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15 Reasons Why Girls Cheat Men?

Many girls are finding unfair ways to get out of the connection. Thus when they are trying to break up with the partner, they are showing concern with the variety of adverse responses.

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Girls are usually known to be more sensitive as compared to men in terms of social pressure. Every girl has been taught since childhood to behave like a good lady, smile and bear it, but most of the girls used to cheat men and they are cheated at some point. The society teaches us that cheating is very bad and it is a shameless thing for women. Here are some different ways to watch out for: Read More: Career opportunity for women in KSA.

1. Huge expectations:

Girls go in a relationship with huge expectations. She used to think that men are willing to meet her all time. She is just pushing her luck or maybe she pins all her dreams on one person. When these expectations are not fulfilling, then she might change her behavior with a guy.

2. The brittle ego:

Girls who are having a fickle sense of self-esteem wants to seek evidence of their worth from other men. Rather than having confirmation in a meaningful way in an existing relationship. The chronic desires come up with discovering and seducing a new partner.

3. Girls usually need affection and care:

In general girls usually need and desire affection. They are also in search of emotional attention. If she is not having it from her husband or boyfriend, she will stop caring her partner. Girls are much deprived of attention, compliments and sympathies. Girls usually have emotional affairs. If these all things are missing in a girl relationship, then she starts cheating. As she desires the attention and care that has been absent from her relationship.

In addition to that, being truthful to your partner may represent that you are obvious with your commitment. When disloyalty takes place in relationship, it will cause a lot of problems, and it will lead to divorce or breakup. Unfaithful girls may find it so difficult to admit that they have cheated not only with them, but to themselves. In this way you are playing with someone’s feelings.

4. Unfaithful relationship:

The main thing that girl wants to have in an intimate relationship, is to have a lot gossips or they want to have connection with their partner all time. Thus for girls, the feeling of this strong connection creates attraction and intimacy. If a girl is feeling disconnection from her partner, the feelings of understanding and care also starts fading. Soon the possibility of a new link with someone else starts up; though such type of emotional connections can lead to physical affairs. Here are some major reasons why girls used to cheat men:

5. Reasons why girls cheat:

Despite of the fact number of girls who are engaged in relationship cheating, at one point they understand that what they are doing is potentially hurtful for both of them.

6. Low confidence:

Some girls don’t have confidence over themselves. The one who has low self-esteem may suffer from a lot of depression and other issues. They are seeking validation through romantic activities. If the partner is providing her confidence and care, then she will definitely feel worthwhile, desirable and loveable, but if the girl is not having such type of behavior then they start cheating.
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7. Revenge:

Sometime girls give up with their relationship, as they may be dissatisfied from the financial point of view, and they usually cheat as a way to get revenge. Download Love Wallpapers.

8. Loneliness:

Most of the time girls feel more like a nanny, mother or financial provider other than a wife or a girlfriend. They want attachment from their partner and never feel them lonely. If they will ever try to neglect them, then this might create problems in relationship.

9. Lack of excitement:

Furthermore girls usually miss the excitement of meetings and flirting. They are much delightful in dating and forming new relationships. Then girls start discovering that their ongoing stable relationship is so boring and they try to form a new relationship. In other word, they are in high search of finding and bonding with someone new.

10. Seeking lovemaking act:

Girls want to have lovemaking act from partner. They want to enjoy the feeling of being wanted and desired. If girls feel that the partner is neglecting them, then this can be problematic. They want themselves to feel connected and valued through emotional interactions. Nevertheless, if these things are not happening girls make seek a connection elsewhere.

12. Impractical Expectations:

Many girls have expectations from their partner that he will meet her every need and desire. When the partner fails to fulfill all expectations then selfish girls will sometimes move towards someone else.

13. Female support:

Supportive female friendship plays a big part in the relationship. Some females those who experienced maternal abuse undervalue and start overvaluing the attention of men. This can lead to disloyalty and cheating.

14. Wanted to leave relationship:

A number of girls thought that it is so easy to cheat guys. They used to force their current partner to end the relationship, rather than ending it more abruptly. Some other girls are already prepared to leave the relationship, but they are not willing to do so until they have another relationship lined up. On the other hand, some couples are unable to overcome the loss of trust caused by disloyalty. Such type of girls must think about these misdeeds that you are playing with someone else feelings, and you are only doing this because you have no other choice.

15. Other reasons:

There are many other reasons as they were more likely to stay at home with kids if they are married. When girls feel dissatisfied, she used to complain her friends. When she is unhappy in her relationship she is more likely to be interested to look anywhere else. On the other hand, it is very easy to spot a girl who is going to cheat you. Simply start analyzing her behavior in your own relationship.

The way of ending the relationship is not so good without any solid reason. Many girls are finding unfair ways to get out of the connection. Thus when they are trying to break up with the partner, they are showing concern with the variety of adverse responses.


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