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Inspiring Story of Young Microsoft Certified Professionals of Pakistan

Those days are gone when age counts to achieve greatness. In the country of Pakistan, age is just a number and to prove this thing we have a lot of boys and girls as well who have made their mark in the fielding like technology, academic records and in achieving Nobel Prize as well. The young folks have a major role for making Pakistan proud.
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Arfa Karim – Microsoft certified professional:

Arfa was the youngest child who had the honor of receiving Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of just nine years. She inspired many computer whiz children. There were many youngsters who wanted to achieve such success and wanted to become like her. 
Pakistan was represented by Arfa on a number of international forums that include TechEd Developers Conference. Arfa Karim was invited by Bill Gates so that she can visit the headquarters in the United States of America.

Mohammad Hamza Shahzad: The 6-year-old MCP:

Mohammad Hamza Shahzad was just six years old when he was added to the list of prodigies that is produced by the country of Pakistan. 
Muhammad Hamza Shahzad scored 757 out of mandatory marks of 700 in a qualifying test. He has been awarded Microsoft Certified Professional in this young age. The story of Mohammad Hamza Shahzad is no less inspiring than other professionals. He is another star who made our country shine.

Ayan Qureshi- Youngest MCP:

The age of Ayan Qureshi is just five years and seven months. He has become the youngest Microsoft Professional in the year of 2014
The current location of him is in the United Kingdom where he passed the entire required tests. In his home, he has his own lab where he has built his own computer network.
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Babar Iqbal – Another star of Pakistan:

At the young age of five, Babar Iqbal made his mark in the field of technology. He was born in Dera Ismail Khan. He was very talented who initiated a continuous journey of setting records and achievement for the world to appreciate. He has the honor of achieving international records that mainly include Microsoft Certified Professional, Professional Computer Record Holder, CIWA, MSP, CWNA, MCTS, not only this but also the approval of his research by the eighth IEE International conference. Pakistan is proud of his talented children.

Other little MCP holders:

Mehroz yawar:

Mehroz yawar received the title of Microsoft Certified professional. When he passed the exam he was only six years and a half of age. Mehroz’s residency is in Lahore where he passed the standardized procedure of the examination. Mehroz also attempts the exam of Microsoft Certified Solution Associate and did extremely well by achieving amazing scores.
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Aruba Rao:

Another shining star of our country is Aruba Rao. She lives in Sargodha Punjab. At the age of eleven she acquired the title of Microsoft Certified Professional in the month of January 2014.
Aruba is also a web designer and developer, her sites are newstimepakistan.com and arubarao.com Aruba rao's elder brother shahnawaz rao and her sister sara rao are also Microsoft Certified. 
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Young Talented Stars Are The Pride Of Pakistan It is not useless to say that the children of Pakistan have made their country proud on international forums as well. The nation is proud of these little stars. These talented kids are the future of Pakistan.

Types of Engineering Careers for Students | Engineer Hammad

A fine person can make a career out of anything only if he is determined enough. In this age of increasing population, technology advancement and cut throat competition, it has become a painful phase for students to choose the best engineering field. Technology is replacing almost everything a person can do so students must choose wisely what they want to pursue in their future.

As the tree has many branches so does the engineering. Engineering is one of the professional studies that acknowledges every field of basic sciences. From biology to genetic engineering, from physics to civil engineering, from chemistry to chemical and mechanical engineering, it has a wide range of subfields that spark student’s interest.

Here are some types of engineering careers / engineering careers list for students.

types of engineering careers, types of engineering majors, list of engineering careers.

Types of engineering:

1. Civil Engineering 2. Electrical engineering 3. Bio medical engineering 4. Software engineering 5. Aerospace engineering 6. Agricultural engineering 7. Electro-mechanical engineering 8. Mechanical engineering 9. Petroleum engineering 10. Mining and geological engineers.

Civil Engineering as a Career

If you have a knack for arts and design with a tad bit touch of some mathematics, then as a student you should opt for civil engineering. It has striking similarities with architecture but it deals on the different horizon. Civil engineers are earning quite handsomely because the artwork and detailing is a major part of it that makes all the difference.

Electrical Engineers are Successful

Electrical engineering career is among highest paid career option in today’s world. As advancement progresses so does the need of power, electricity, and energy increases. From electrical circuits to computer chips, telecommunication signaling, routing, electronics, control systems and power circuits all related studies are included in electrical engineering. This area welcomes intensive research and development as it helps in the futuristic progress of this world and the human race.

