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Video Streaming Service Plex Has Advanced Its Cord Cutting Case With Live OTA TV

Few days back, video service streaming plex surprised us by announcing the convenience of the beta version of its plex. This live TV streaming launches the starter of the plex DVR. This allows the users with the provision of free over the air access to almost eighty-six most viewed shows in the Unites States. Furthermore, this also allows its users the facility of recorded programming by the use of android TV, iPhone devices and windows as well. Certainly, this also supports various sets of top boxes mainly Roku, Amazon fire, Apple TV, play stations and other type of gaming systems.

Accessibility of Plex live TV:

For now, plex live TV is available on the android TV and formerly iPhone systems. On the other hand, you can get all the recorded TV shows at the devices that are mentioned above. Now the question is how the users should utilize this service. Well if you want to utilize this service you must install a digital antenna and a digital tuner as well so that the signals over the air can be received. News: Microsoft aims to boost internet connectivity in US heartland.

Access to local news and sports:

The new plex TV facilitate its users by giving the opportunity of access towards the sports channels and local news too. These are the major channels of the United States; these mainly include BBC and CCB etc. It should be noted that some encrypted channels are not available for example HBO etc.

DVR services:

It must be noted that Plex is the very first company that have introduced the DVR services. It is a way towards the development of satellite subscribers and traditional cable to cut the cord. The significant difference between plex and other services is the skill to watch local programming.  News:  Google  launches  backup  and  Sync desktop app for uploading  files.

Situation of per Plexing:

It is not wrong to say that cord cutter gives you numerous options and choices but still is not able to resolve every issue or every need of its user. Plex is new product and for the purpose of handling it you must know the technicalities or have some kind of skilled experience. Such advancements are playing their part in making developments. Plex enables you to watch the biggest channels of USA which were not that easy before.

Services of Plex:

Plex along with its other competitor products are so called cord cutters. It should be noted that market for such devices could twist to the users who are not aware with its entire knowledge and technicalities. This is considerable that how the paid offerings from the other networks for example CBS etc. will fit into it but for now such kind of content seems to be unavailable. This service is available all you have to do is to pay the required charges which is different on monthly or yearly basis.

Better than other products:

Unquestionably, it is a major step in the world of advancements because but just paying a small amount and installing the digital antenna you will be facilitated to a large extent. It is worth using as it is progressing very rapidly.

Why Should Engineers Seek Career In UAE?

engineering career in dubai, career guide for engineers in dubai, Seek career in UAE
Engineers are considered to be the movers and shakers for our time. No matter in which field you are specializing in: whether it is mechanical, electrical, civil, software, chemical or any other engineering field, things that these engineers design, construct or invent will become an essential diet for the global economy in many years yet to come. Trending: How internet helps in education?

It comes as no surprise that most of the graduate engineers are seeking jobs in the engineering sector abroad and for such jobs, United Arb Emirates is the best choice, due to the happy working position of currently working engineers in UAE.

Growth in the engineering sector:

While moving to UAE from your native country for earning there can be many job opportunities for engineers. But among many of these jobs engineering jobs are considered to be the best. Engineers already working in the UAE are satisfied with their work as well as the pay they are getting.

In the engineering industry engineers also get promotions in their field of expertise and get other incentives and benefits as well. These jobs are providing the opportunity to work at a place where you get the chance to show your specific skillset and your talent is most valued.

Working culture and remuneration for engineers in UAE:

The working environment of the engineering sector in the UAE is ideal and comfortable making people happy for what they do and make them love their jobs even more. The engineers associated with this industry are happy with the pay scale as well. A large percentage of the engineers believe that this sector offers the best rang salary packages in the entire country. Trending: How to Answer interview Questions.

There is maximum potential for further professional growth in this sector. Working as an engineer in the UAE is a dream to many job seekers. Particularly in the public sector as there are two off days for the weekend rather than one.

Benefits of working as an engineer for an expat:

Engineers working in the UAE are happily working with many benefits. Regardless of being away from their families they enjoy the perks of their jobs with high salary and gain valuable international experience and make contacts with many different people from many other nations. Engineers are becoming more aware regarding the international opportunities in their fields that are much likely to know if they live in the west. Engineers also get to know the international procedures, policies and standards of the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Trending: Why IT jobs are highest paid jobs.

Demand for engineers:

As the demand for talented engineers in UAE is high so the engineers moving to the country reap the reward for their talent as this region starts to focus at infrastructure and construction. The growth in the engineering sector is becoming the base for creating momentum in job market hence giving more chance to the engineers for progress.

