement that this article is about this category than surely your audience comeback .

So here we have Five tested headline that work in 2020

1. Direct Headlines

Go with the direct promise, dance with the main subject. A direct headline states the vital role that express what is the matter, simply goes straight to the heart of the matter.


This a headline is direct and it also state the premise directly, mean from this specific date women are allowed to drive .

2. Indirect Headline

It create a double meaning interest on audience mind set and  develop up lot of queries which are actually hidden in the structure of a post and its headlines. which create interest and attract the audience with these questions and turn them to read their full post which is called Ultra fine approach.


Above headline is a full article about which product they are releasing when and where, a lot of questions, but their article will cover all confusions.

3. How to Headline

"How to" is actually a top tier approach. which narrate the audience needs, if we write an article with how to headline than we are actually pointing our audience need. 


Its a visitor need, in which visitors want to know how they can recover a blog post which they accidental delete and within the post it is explained the way to achive it.

4. Reason Why Headline

An other working technique in which the importance of something is defined in overall article body relevant tips and features are discussed.

Mean, Article have 13 solid reasons about an engineer on the base of which he/she think Engineer beat a Doctor.

5. Question Headline

Depend on asking approach, ask your question in a headline important point is it should be a valid question in all the way and than our visitor's will engage with the interest, they want to know the answer. 


Do You Wanna Work For Telenor Pakistan ? 

A Psychology mindset as you know you're looking up for a job and this statement fulfill your demand. The answer you want to know is hidden in the article while headline is a question mark ? 

We hope so these 5 catchy headline will help you to boost your SEO 

Keep Blogging ...


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