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Procedure of Iqama for Newborn Baby in Saudi Arabia

Iqama procedure for new born baby is a problem who do not know the exact procedure.

This article is very helpful for the people who are living with their families in Saudi Arabia. If your wife is pregnant and in Saudi Arabia then it will be very expensive for you if you do not have a good insurance instead of your home country. This process is easy comparatively if your baby born in your home country.  In this process, you have to get these step by step.

Steps for getting newly born baby iqama in KSA:

Step 1. Get birth certificate:

  • Get a birth certificate of the newly born baby in Saudi Arabia from the hospital.

Required Documents: 

  1. Father's original passport and copy of passport.
  2. Mother's original passport and copy of passport.
  3. Baby birth statement translated in english.
  4. 8 passport size Photos of the baby.
  5. Application form of the baby passport.
  6. Ahwal e Madni appointment print out.
  7. Now you can get the birth certificate.

Step 2. Get passport of baby:

  • Now go to your embassy after receiving the birth certificate from Al Ahwal Madni.

Step 3. Get iqama from jawazat:

After above steps, it is the time to get your baby iqama. For getting your baby iqama you need following documents.
  1. Online appointment with Jawazat.
  2. Fill a form to add a child as your dependent.  Download Form
  3. You can book appointment at for jawazat to issue iqama by selecting a service "Add wife and children"
IF you have any question about this post comment below for answers.


  1. Im working here in HOFUF. My baby is born here in Saudi Arabia. He is 3 months old now. My husband is here also but visit visa only. This March 30, 2017 they will have final exit they will go home to the philippines . When I apply for an iqama for my baby the jawazat did not issue iqama for my baby bbecause they said my baby and my husband can exit even without iqama and exit visa. Just birth certificate only from ahwal madani. One of my coworkers did not exit because thesame situation for me they did not give also iqama and exit visa to the baby that's why they're ticket was wasted. So im afraid now if my husband and baby cannot exit because of this.
    Kindly reply for this problem of mine shukran

  2. After the birth certificate, passport and iqama is there any other process before the baby travels to his / her home country. I have already got the exit re-entry visa online but wanted to ask if there is any finger print registration before going to the airport for travel. Kindly guide as I do not want any complications on the travel day. Thanks in advance.


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