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The Future of Technology and IT Industry in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

This article is about the future of technology in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Information Technology in both countries is a fastest growing industry.....

Information Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Pakistani IT professionals have had some distinctive icons on the world top list of professionals. The list is ever growing with huge capital investment. The industry is growing roughly at a rate of 30% to 40% per year. The opportunities for the professionals are endless.
IT infrastructure is getting more complex with each passing day which creates huge demand of related professionals. The latest report has shown that almost 70% of Saudi IT industry is based on renewal, maintenance, and repairs of the existing systems. The rest 30% is the new projects and innovations in the related fields.

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IT as a Business driver:

No matter what kind of business, each organization, each industry has its own IT department. All the flourishing businesses include IT department in their structural development roadmap. They cannot survive in this thriving business world without an updated, professional IT department. This enables them to run smooth operations and keep in line with latest developments in their respective field.
As more and more organizations are connecting to online, global environment, this creates more job opportunities for IT professionals. All the government, private, commercial, educational and all sorts of institutions have ever increasing demand of IT professionals to cater the functions.

IT customer services:

Online customer services are a flourishing business these days. The customers are more satisfied if they have access to helpline and service centers around the clock. That is why all the consumer products and services industries take help from IT experts to support their businesses and expand as much as they can.
These IT centers are extremely responsive and provide fast and reliable services to the customers. The queries of the customers can be catered easily and effectively.

Growing demand of IT professionals:

Saudi Arabia is a booming economy with potential for endless growth. The market dynamics demand IT based services and to provide these services IT industry needs competent, experienced and trained IT professionals. This is a strategic planning that brings recognition to the companies in the long run. They improve their reputation and flourish their businesses.

IT domains:

The IT professional companies provide a number of services to their clients. They provide Network Systems, Data Management and Data Storage and Information systems and Security. The professionals having a degree in software systems operations and data management can easily get a job and enhance their expertise. The companies have enough vacancies for fresh graduates. They can enroll in reputable firms to learn about the market trends and gain experience in the related field.
Working on different ongoing projects can give enough exposure to newcomers to successfully pursue their career and make a decent living out of it. Providing network system, solutions, and services to the end customers through a reputable platform can enable them to launch their own companies and even export their services to the rest of the world.


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