The engineering companies are competing on a large scale to hire and retain the best employees. This competition with the combination of heavy investment in this industry is leading towards the rise in salary packages for engineers. And it makes UAE the best place for engineers to earn and support their families living with them or in their native country. These opportunities, developments and benefits make the engineers work happily in UAE.

How Internet Helps In Education?

how internet helps in education, technology in education, internet for classrooms, internet education
Internet is one of the most used technological inventions in the global world. It is not only used for business purposes, sharing the latest information and communication but it has also become a way of learning among the people especially students.

Low costs:

If going to school is not affordable for you then it is not a problem as internet has everything you need. Internet is a cheap source and easily accessible so that students can learn anything they want. Many students choose online learning programs as it is inexpensive compared to the ones held in a regular learning campus. Like no textbooks or bus fee is required while using the internet as a source of studying. Also, it solves the problem of reaching for an institution that is far away and not accessible physically.

Most of the educational institutions in almost all countries, now offer special online courses and degrees for the students who are unable to physically attend the regular day time studies for some reason. This is especially beneficial for female students in many regions.

Online learning:

Online learning has become one of the most opted methods for getting education. It is not only the cheapest but also the fastest and easiest way of studying as it allows you to learn anything at anytime and anywhere. From the researching and assignments to the comfort you need, all is available during online learning. You can literally find more than enough knowledge and information about any subject. Related: Tips to buy a Laptop.


Students often find it difficult to write an assignment or essay. Internet provides the students with better writing tips, suitable information and plenty of other helpful material. Not only tips, but ample information about the topic is also provided. Many websites offer creative writing classes to the students who have difficulty in dealing with such kind of assignments. Online courses to enhance certain learning and educational skills are also available.


Most students hate to do research on their coursework. But with internet at hand, it seems like an effortless job. If your teacher allots you to write an essay or make a model there are always many sites reachable where you can gain much about different topics. Internet is a sea of knowledge which provides tons of information on about everything within an instance upon any search. It is not easy to find a library to go through your required books; online libraries have solved this problem too. You can not only read books online but also download them for further references.

Group studies:

The internet also allows students to communicate with their friends. In the past students had to talk face to face with a teacher or classmate in order to know about their missing work. Some students find it hard to do their homework on their own, so communicating with other students or doing a group study via internet solves this problem. Support groups and study groups are also found on social media to help you through your particular field of studies. Related: Common Interview questions and answers.

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How To Register A Company In Pakistan?

how to register a company, company registration process in pakistan, business in pakistan, ntn number verification
Registering your company is considered as a popular act of business organization. Registration of all companies in Pakistan takes place under the Act of 1984 companies ordinance. Today we will discuss various steps involved in the registration of a company in Pakistan. While settling your new business, it is considered the last step of the process.

We have described different steps with a simple understanding of procedures for the reader. So, that you need not to dive into more details and find it complex. Security and Exchange commission of Pakistan also follows some rules and regulations.

Steps for Company registration in Pakistan:

1. Give a name to your company and get approval:

While going through the phase of selection of name for your company, make sure that you don’t use restricted words or prohibited terms. Because inappropriate or deceptive words will not be accepted by SECP. In addition to this, keep this thing in mind that the name you chose for your company must not be identical to any other company already registered. In both cases, you won’t get the approval for the name.

2. Pay the required dues for incorporation and get it registered:

Suppose that you have decided the name for your company now the next step is paying the company registration fee. Before that you will need to have a name availability certificate from SECP. For the purpose of having it, you may write an application. Required dues can be submitted through bank challans, where ever instructed. Now at this step SECP ask for some documents. Let us discuss those documents below.

  • Documents regarding Declaration of compliance.
  • Documents regarding Identification of office’s location.
  • Photocopies of Memorandum plus Articles of Association with signatures of the members.
  • Particulars of auditors, secretary and chief accountant.

3. Obtain Your digital signature and Make a company seal:

The digital signatures are provided by NIFT (National Institutional Facilitation Technologies). These can be obtained using e services provided by SECP. When it is, all done, you have to represent a company seal, which will depend upon the city where you want to start your business.

4. Register for all the taxis like sales, professional and income tax:

In case of registration of Income tax, you must apply for NTN (National Tax Number) at the Regional tax office of FBR (Federal Board of Revenue. Following are the requirements of this application.

