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Where do I get Blockchain certified | Blockchain Technology

Many IT companies have now seen that the Blockchain is the future technology to adapt to a safer way of dealing with users and more. After understanding its impact in various departments in any industry, many organizations have expressed interest in using Blockchain technology.

Companies expect to hire Blockchain developers to deploy and maintain the Blockchain infrastructure. It leads to enormous demand for Blockchain professionals worldwide, making it the best time to start a Blockchain training course. Employers and business people are increasingly cautious of claiming specialized knowledge, certificates, and skills in today's competitive professional environment.

Now, after reading this short introduction about Blockchain, you'll find that Blockchain certification is a great asset to learn, understand and work on the practical aspects that offer exposure to the industry.

blockchain certified professionals

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is simply a set of open blocks to anyone and includes the hash of the block and other information. Each block will store data according to its work. For example, in cases where that block is used for cash transactions, it reserves the sender's and the receiver's information and the amount of money transferred.

Blockchain uses decentralization and encryption to ensure the unaltering and transparency of any digital asset history. It helps to minimize risk, eliminate fraud, and offer clarity on various uses in an up-to-date and innovative way. Blockchain transactions are secured and encrypted, ensuring no third party can access or modify these records.

How do you become blockchain certified?

Suppose you're a Blockchain technology novice but are excited about it and want to learn more or search for career options in Blockchain. In that case, a Blockchain certification course is perfect for you. A course is helpful for people who want to know about relevant topics in Blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

It will also help you control the core platforms of Blockchain. You will understand the essential vocabulary and concepts commonly used when you learn Blockchain, as well as its working conditions. You can also learn about tools such as git, docker, and truffles.

1. Simplilearn: Professional Blockchain Certification:

Suppose you want to step in and learn about the brave new world of Blockchain technology. In that case, Simplilearn offers a unique professional Blockchain certification training in partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur). Online certifications like the Blockchain Certification Training Course from Simplilearn will help improve your skills and become a Blockchain developer, with a certificate showing future employers and customers. 

You don't have to be a professional. Still, it is good to know distributed systems and object-oriented programming concepts, flat, relational databases, and centralized networks to understand the back-end architectures better. You can start coding by using any platform available like Ethereum or Hyper Ledger. With practice, you can build Blockchain applications and tools and enhance your skills.

2. Blockchain Council: Certified Blockchain Expert™ (CBE) course:

A certified Blockchain Expert is an individual who knows Blockchain technology deeply and can build Blockchain-based business applications. CBE offers comprehensive training, a Blockchain test certification that ensures extensive practical knowledge in Blockchain technology. As demand for professionals from Blockchain technology soars, this Blockchain certification will prove your competitive advantage by giving companies confidence in fast hiring. Once you have completed the Blockchain certification, you will master Blockchain's core concepts, commonly used for solving large-scale problems by many industries.

3. EC Council: Blockchain Certification Course (CBP):

EC Council's CBP offers theoretical foundations and practical knowledge training for the acquisition of real-life work experience. It provides comprehensive guidance on implementing advanced implementation methods for full-stack developers from the fundamentals of Blockchain technology.

4. Pluralsight: Blockchain — Principles and Practices:

It is one of the best courses to learn Blockchain in Pluralsight. Developers with a sound understanding of the C# language and who want to build Blockchain technology can begin this Pluralsight course as a beginner and then proceed to advanced courses. First, understand cryptography, which safeguards the user's identity and ensures a secure transaction. Later know how a single transaction can be stored in a block and how you can do several transactions.

5. Coursera: Introduction to Blockchain:

In this course, they will discuss the powerful limitations of the Internet for enterprises and economic activities. Next, they will explain how Blockchain can help. You will be assured that you know the techniques, how they function, and how revolutions they can produce after the course has been completed. Instructors will help you understand the seven design principles involved and the challenges people face who develop Blockchain technology.

6. Udemy: Blockchain For Business 2021:

In this course, you will learn about Blockchain's basic concepts and their impact in various industries, benefit from this and invest in your career growth. The course describes 50 real-world Blockchain technology-related applications providing a deep insight into the main features of Blockchain applications in the real world. It includes knowledge of Blockchain applications, Big data, registration of land and vehicles, KYC, farmers' support, and many more. It also focuses on the fishing, diamond and gold industries, automotive, and many others.

The growing use of Blockchain technology:

The increasing use of Blockchain technology has created considerable interest in the role of a Blockchain certified expert. After the virtual currency introduction, Bitcoin, in 2009, Blockchain technology has gained a tremendous reputation. Since then, Blockchain technology has been recognized adequately in modern times, and its applications have constantly been expanding. 

So many people want to start a career in Blockchain in the light of Blockchain technology's long-term promises. Thus, the number of certified Blockchain Expert jobs has recently increased substantially. Nevertheless, many candidates have no idea how to begin their careers in Blockchain.


These professional courses offer you Blockchain lessons and provide valuable tips to understand and implement Blockchain technology. The technology courses and training programs in Blockchain offer you a deep and strong foundation for building a great career in the Blockchain field. The courses provide you extensive knowledge about how to build a career in Blockchain.

So, what are you expecting? If you are interested in Blockchain and its apps and want to do your job in the fast-growing industry, it is time to learn Blockchain and build an exciting future.

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