Biomedical Engineering – Smart Career Option

For students who want to explore multiple fields at a time, biomedical engineering is for them. Extensive research and hectic work in lab with handsome earning package are the fruits of pursuing a career as a biomedical engineer. Artificial limbs, fast action drugs and pharmaceuticals, advanced diagnostic equipment and devices has impeccably improved the quality and span of human life. The hard work put into this field is unmatchable and the fruits are sheer bliss for our generation.

Software Engineering – Smart way of Earning

Software engineering is one of the engineering careers that is advancing rapidly. Our daily lives are thankful for this miraculous field of engineering. The money a software engineer can earn is ridiculously amazing. The best part is that as a software engineer, you can work from home. So if you are a tech lover and has good analytical and problem-solving skills then you should pursue software engineering as a career for sure.

Aerospace Engineering – Attractive Salary

A whole new world, milky ways, thousands of galaxies, billion stars and meteors, if you aspire to look beyond your ordinary world then you must study aerospace engineering. Salary of an aerospace engineer is astonishingly remarkable.

Last Lines:

Engineering career is the highest paid profession in today’s world. There are vast opportunities for research and development in this field for better future. Among various types of engineering, choose the most suitable field according to your interest, passion, and aspirations.

Online Verification of Vehicle Ownership in Punjab, Pakistan

If you are planning to buy a second-hand car, bike or another vehicle in Pakistan then it's very important to check the documentation of that vehicle/ownership record. It was a lengthy process in past but now you can get all important details by SMS and through the internet. Follow below steps to find details of any vehicle.

punjab vehicle verification

Punjab vehicle's online record verification via MTMIS:

To check the online vehicle verification Punjab you have to visit the website: MTMIS (Motor Transport Managment System)
This department MTIMS Punjab is controlled by excise and taxation department by Punjab government.

Process of checking:

Here is a step by step guide to check Punjab vehicle verification services online.
  • Open this government website: Click Here
  • Now write your vehicle registration number in the box showing in bottom.
  • You are done.
The website data base will show you these details:
Engine number, Chassis number, Registration number/date, Manufacturing year, Owner name and city, and many other details also.

Vehicle verification service by SMS:

If you want to check the details of vehicle that are in your use or not in your use, now it is very as simple as writing a SMS to know about more details you can also call on this Toll free number 08009966.

Process of checking:

Follow the simple steps:
  • Go to your mobile write message option.
  • Write registration number of your vehicle.
  • Send it to 9966.
  • You are done.
When you will get a SMS reply you will get the data like; registration year, vehicle color, engine number, chassis number and others.
You can also change the record of your vehicle.

Stolen Vehicle Identification System (SVIS) Islamabad:

SVIS stolen vehicle identification system is introduced by Islamabad police to locate the stolen vehicles every where in Pakistan.

Process of checking:

Follow the simple steps:
  • Go to your mobile write message option.
  • Write Chassis number of your vehicle like; (CNO XYZ1200112255).
  • Send it to 8521.
  • You are done.
Now you will receive a SMS where the information will be like this:
  • RNO ..........
  • ENO ..........
  • CNO ..........
  • Status (Stolen/Recovered)
RNO is registration number, ENO is Engine number and CNO is chassis number.

Ten Best Travel Destinations in Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore is the capital of province Punjab and second largest city of Pakistan. It is one of the ancient cities in the world with a great historical background. Therefore, it is full of historical places. Moreover, there is a large variety of markets, restaurants, amusement parks, cinemas etc. As a result, it is a source of attention for many tourists.

Badshahi Mosque:

Badshahi Mosque is a great artifact of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, built in 1674.It is a beautiful piece of architect made up of red sandstone. This is a huge mosque where about 40,000 people can offer prayer at a time. In the mosque, there is a small museum where sacred heirloom of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W and his family are present.

Lahore Fort:

Lahore Fort or 'Shahi Qila' is present at Fort Road, Lahore. It was built in 11th century by Mehmood Ghaznavi. Like Badshahi mosque it is also a center of attraction for tourists because there are gardens for nature lovers, palaces, halls and mosque beside the fort. 'Sheesh Mahal' the palace of mirrors is the masterpiece to visit at Lahore Fort.


Minar-e-Pakistan is a monument, a mark of ideology of Pakistan. It is situated in the Iqbal Park. It was formed in the 1960s in the memory of Pakistan Resolution on March 23rd, 1940.