  • National tax number form.
  • Articles and Memorandum of association.
  • Proof of the registration.
  • Company’s Director ID card copies.
  • Bank account number.
  • Attestation of the location of business address.
Similarly, Sales tax registration can be completed by applying for STN at regional tax office of FBR. And for professional tax you must register yourself with Excise and Taxation department.

5. Registration with EOIB and ESSI:

Depending on the location of your business, you will need to register with ESSI. And every company with five or more employees is supposed to be registered with Employees old age benefits institution (EOBI).

6. Registration with the labor department of your location:

For the purpose of safeguarding the standards of labor workers, every company other than one man shop is required to get registered with this department.

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Microsoft Aims To Boost Internet Connectivity In US Heartland

Microsoft Aims To Boost Internet Connectivity In US Heartland
Like all other places round the world, Microsoft has been focusing on bigger cities when it comes to providing internet connectivity. This has paid off well as they have successfully developed IT hubs and markets in all major cities. But recently they have shifted focus to relatively smaller and neglected areas all over America.

Realization of the issue:

The issue was raised during the elections that rural areas have suffered deprivation when it comes to the distribution of services and facilities. Internet is the basic source now widely used for innumerable day to day tasks. Everyone literally needs it for education, work, health facilities or other daily tasks. Download: Microsoft Office 2013 download free.

Although, the rural areas are not heavily populated like the major cities, yet, the people inhabiting those areas definitely need fast and secure internet connectivity to get things done on a daily basis. Download: Microsoft office 2010 free download.

The rural populace has been infuriated over being disregarded when it comes to sharing of resources and conveniences. They already feel left out of economic growth and the same goes for the technological boost that other key cities witness. Microsoft itself has admitted that it had worked more for projection of fast internet connectivity in far off places in Africa than it had done in America itself.

Announcement of strategy to address the issue:

Microsoft is not only up for filling this gap but also very willing to share it with other companies nationwide, in order to bridge the gap between different regions as soon as possible. To facilitate the residents of smaller states in the US, Microsoft is unveiling a nationwide strategy to fund projects to address the issue of internet connectivity.

Utilizing white space spectrum:

The proposal came forth from a Washington-based IT company, The Redmond. They have suggested the use of unused available frequencies between the broadcasting TV channels which is called white-spaces spectrum. The key is to lower the cost of the project and achieve the desired goals in as less time as possible. The use of air waves is far cheaper than establishing fiber connections, especially in far off regions. The only obstacle is, to manage the existing air space with the broadcasters smoothly. This idea lowers the cost of the potential project significantly as it makes use of the existing resources and also reduces the time frame. Trending post: The world's lightest phone elari nano phone c.

Applause for the decision:

The announcement of the latest strategy has been welcomed warmly, as it is estimated to benefit around two million residents of neglected areas all over the US. The people are going to enjoy better services using fast connectivity. They are going to be exposed to fresh opportunities of work and employment. Trending Post: How Stephen Hawkin has inspired the technology world.

This is overwhelming, as it will connect the people from rural areas to mainstream fractions through reliable and speedy internet. The expansion of internet accessibility will also broaden the horizons for the IT companies. They are going to generate revenue through the increased following and explore new markets and discover raw talent from these areas.

How Stephen Hawking Has Inspired The Technology World?

How Stephen Hawking Has Inspired The Technology World, Stephen Hawking and Technology World, Stephen Hawking
Surely Stephen Hawking is the most famous genius person of this modern age. But the question is for what exactly is Stephen Hawking famous. He is famous for his research in the field of science plus his discoveries. Those discoveries that led a revolution in the technology world.

He contributed in many fields of science including physics theory, Quantum theory, thermodynamics and information theory as well. Hawking’s got his undergraduate degree from the well-known university that is Oxford University. On the other hand, Stephen Hawking got his Ph.D. degree from the University of Cambridge. Unfortunately, Stephen Hawking has been diagnosed of a disease known as motor neuron which led him almost paralyzed. Trending: How moving electric vehicles can be charged through wireless?

Project of swift key:

In order to enhance the communication system swift key was being introduced, it was used by Professor Stephen Hawking so that he can communicate. According to Hawking it is a more convenient way for him to deliver his message to the people and it requires less effort.
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Discoveries of Hawking:

Certainly, the discoveries of Stephen Hawking are valuable and adds to the world of technology. One of his greatest discovery is named as Hawking area theorem. It was about the area of black hole. According to Stephen Hawking the total area of black hole never gets smaller at least so far as classical physics is related. It was like a puzzle for the physicists. Moreover, Hawking also worked on the no hair theorem of the black holes stated as characterization of black holes can be done by three numbers and their mass, charge and angular momentum as well. On the other hand, no hair was the information that disappears when it falls into that hole. Trending: Production of cheaper hydrogen with the help of new ultra thin material.

