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Now Women are Allowed to Drive in Saudi Arabia

Here comes the good news for Saudi women that they are now allowed to drive in the country. Before Tuesday women were not allowed to drive in and it is such a great step because Saudi Arab was the only country where women were forbidden to be after the wheels of the car. Undoubtedly it is an end towards the long-standing strategy that was nothing but just a symbol of oppression and tyranny in the country. According to the statement of the royal court, King Salman has issued the declaration which was further carried by the Saudi press agency also known as SPA.

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Women drivers in Saudi Arabia:

According to sources, women of Saudi Arab will be able to have their driving licenses like men and the royal declaration will also implement the terms of traffic regulations. The news was broadcasted on television in a media event which was held in Washington, state of the America. It was also cleared that there was no rule which forbid women to drive but the thing is that women were not issued permits to drive. That is the reason of this major step because now women can not only drive but also will be issued consents.

The ministerial body is supposed to give advice within the duration of thirty days and the change will hit soon in June 2018. Yes, according to some media sources these orders will be implemented next year in June. Saudi leaders are very hopeful regarding there this decision. They believe that women were spending a lot of money and salaries for paying male drivers in order to go somewhere. Therefore, now this step will make the economy strong and we will see the increase in it because of women’s contribution in the workplace.

Fawziah al-Bakr, who is a university professor in Saudi Arab and was among the 47 ladies who protested when women were banned to drive in the year of 1990, said that it is really amazing. Women were seeking their right to drive when for the first time they got arrested while driving in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arab. The women suffered because of this ban and some of them also lost their jobs after getting arrested. Moreover, she added that we have been waiting for a very long time and now at last it arrived.

People used to give reasons for the ban of Saudi women to drive. Some used to say that it is something completely against the Saudi families while others say it is not good for female to drive. Related Post:  MOI Absher registration process and benefits.

Apart from every argument, the decision won the widespread honor, especially in Washington. Furthermore, it is said that it is an incredible step for the right direction of the country. Most of the credit goes to King Muhammad Salman who laid out an excellent decision which is not only in the favor of women but also a source of good economy and society.

It can be hard for some patriarchal families but the thing to be considered is that women will have their consent and driving license which means that they have complete freedom to drive.


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