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13 Absolute Reasons You Should Marry an Engineer Not a Doctor

Engineers are usually considered as the smartest people out there as compared to doctors. They usually have the combined personality that may be confusing at first sight.

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Selecting your life partner is one of the biggest decisions you make in your life. Whether you decide to fall in love and then marry, or you want parents, society, culture, friends or any other external factor to do it for you; it is going to be a big leap of faith. It is very much important to think, when you are going to get proposal from an engineer. Just hold it right there, and weigh the advantages before you are going to reject that proposal. Don’t think that he is a nerdy guy with huge glasses. Perhaps he is a hot guy who is a perfect planner and is not just good with numbers, but is a keeper too. If we consider doctors, they are specialized in psychotic and they are much curious about bones. Thus if you are looking to get married, and you are preferring a partner who belongs to the same species as you, then engineer must be your last choice.
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Engineers are usually considered as the smartest people out there as compared to doctors. They usually have the combined personality that may be confusing at first sight. But once you know them, you definitely realize that there are major benefits to have an engineer as your life partner. Here are some top reasons why you should absolutely marry a person who is graduated from engineering college not a medical college.

1. They are energetic:

Engineers don’t used to take a lot of rest. Even if they are enjoying the days off they continue to engineer away in their own mind. This will make them unbelievable partners because they are willing to solve your relationship problems until there is a perfect solution. An engineer is enjoying good job at the age of 27. This means that you won’t turn weak or disappointed by the time he is established.

2. They are organized:

Such type of people likes to have easy access and up-to-date technology. Being with an engineer means valuing their techniques and interfering in their system can be troublesome for them in order to be productive. They are much worried to understand their work and they will try their level best to understand you too. Thus you will definitely enjoy an organized life with your life partner.

3. Very creative:

Engineers are not math nerds and they are actually very creative. By engaging with an engineer your home will never be a boring place. They will never try to operate on you; rather they will come up with some creativity that keeps them happy. Download Love Wallpapers.

4. Handle stressful situations:

Engineers can easily handle stress situations at work. This is a superb thing if you going to engage with this logical type because he will appear as a calming force in the relationship. Engineer will avoid joining you on the emotional rollercoaster.

5. Less chances of disturbance:

There are very few chances of emergency calls for an engineer. That means, you can have romantic candle light dinner with your partner. But, having a doctor as your partner may receive emergency calls and you will feel disturbance. You will definitely enjoy a good lifestyle with an engineer while you are still young. Enjoy a romantic dinner with an engineer as he is going to stay at home not in hospital.

6. No special things that make you jealous:

There is always a nerdy guy inside engineer who is shy in order to approach any woman. This means that he is a good keeper not a cheater. Even when he goes to work, there are no special things or no pretty nurses that will make you jealous.

7. Get things quickly:

Engineering profession usually acquire attention to detail. They will remember special dates and show it in the lovely way. It’s not difficult for them to remember birthdays so well because it is a number.

8. Make your life interesting:

Engineers will always use outclass poetry with partner that will make life so much interesting. They can think logically and they always have better plans. Hence they are considered as good planners which surely mean that they will not make rash decision. Thus, no regrets!

9. Genius kids:

Kids will surely turn out to be most genius because they learn a lot with parent having engineering degree.

10. Calm personality:

Whenever you are going through a serious fight, they will always have logical reasons. They are so calm and solve issues in a proper way. Thus they will never run away from big problems.

11. Love for new gadgets:

Engineer usually love new gadgets, which means that engineer will have a collection of cool and outclass stuff.

12. Confident:

Engineer is very much confident and they are genuine, smart guys.

13. Fix things easily:

Engineers are so innovative and they can fix things easily. Thus considering these advantages, its not a bad idea to marry an engineer. Read More: Apply online for passport.


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