Black holes can disappear:

Another discovery made in the world of science was that most of the physicists believed that black holes can never be disappear whereas Hawking proved them wrong by showing that black holes can vanish when they emit heat. He also demonstrated that this process is very slow for the normal black holes it can take ages. On contrary small black holes, can vanish faster and they can evaporate in less time as compared to the normal ones.

Quantum fluctuations:

It is to be noted that Stephen Hawking was the first one who represented that how the quantum fluctuations and inflation also can give rise to the spread of the galaxies. Furthermore, Stephen Hawking developed another theory which is very famous named as the wave function of the universe. This theory enables the scientists to measure the properties of the universe that we all see around us.
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Artificial intelligence:

Hawking talked about the artificial intelligence and said that it is something which is effecting the humanity to a large extent. Yes, Hawking argued that the creation of the artificial intelligence could be a tragedy in the human history. Therefore, it needs to be handled with great preventions and measures otherwise the consequences will be against the expectations.

Stephen Hawking and technology:

Stephen Hawking considered technology as destructive. He said that the rapid advancements can actually harm the humanity.
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Apple Has Unveiled Its Home-pod With Smart Speakers

Apple has unveiled its HomePod with Siri speakers to compete with the existing devices. Apple revealed the HomePod at the annual worldwide developer conference. Apples’ CEO while announcing HomePod said that “there are companies who are making products to enjoy music at home but none of them have nailed it yet”. Apples HomePod has combined the features of all the devices and has built a device with the most notable and unique features. Related: iPhone 7 and seven plus features and reasons to buy.
Apple home-pod

Apple’s HomePod features:

Its small vase like case carries seven tweeters and four inch woofer that explains the emphasis on the audio quality of home speakers. Just like iPhone, Apples HomePod is powered by A8 processor. It comes in white and space grey. It also features the real-time acoustic modeling spatial awareness allowing it to squeeze music that goes with the environment and acclimates the output automatically with the breakthrough home speaker that’s designed to rock the house.

Siri used to control HomePod:

Siri can be accessed with HomePod by giving voice commands. But on HomePod Siri is also a musicologist rather than just a virtual assistant that will help you in finding new tunes at Apple music. Apples HomePod is controlled by using Siri. It is a voice activated personal assistant which according to Apple is well trained to answer questions about music like “hey Siri, who is playing drum in this song?” and “who is playing guitar in this song?” Not only can you ask questions to Siri but instead these Siri speakers also mark your favorites and remember your choices. This is another notable feature of Apple HomePod.

Apple's competition with the competitors:

HomePod is a category where apple is a little late to develop the smart speakers. In the past few years Alexa ecosystem and Amazon’s Echo has already grown progressively. On the other hand Google has also launched its Home speaker and assistant. And Microsoft also has a leg up with Harman Kardon Invoke speaker.

Despite of the fact that competitors’ products are working well in the market, apple has launched the HomePod smart speakers on the ground that as usual they are delivering the exceptional audio experience than the competitors. Apple is also targeting Sonos which signals that the audio quality of HomePod is better than what we get from Google and Amazon. Apples’ HomePod price will be expensive than Google Home and Amazon Echo but cheaper than Sonos Play 5.

HomePod: A new way of enjoying music:

Previously Apple reinvented portable music by introducing iPod to the world and now HomePod will again reinvent the way music is enjoyed wirelessly at our homes. Not only HomePod is used solely for enjoying music instead this device can also be used for sending messages, get news updates, latest weather reports, sports news and it can also control other smart home devices that are connected using Apples’ HomeKit.

Apples HomePod will be launched in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia in December 2017 and it will be launched in other markets in 2018. Apples HomePod seems to stake out markets high end devices with its technology, positioning and price.

How to Grow Plants Without Soil? | Technology of Hydroponics

Growing plants without soil, Hydroponic garden, Hydroponic system, Hydroponics plants,
Basically, hydroponics is a process in which the growth of the plants is done by the use of sand, nutrients, gravel or any other liquid other than soil. Undoubtedly, it is a subset of hydro culture. In this process, plants are being fed through nutrients. There are many systems of hydroponics that mainly include wicks system, water culture, and drip system etc. These three systems use different technologies in order to grow plants without the use of soil. As we discuss indoor gardening in our previous article.

