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Best NAS (Network Attached Storage) Devices For 2018

Many good NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices allow you to control your device remotely if you are away from the device.

best nas devices (network attached storage)
Have you ever wondered how you could share your large data with a person far away from you easily? The answer is yes you can by using NAS (network attached storage) which can be used to store any information, files or data. NAS is basically shared storage devices which can be accessed by the people connected via your network. Finding the best NAS device is overwhelming because of various manufacturing brands. These are essential for business persons who have to share their data remotely with their partners. Many good NAS devices allow you to control your device remotely if you are away from the device. We have gathered the useful information and reviews about best NAS devices, so you don’t have to research the best ones before buying. Just go through our top picks for 2018 and then choose the one which is suitable for your need. Google Drive storage limit.

1. WD My Cloud Personal:

On the top of the list of best network attached storage is WD my cloud which comes with the storage capacities of 2TB, 3TB or 4TB. It offers a good price and fairly easy to set up the device. The good thing is that it can be connected to any DLNA compliant device and can be accessed remotely via Android or IOS based apps. The stored data can be backed up by an external hard drive being connected to the port on the back of the device. It costs as low as $108.95, but the price depends on the storage capacity you choose.

2. Buffalo Link Station:

The link station LS220D is manufactured by the buffalo available in different storage capacities that is 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB. So, the users have a variety in choosing storage depending on their data and work to be stored. It comes with a price tag as low as $194 for the least storage capacity. The main selling point in favor of buffalo link station is that it has built-in Bit torrent which can download our stuff even if our PC shuts down. Like the WD my cloud it can also be used on mobiles via apps.

3. Seagate Personal Cloud:

It comes with the capacities of 4TB, 6TB or 8TB and with the two hard drives so you can store your files on both drives which can be retrieved if on hard drives data loses accidentally. The Seagate personal cloud also works with the different cloud accounts including Dropbox, google drive, it can also be used remotely via the app to share stored files with others. It is costly than others averaging about $769.15, but this price justifies the provided features. How to buy an SD card or memory card?

4. QNAP TS 125A:

This NAS comes with tons of great features including the HDMI for connecting TV, dual Ethernet ports, the hardware of 1.6 GHz and 4GB RAM. It allows you to install some sharing apps and can be used to run Linux or Ubuntu. However, with this NAS you have to buy hard drives for storage separately. The QNAP costs around $303.03.

5. Synology Disk Station DS1817:

This NAS device features the quad-core processor with the space of loading up to 8 drives. You can manage your storage easily as you have the option to make storage bigger or lower by loading and to unload the drive bays. It is most suitable for the beginners who don’t have experience of using NAS. These are the best of all available network attached devices in the market. If you are thinking to buy NAS, we recommend you to get anyone on our list of best five devices. These will provide the value for your money.


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