Shalimar Garden:

Shalimar Garden is a UNESCO World heritage site for the people who love nature. It was built by Shah Jahan, in 1641. This magnificent garden shows the work of Mughals architects and their skills.

Anarkali Bazar:

Anarkali Bazar has a lot of things to shop for jewelry, dresses, cultural goods and food items. This is the oldest market in the history of South Asia. There is an old food street that provides a variety of delicious food items.

Lahore Museum:

Lahore museum provides you a view of the past that reflects Pakistan's culture and history.It was established in 18th century. It consists of twenty galleries with includes the remains of Mohenjodaro and Harrapa
Moreover, there are different forms of holy book Quran, statues of Buddha, old artifacts and paintings, coins etc. Then at Mall Road there is Lahore Zoo and Jinnah Garden. Lahore Zoo is considered among the biggest zoos in South Asia. It was formed in 1872 and now the government has invested a lot of money for its betterment. There are different varieties of animals and many sources of refreshment for the visitors.

Jinnah Garden:

Jinnah Garden was named in the memory of Quaid-e-Azam. It is an old garden with a big library. The interesting thing about the garden is that no vehicle is allowed to come inside, so this provides a peaceful environment for the visitors. Moreover, a large variety of flowers make this garden charming and more beautiful. 

Liberty Market and M.M.Alam Road:

Liberty Market and M.M.Alam Road are the attention getters for the visitors. The road M.M.Alam was named in the memory of Muhammad Mehmood Alam, a legend of Pakistan Air Forces. These places provides different points of shopping and refreshment. Many international brands, famous restaurants and cafes are there. Visitors love this beautifully designed places and enjoy delicious Lahore traditional dishes, Chinese and many other varieties.

Wagha Border:

Lahore is no doubt a wonderful place to visit. Lots of tourists come to Wagha Border and see the flag ceremony at the border of India and Pakistan. Before sunset, there is a parade held by the rangers on both sides and then there is flag lowering ceremony.An environment full of echo, shouts, enthusiasm and national songs can be seen there. 
No doubt, these places are just wonderful but these are not enough. Androon-e-Lahore, the internal part or the old city is full of culture and historical things. Wazir khan Mosque, Bhati gate, Mochi gate, the tombs Sufis are there.
Moreover, the hospitality of Zinda Dilan-e-Lahore is really admirable. Many big stadiums, universities and government head offices are there. In other words, it is true that Lahore is the heart of Pakistan. To Visit these Places you can avail rent a car Lahore services.

Tips to Buy a Laptop / Note Book | Laptop Buying Guide

I want to give you some basic and comprehensive guidance for buying a laptop. Whether you're a business owner, whether you're a student, or for home use. i will give you tips for buying a laptop.

Tips to Buy a Laptop / Note Book | Laptop Buying Guide

1. Specification and budget:

The main thing you need to know is you need to know about:
  1. RAM.
  2. CPU.
  3. Graphics card. 
  4. GPU (graphics processing unit).
  5. Screen resolution.
  6. Hard Drive.
  7. How to Turn Off windows 10 Updates
After this you have to know about your choice or which platform you want to use like; MAC, Windows or Charome OS.
Your budget is actually gonna dictate everything else for the most part. It's gonna dictate everything from the power and the specification to whether you get a Windows laptop or a Mac.

In less budget:

GPU (Graphics processing unit):

GPU is graphics processing unit, Within low budget you're not gonna get a dedicated video graphics card, which means that if you're buying this laptop with gaming or very high-end video editing in mind, then it's probably not gonna be an option.

RAM (Random access memory):

RAM is the second thing you check while buying a laptop. As you know this is random access memory and used for heavy work so for a good work you have to increase your RAM. Normally in Cori3 4GB is good but it depends upon your budget. 

Graphics card:

If you're not playing games and also not working on videos a dedicated graphics card doesn't matter as much. If you're not rendering or editing 4K video, a dedicated graphics card just doesn't matter as much.

CPU / Processor:

If you have 8 GB RAM in corei5 or corei7 those processors are gonna be capable or letting you run multiple applications at once, you can export videos very fastly and in decent speed limit. For only browsing the web, or if you're using word processing applications, or some very light, basic, editing apps for making presentations, then you're more than fine with this. It's okay, you do not have to spend a thousand dollars plus if all you're doing is office work.