A popular technique:

This is a very famous technique used for the growth of plants and it is emerging rapidly in the sector of agriculture. This technique has no limitations regarding the climate changes etc. It is very beneficial and useful in the current scenario, and it is the source of quality food products. This technique is mostly used by the people who live in the area where the climate is arid. It means that this technique is best especially when the traditional technique won’t work.
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Useful procedure:

In order to get facilitate from this technique, we must know that how it really works. In this method, the water needs to be delivered into the roots of the plants. There are a number of techniques used to deliver the water in the root system for example nutrient film technique. Although there are many types of hydroponics system but it is the most useful one. This technique uses a tank with a tube or pump which further pumps the solution made of nutrients into the tube where the root is suspended. This solution takes almost two to four hours to flow over that root.

Source of increase in quality and quantity:

So as to increase the quality and quantity the temperature and pH range too must be balanced. The vegetable grown by the use of this technique are more hygienic and contains A, B, and C then the products grown by the traditional method. It is a very productive method and protective of the atmosphere. The growing cycle of it is less than the traditional crops.
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Advantages of hydroponics:

Given below are some of the advantages that are being availed through hydroponics:
  • Sophisticated system of monitoring at reasonable prices.
  • Utilization of the cultivated area at its maximum level.
  • More concentrated growing cycles.
  • No labor costs.

Mean for the production of the food:

Certainly, hydroponics can be proved as an effective way of producing food in the areas where cultivation is not easy. Areas such as mountainous or deserts consisting of intense ecosystems have difficulty in using conventional method, therefore hydroponics proved to be as of great importance.

A simple method:

It is a very simple method which involves containers on tables; the water is passed through it contains all the important nutrients and flows continuously. The root system is properly monitored and the water is mixed with oxygen so that the proper functioning can be done. The plants are then inserted to special kind of pads that float onto the surface of the water.

Hydroponics use special fertilizers that are easily achievable. Moreover, the team of agronomists can also guide you in this way.
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How to Answer Interview Questions | Interview Questions And Answers

sample interview questions, top ten interview questions, common interview questions and answers, interview questions and best answers,Job interview is quite crucial for most candidates. However, a little practice and preparation can not only make this task easy but also advantageous for your career. Listed below are a few common interview questions asked and some real quick and smart strategies to answer them to leave a positive impression and ace on the interview.
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A Little about yourself:

This is perhaps the most common interview question that the interviewers ask the candidates. One thing to keep in mind is that your resume already tells enough about you. The purpose of this question is not to know the candidate but basically, access his/her communication skills. The spoken skills, how you present yourself in front of others, and what you choose to tell others about you, tells a lot about what kind of person you are.
  • Focus on your personal strengths that might reflect on your personality.
  • Choose the attributes that can be helpful for your career.
  • The accomplishments that matter in the line of business you are aiming to be hired for.
  • Try to explain the motives behind your earlier choices; be it education or previous jobs.
  • Make an effort to convey a strong, positive image of yourself.
  • If you think there is something that you can discuss in detail, leave a comment that might intrigue the questioner to probe further.
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How would others describe you?

This question poses another opportunity to highlight your plus points, without sounding like a snob.
  • Talk about your character traits that are helpful in your professional development.
  • Try to paint a realistic picture and don’t sound like a snobbish person.
  • Share the attributes that others compliment about you often and find them likeable.

Why you want this job?

Money is the basic incentive for everyone, but answering this question, focuses on something more than that.
  • Talk about your ambitions. Emphasize your love for the particular job role that you want to play.
  • Share your likes or preferences that make you choose the employers over others in the job market.
  • Talk about how you want to grow and learn with this company or business.
  • Discuss your short term and long term goals that you would like to accomplish if you get this job.

Why should we hire you?

This is another tricky question which can be intimidating, but at the same time gives you an excellent opportunity to “sell” yourself properly.
  • Highlight your skills that can be beneficial for the employers.
  • Talk about your accomplishments that can prove to be a milestone for further development.
  • You better convince them that you are willing to work more than your prescribed job duties to prove that you were the best choice.
  • Talk about the common interests and concerns, so that it sounds like you are going to fit in quickly and amply.
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Why did you leave your last job?

