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New Career Opportunities for Women in Saudi Arabia

A number of professions have been announced that are open for female employees. Following are eight of these professions that were male-only earlier.

professions for women in saudi arabia
Saudi women have new doors opened for them in the recent months. The women of Saudi Arabia have been granted their long-awaited rights to drive in a royal decree earlier this year. This announcement gathered attention from media all over the world. But this is not the only achievement for women so far. There have been remarkable advancements regarding women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. A number of professions have been announced that are open for female employees. Following are eight of these professions that were male-only earlier. Trending: Women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Female Soldiers

The Saudi Arabian General Authority has announced the opening of soldier rank positions for women. This is the first time the security forces have opened these positions for womenfolk. The regions of Riyadh, Mecca, Al- Qassim and AL- Madina are among the governorates that have offered these vacancies for females for now. Read More: KAWADIR Job Portal.

Sales and Retails

Last year, more than 80,000 jobs in retail sector were announced for women. Since then, there have been plenty of department stores, shops, malls and brands that have employed women in the sales department. This was a part of Saudization campaign launched by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to employ women in the stores selling women clothing and accessories. Read More: Investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

Passport Control

Saudi women were also given a breakthrough when Saudi General Directorate of Passports announced to employ women at the airports nationwide as well as border crossings on land in different areas of the kingdom. Read More: How to renew Pakistani passport online?

An overwhelming number of women applied for a limited 140 vacancies within a week of this announcement.

Air Traffic Control

It was announced last year by Saudi Air Navigation Services Company to hire female air traffic controllers in its crew. The General Authority of Civil Aviation intends to hold a one year programme for the qualifying female candidates to work as aviation professionals in the sector.

Taxi driving

Saudi women have even started applying as taxi drivers after winning the right to drive earlier this year. Careem has started signing up women for driving services. They have enrolled qualifying women candidates for training programme offered by the company.

Driving Instructors

Women in Saudi Arabia also have driving instruction as an option on the list of newly available jobs for them in the kingdom. International female driving instructors from different countries have been hired for this purpose to train the locals. The successful instructors will run the kingdom’s first ever driving school for women.

Car Maintenance

An interesting addition to vacancies opened for women are for car maintenance and inspection. The country is set to establish maintenance centers employing women to aid female drivers. The interested candidates have to go through training for this purpose.

Stage Acting

Earlier men used to play women’s roles on stage plays in the kingdom. The stereotype was averted by a young actress Najat who acted in a Saudi theatre in the beginning of this year. She is the first women to have ever appeared on stage in the kingdom.


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