Hard disk / Hard drive:

This is used to store your data in your computer so as per your requirement you can take the package for you. Normally 250 Gb is more than enough. The hard drive will usually bean old school spinning hard drive. It won't be super fast, and it will probably add a little bit of extra weight to the laptop. So, just kind of keep those things in mind. If you go much lower than that, this is something I only recommend for students, if your budget is $300 or less then hard sould be 120 GB to 250 Gb as per your package.

Laptop Size:

11-inch,13-inch 12-inch, and 14-inch laptop sizes are most common, so if your a student, and you're just doing basic assignments and browsing the webyou're doing Power points and Word stuff, then that's okay. But if you're gonna do anything more intense than that, then you're gonna have to invest more money. If you love traveling and most of the time do a lot of traveling than i will suggest you to buy an ultrabook.

Screen size and resolution:

You're gonna be viewing this.usually in an uncomfortable situation like in a train or a car, so you wanna make sure that it has a great display that's high resolution and you might even want to make sure that it's IPS which means that you can see it from multiple angles no matter how you tilt the screen, it's a good experience for you. These things absolutely matter when you're talking about Ultrabook and travel laptop. How to Change icon size in windows 10.

Operating System:

Commonly used operating systems are "Windows" where you choose the model like XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 but the others are Apple OS and chrome OS and MAC. You can intall windows from USB drive also so here is a link for it to install windows 7 from USB.

How to Fix Whats App Push Notification Problems in Android and iPhone

After this "How to take screenshot on Mobile", i was facing problems about whats app notifications messages that come on the top of the mobile screen. I was thinking that may be on Huawei mobiles pop up notifications are not allowed or here is no whatsapp setting in my mobile. But i did not stop to find the solution and one day i found a solution about "Whats app push notification fixer".
Fix Whats App Push Notification

Fix Whats App notification in Android:

For Android users here below-written tips are to enable or disable your WhatsApp push notifications.
whatsapp settings
  • Now click on Notification manager / Status bar and look where is Whatsapp icon.
  • There will be three options > Allow / Notify / Restrict and you just have to click on Allow or in some mobiles it will be Enable / Disable so just click on Enable as shown in the picture.
  • Remove Virus from your Android Mobile / Tablet.
whatsapp easy guide to use

Note: If you want to activate direct push notification to your screen or Pop Up notification then go to WhatsApp setting and change the setting as per your requirement.

Enable / Disable / Fix Whats App Notification in Iphone/Apple:

For Iphone users it is also a simple and short method if we compare with android. So follow the below instructions to Enable your iphone push notification.
whatsapp notification settings for iphone

If your WhatsApp notifications are still not showing then comment your Mobile phone model or any problem you are facing. If you are done and enjoying my blog then share it with you friends on facebook and other social media.

List of Nishan-e-Haider Holders and Short Biography

nishan-e-haider holders

The Nishan e Haider is award of bravery and is the highest military award of Pakistan. In the previous post as linked with Nishan e Haider words in above line i wrote about Nishan e Haider history, manufacturing and much more. 
When we talk about Nishan e Haider holders of Pakistan, Till now ten brave army and air force officers and soldiers get this award where nine Nishan e Haider holders were from Army and One is from Air force.
Here is a short biography of Nishan e Haider holders who would be remembered for their bravery, feats of courage and selflessness.

1. Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed:

Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed
Regiment: 2/1 Punjab regiment, Pakistan Army.
Rank: Captain
Battle: Indo-Pak war 1947
Date of martyrdom: 27 july 1948
Year of service: 1929-1948
Born in: Tehsil Gojar Khan
Family/Cast: Rajput
Awarded by: Nishan e Haider

2. Major Tufail Muhammad Shaheed:

Major Tufail Muhammad Shaheed
Regiment: 16th Punjab regiment, east Pakistan rifles, Pakistan Army.
Rank: Major
Battle: Indo-Pak war 1965
Date of martyrdom: 07 Agust 1958
Year of service: 1943-1958
Born in: 1914 (Hoshiyarpur Punjab)
Family/Cast: Gujjar
Awarded by: Nishan e Haider

3. Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed:

Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed
Regiment: 17th Punjab regiment, Pakistan Army.
Rank: Major
Battle: Indo-Pak war 1965
Date of martyrdom: 10 September 1965
Year of service: 1948-1965
Born in: 1928 (Hongkong) after that (Khariyan Gujrat)
Family/Cast: Rajput
Awarded by: Nishan e Haider
Raja Aziz Bhatti is the uncle of Shabbir Shareef.

4. Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed:

Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed
Regiment: No. 2 fighter conversion unit, Pakistan Air force.
Rank: Poilet Officer
Battle: Indo-Pak war 1971
Date of martyrdom: 20 Agust 1971
Year of service: 1971-1971
Born in: 1951 Karachi
Family/Cast: Rajput
Awarded by: Nishan e Haider

5. Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed:

Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed
Regiment: 6 frontier force regiment, Pakistan Army.
Rank: Major
Battle: Indo-Pak war 1971
Date of martyrdom: 06 December 1971
Year of service: 1964-1971
Born in: 1943 (Kunj Gujrat district)
Family/Cast: Rajput
Awarded by: Nishan e Haider and Sitara e Jurat.
Shabbir sharif is the elder brother of former General Raheel Shareef.

6. Sawar Muhammad Hussain Janjua:

Sawar Muhammad Hussain Janjua
Regiment: 20 Lancers Armoured Corps, Pakistan Army
Rank: Sawar
Battle: Indo-Pak war 1971
Date of martyrdom: 10 December 1971
Year of service: 1966-1971
Born in: 1949 (Dhok per bukhsh near Gujjar khan)
Family/Cast: Rajput
Awarded by: Nishan e Haider

7. Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed:

Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed
Regiment: 4 Frontier Force Regiment, Pakistan Army.
Rank: Major
Battle: Indo-Pak war 1971
Date of martyrdom: 05 December 1971
Year of service: 1956-1971
Born in: 1938 (Dinga, District jehlum)
Family/Cast: Awan
Awarded by: Nishan e Haider

8. Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz Shaheed:

Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz Shaheed
Regiment: 15 Punjab Regiment, Pakistan Army.
Rank: Lance Naik
Battle: Indo-Pak war 1971
Date of martyrdom: 17 December 1971
Year of service: 1962-1971
Born in: 1944 (Pind Malkan, District Rawalpindi)
Family/Cast: Jatt
Awarded by: Nishan e Haider

9. Captain Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed:

Captain Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed
Regiment: Sindh Regiment/12 Northern Light Infantry, Pakistan Army.
Rank: Captain
Battle: Kargil war
Date of martyrdom: 07 July 19499
Year of service: 1994-1999
Born in: 1970 (Shewa Adda, Sawabi District, KPK)
Family/Cast: Khan
Awarded by: Nishan e Haider

10. Havildar Lalak Jan Shaheed:

Havildar Lalak Jan Shaheed
Regiment: 12 Northern Light Infantry,Pak Army.
Rank: Havildar
Battle: Kargil war
Date of martyrdom: 07 July 1999
Year of service: 1984-1999
Born in: 1967 (Yasin, Gizar district now called Gilgit Baltistan)
Family/Cast: N/A
Awarded by: Nishan e Haider

Hilal-e-Kashmir Holder (Naik Saif Ali Janjua):

Naik Saif Ali Janjua
Regiment: Haider dil battalion, Azad kashmir regiment, Pakistan Army. 
Rank: Naik
Battle: Indo-Pak war 1947
Date of martyrdom: 10 October 1948
Year of service: 1941-1948
Born in: 1922 (Nakyal, Kotli district AJK.)
Family/Cast: Rajput
Awarded by: Hilal-e-Kashmir.

About Hilal e Kashmir:

Defense council of Azad Jammu and Kashmir awarded Hilal-e-Kashmir to Naik Saif Ali Janjua on 14 March 1949. After that Government of Pakistan on 30 November initiated the gazette notification to declare that Hilal-e-Kashmir is equal to Nishan-e-Haider.

Nishan e Haider History, Manufacturing and Recipients

Nishan e Haider information, history and manufacturing
Nishan-e-Haider is Pakistan's highest military bravery/gallantry award. Nishan-e-Haider meaning in urdu language is "Mark of the Lion". Haider is also the epithet of Hazrat Ali.

The Nishan-e-Haider can only be awarded posthumously to members of the Pakistan Armed Forces for sacrificing their life in an act of extraordinary bravery in face of the enemy.

Some people think Nishan e Haider is equivalent to British Victoria Cross and the United States Medal of Honor, however, it has no equivalent since the Nishan-e-Haider is unique in that it can only be awarded posthumously.Its exclusivity can be gauged by the fact that, since Pakistan's independence in 1947, there have been only ten recipients.

History of Nishan e Haider:

The Government of Pakistan established Nishan-e-Haider on 16 March 1957, in the year when Pakistan became a republic. However, it was applied retrospectively from the date of Pakistan's independence on 14 August 1947. The Nishan-e-Haider is Pakistan's highest award and takes precedence over all military and civil awards. Nine Nishan-e-Haider recipients were from Pakistan Army and One from Pakistan Air Force.