This question leads you to tell a lot about yourself. Never, ever talk about negative aspects or the difficulties that might have forced you to switch your job. Instead, talk about being progressive.
  • Share your ideas of developing personal and professional skills.
  • Talk about your dreams and ambitions; things you’d want to achieve in your career.
  • Discuss different ways that you see you can grow with your new employment.
  • Try to convince them with the goals you want to accomplish working with them for their and your own development.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is a crucial question as it tells your employer about your attitude towards the job and your overall approach.
  • State your future goals and make sure they are rational and realistic.
  • Talk about how you intend to grow with this position and work for the betterment of your own career as well as the development of their business.
  • Assert this job as an important milestone in your professional journey.

How did you hear about this vacancy?

Answering this question smartly can land you in the business successfully. The key is that you let them know that you are prepared, willing and ready to work with them. Telling the employer that you learnt from an advertisement, general posting or online source won’t be much impressive.
  • Instead convince them that you have been following them keenly and have been abreast with their current situation.
  • This lets them know that you are interested and do take pains to be with them.
  • This shows your positive approach towards growing and learning with them.
  • This can convince them that you care about their business.

Describe your dream job:

In response to this question, do not build up castles in the air. Rather being realistic would be more helpful.
  • Talk about the possibilities that can lead you to your goals.
  • The ambience that drives you towards your ambitions.
  • Share ideas about overcoming the hurdles and limitations in the field of work and reassure your aspiration to progress with them.
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Tell about your weakness:

Talking about your weaknesses is never easy.
  • If you choose to share your actual weaknesses, do talk about strategies that you are following to overcome them.
  • The most common answer to this question is presenting a flaw in disguise of a strength.
  • Just try not to prolong it too much. Keep it short and wrap it up shortly and smartly without raising too many questions.

Tell about your strength:

As easy as it sounds, this question might open you in front of others more than it should.
  • Pin point that one or two things that you think you do really well.
  • You better try to support them with some previous experience to make it sound more convincing and productive.
  • Choose a strong point that you can align with the company’s needs.
  • Try to come up with something that highlights your professional skills.
In the end, it is important to have confidence in your abilities. If you are worth it, you will get the job. Be confident and nail it in the interview. Be humble, but at the same time show them that you are capable and confident.
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Electro-vibration Technology: The Touch and Feel of It

Electro vibration is an outstanding technology which is based on an effect of touch receptors. Electrical charges are there which can easily create the feeling of localized vibration and friction. These touch receptors in the skin can be duped into perceived texture. Users can have the feeling of a keyboard key or button.
Electro-vibration Technology
You can have this amazing technology on tablets and on other mobile devices. No electrical charge passes through the skin. The charge is created through movement over a conductive surface. Furthermore, electrostatic force is created which deforms the skin on the finger.

Electro vibration technology for touch surfaces:

This is an outstanding technology which uses electrical impulses to create friction and texture. Electro vibration technology gives users physical feeling which is based on controlling electrostatic friction. This friction is between the fingers and a touch screen. On the other hand dragging a finger over a surface causes a tactile perception of rubber. Originally electro vibration technology was mechanical and there was a pattern of electrodes. Users can have an amazing touch feeling.

Thus electro vibration technology is friction based. This technology can be used on small devices such as smart phones and others. It can easily work on surfaces of different shapes and curvatures because the charge is distributed evenly. This is an outclass technology in which there are no mechanics or moving parts. Users can not face any sound, which makes electro vibration a low-cost technology.

Electro vibration technology – perfect for users:

Touch technology has intensely changed the way of people. Users can easily engage with information and this technology is rapidly increasing that tends towards the ease of a natural user. This will create easiness over a mouse and touch pad for their personal computing devices. Additionally, electro vibration refers to the fantastic process in which a finger is dragged across a conductive insulated surface. It creates an electrostatic force which will result in a rubbery, sticky or vibrating sensation. This technology is applied to today’s mobile devices. It offers the potential to feel the touch screen technology.

Electro vibration basically relates to the word “feel screen”. The future of feel screen is improving devices. And it also offers great possibilities for deeper interaction. This technology has potential uses and they are really exciting. Major advantage of electro vibration technology is that you can easily engaged on textbooks, it will also allow students to explore three-dimensional features of an object. This is also helpful in playing games and this will add a new layer of interactivity to touch controls.

Electro vibration technology promises to enhance almost all of our interactions with unique software’s. This technology could also replace the small motors in touch screen devices. The amazing touch feeling is created by directly actuating the fingers. Users can have an easy way to navigate their devices. Hence this technology is adapted by many users and can be used in multiple applications.
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