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Effective Tips To Forget Your Ex-Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

Forgetting your ex girls friend, boy friend or even lover is not easier but with the passage of time it could be much better for you to understand that life does not stop with only a single person. Here are some tips that will help you to how to forget ex girlfriend or boyfriend.

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A relationship that is failed is always painful, even more than the physical wounds. Me myself was heartbroken and considered myself as the most foolish person on this planet. I used to hate the world for being so unfair with me. I used to hate each and everything and wanted to be alone. I wanted to forget each and everything about that person, but unfortunately, I failed many times. I used to bang my head against the walls for being so weak. Things were not easy for me, but over time it became less painful for me. I will share some really effective tips that can help you in forgetting your ex, I am pretty sure that they will help you to a great extent.


1. Accept the things but don’t rely on them:

It is something fine to stay mad or hurt after your break up especially if some third party is involved in such a case. But the point here to be considered is that staying mad or hurt will not help you in any case, rather you will stress yourself by showing such behavior. You have to accept the reality, that the relationship is now over and you have to move on because if you collect the broken pieces of it then eventually you will be hurt. Acceptance is one of the most significant acts in order to move on, so accept what happened.

Another important point that should not be missed is that never rely on things or the events that occurred. One of our biggest mistakes is that we start to dwell on happening by analyzing and overthinking. Trust me such things are fruitless, forget about ‘what ifs’ and ‘what might have beens’. A good way to get rid of such feelings is to write them on paper, no matter how good or bad, you are in writing. Imagine that your thoughts leaving your body and attaching to the paper. [Read: Why girls cheat men?]

2. Learn to let go:

Every relationship has some kind of rules and among them most important one is that never be clingy. It is neither easy nor pleasant, but you need to know how to let go. I know it is not easier as it sounds, but it is worth it. Undoubtedly, letting go is the most crucial and ruthless part of a relationship because you have invested so much time, money and efforts in order to continue your relation plus there are so many memories. But you can never cry all the time or how long you will cry over something useless. That is why it is mandatory for you to learn the art of letting go.

Moreover, you need to respect yourself being dependent or clingy indicates that you have no self-esteem. Never cling on somebody that is unable to see your true value.

3. Be active:

It is completely understandable that in such circumstances you want to stay alone. Everyone deserves some personal time in such a situation. Moreover, when you are alone you can think of a lot of things but do not overdo them. It is suggested that do not stay indoor for long durations rather go outside, socialize with your friends, make some new friends and enjoy. This is how you will have less or no time to think about your ex. Furthermore, go out with your family members, visit different places this is how you will get a better idea of the world.  [Check: Beautifull Mountain View]

Do not forget that you have lived without that person before, so living without him now will not harm or ruin your life. Your life is neither over nor stop by a person who left you. Exercising and fresh air can also add to brighten up your mood and to make your body look healthier, in no time you will be feeling much better and light.

4. Eliminate ‘What ifs’ from your life:

Once you broke up with your ex do not try to fix it with false assumptions. The reason is that the relationship will never be the same as it was before; there is a solid reason that the relationship didn’t work in first place. If you broke up because of some kind of misunderstanding then it is okay to think about but if the reason of break up was cheating or some individual differences then you really need to think again about it.

In most of the cases it is very rare that the relationship is rebuilt and works best, most of the times it is just a big mistake that most of the people do. Still, if you think that you can trust your ex wholeheartedly for one more time than you should go for that, otherwise be very careful. You have to be completely honest with yourself, it better to move on as you will not be involved in any further conflict. You will have more opportunities to find a new love.

5. Make some new memories:

Another way to get rid of your past is to make some new memories. You can do this by visiting various places that you have already visited, or you can try some new too. Eat lots of food, taste the ones that you have never tasted. Try some new sports. Try to do something unique like jumping, skydiving, swimming or anything that is not done by you before. The reason is that in this process you will discover so many things about you and eventually will forget about your ex. [Read: Download Love Wallpapers.]

6. Recover yourself:

After your break up you are single so it is a best time to improve or recover yourself. Money, time each and everything is now only and only yours. Buy new dresses put on some makeup. Enroll yourself in some kind of course, learn some new skills. Try to get independent and self-sufficient. By the time you will realize how much you have improved yourself, you will see the confidence within yourself which was at first vanished by your previous relationship. Enjoy the company of those who can guide you or help and encourage you in such a phase of life. [Read: Why you should marry an engineer not a doctor?]


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