The criterion of Nishan e Haider:

The Nishan-e-Haider can be awarded to all ranks of the Pakistan Armed Forces for sacrificing their lives in acts of extraordinary courage in face of the enemy. As a matter of practice and precedent, it has only been awarded in circumstances where it has been established that a member of the Pakistan Armed Forces acted with extraordinary bravery and courage in face of the enemy notwithstanding the realization of a high risk to his life and, consequentially, sacrificed his life in the act.

Manufacturing of Nishan e Haider:

The Nishan-e-Haider is manufactured by the Pakistan Mint on order of the Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan. It is forged from captured enemy equipment and consists of 88% copper, 10% tin and 2% zinc.

Recipients of Nishan e Haider:

Only ten Nishan-e-Haider medals have been awarded since Pakistan's independence on 14 August 1947, Nine to members of the Pakistan Army and one to a member of the Pakistan Air Force.
On 14 March 1949, the Defence Council of Azad Jammu and Kashmir adorned Naik Saif Ali Janjua Shaheed with Hilal-e-Kashmir and on 30 November 1995, the Government of Pakistan initiated the gazette notification to declare his Hilal-e-Kashmir equivalent to Nishan-e-Haider.

How to Check Iqama Transfer or Change of Sponsorship status online at MOL

Iqama Transfer / Change of Sponsorship / Nakal Kafala are same. When you move to another company or go to other kafeel then you must have to change your sponsorship to that company or kafeel. It was easy to check iqama transfer status online before on MOI absher accountbut after update of MOI website this feature has been gone. So in this post we will tell you about when you apply for Iqama Transfer then how can you check the status of iqama transfer/sponsorship in very simple steps.
Although Ministry of labor website is in Arabic but we will explain the very simple procedure.
  1. Open Ministry of Labor official website. www.mol.gov.sa 
  2. Now the web page has been opened in Arabic so follow me, As shown in below picture click on the 4th option that is written in Arabic like this [نقل خدمة عامل وافد]. 
    Check Iqama Transfer or Change of Sponsorship status
  3. Now you will see other options and already ticked on [رقم الطلب], but you have to click on below option [رقم إقامة العامل] as shown in below picture. 
    Check Iqama Transfer or Change of Sponsorship status
  4. Enter image code where in Arabic [ادخل رمز التحقق] is written and click on below right side button written in Arabic [بحث] as shown in above picture.
  5. Now you are done, scroll down and see at the bottom of the web page. Your all information would be written in Arabic there which you can change by translating your page in English. 
    Check Iqama Transfer or Change of Sponsorship status
Your current employer can stop all the process after issuing letter also as per Saudi Labor Law. Within 5 days he can stop your transfer by giving any reasons to athourities.

First Iqama transfer charges: 

As per Saudi Labor Law, your sponsor will pay the charges of first iqama transfer and if you are transferring your iqama 3rd time then half charges you should pay. Where if you are going to transfer your iqama for the first time then it would be 2000SAR. and for second transfer it would be 4000 SAR and for third transfer, it would be 6000 SAR.
If you have any issues related to your transfer kindly comment below.

Saudi Arabia Ban Transgender Visa for Umrah

transgenders visa ban for umrah in saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia bans transgender people from participating in Umrah:

The Saudi consul generalin Islamabad announced the decision on Monday, Nov. 21. Those who identify as transgender will no longer be granted visas for Umrah, a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca that can be takenat any time during the year but is not required. 

Sources from the Saudi government say the consulate general has informed the Travel Agents Association of Pakistan about the decision. Other travel agencies have also reportedly been instructed to not issue visas to trans people. 

A reason for the ban has yet to be given. The same week the ban was instated, a senior official from the Ministry of Haj and Umrah said the number of Umrah visas issued has increased by 30,000 in comparison to last year. Isa Row as, the undersecretary for Umrah affairs, credits newly expanded facilities in both holy cities of Mecca and Medina for the growth in participants.

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What is in This blog? or how this blog will help you is a question raised in everyone's mind when he/she search a blog site or searching something on the internet, to make people life easy where some good people are helping people by their method same like i am helping people on the internet.

For Pakistan, Saudi, India and many other countries people search their problems about Iqama, Jobs, visiting places and on many other topics. So decide to write about people problems solution in easy steps hope you will like my blog.

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