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About Me

About This Blog:

Hello everyone and thank you for searching about me at

Rana Hammad is the founder of this well-known blog that was launched in May 2010 with a dream to help people online. The purpose of this blog is to make the life easy like many people are worried about their studies, jobs, or in any other way so we write detailed solutions of any problem that people tell us.

How we help:

First of all, i want to tell you that many of my friends support me for these types of articles and tell me the problems that people are facing in their routine life and help me to write the simple solutions for that. If you also have a passion for helping people then do not hesitate and contact me through email me at with your article and we will publish your article with your name and picture if you want.

My blog updates bring quality articles with easy language that helps people from any region. And we hope our unique articles surely help you in your life.

This blog mainly focus on below topics.
  • Life of expatriates in Saudi Arabia.
  • People in Pakistan and their problems.

Meet Blog founder Rana Hammad:

rana hammad, engineer hammad, engineer rana hammad,
Hello, I am hammad. A young and passionate blogger from Pakistan. I am working as an electrical engineer in Saudi Arabia, but website development is my hobby.

I spent most of the time on the internet for searching new business ideas and technical issues. And that's why i am very good in both of my fields. 

Now if i discuss more this blog, i always like to make my blog popular. This thought encourages me to do more better in future as i did in my past days.

Closing Words:

I want to thank you to all of you who are supporting me and to readers also for good feedback and suggestions. I hope you will also support us because, without you, we and our blog are incomplete. I really appreciate you all for the effort to the growth of this blog.

Once again Thank you all for reading about me and about my blog. 

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  1. Anonymous14:53:00

    Asalamu alaikum brother hammad please help if any job for electrical engineer email

  2. Hello Rana!
    Your blog is very much interesting and informative, i read your updates daily, it guides me many internet related issues and help me to find information about different historical places and picnic point as i am the very much found of traveling and like to visit such things..

  3. Good Job Brother!

  4. good job and saving time for a lot of people including me , thanks brother .


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