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Telenor Easypaisa – Brining Pakistan’s Economy To An Upper Level

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It wasn’t long time ago when Pakistani bank account holders had to wait in long ques even for their basic banking needs. But after the introduction of ATM many of the banking transactions can be done without visiting banks. With the introduction of Telenor EasyPaisa day-to-day transactions are giving ease to the financial processes throughout in Pakistan and is serving almost each part of the society specifically the unbanked population. [Related]: Uses of Technology and Data Science by Telenor.

EasyPaisa a revolution in the industry:

EasyPaisa is considered as a revolution for Pakistan’s economy. The slogan of this brand “Badlay Zindagi Asaani Say” promises convenience and empowerment for every common man of Pakistan to carry out financial transactions. No matter wherever he/she resides in Pakistan and has a bank account or not. This project in incorporation with Tameer Micro Finance Bank has brought revolutionary changes in Pakistan’s economy.

EasyPaisa – A game changer:

EasyPaisa has proved itself to be a game changer for a type of environment where 12% of the adult population is served only and the rest of population faced problems of inefficient and insecure modes for transferring money, excessive and unfettered charges without any appropriate saving mechanisms. With the help of EasyPaisa people don’t have to wait any more for banks to reopen and go specifically to their branches for their payments.

Range of services offered with EasyPaisa:

EasyPaisa provides a whole new experience to its customers such as the utility bill payments, money transfer and customers don’t even have to own a mobile phone. All they need to do is to simply walk in to any of the EasyPaisa shop to pay their bills, send and receive money.

Being a part of the standard financial economy it helps customers to create opportunities to save for investment or hard times. It lets customers pay for the services more efficiently without any productivity loss and utilize advanced financial instruments in the near future.

EasyPaisa in-corporation with Tameer Microfinance Bank:

The services offered by EasyPaisa are based upon a bank-led model for all the branchless banking that is approved by Pakistan State Bank with the initiative to offer financial services other than the formal bank branches. Telenor has indeed worked on a number of ventures to strengthen the economy of Pakistan in multiple ways. [Jobs]: Jobs in Telenor!

Telenor Pakistan is serving as an agent to Tameer and offer such services through accredited retail merchants in the distribution network via cell phones for all the subscribers of Telenor. Being a major shareholder of Tameer Microfinance Bank – Telenor Pakistan empowers their amalgamation by supporting the venture. [News]: "AliPay Joins Telenor"

EasyPaisa bringing Pakistan’s economy to the next level:

The number of EasyPaisa shops have reached to a remarkable extension, just from 2,200 shops in 2009, today the number of outlets have reached to more than 15,500 all over Pakistan. With the availability at remote locations EasyPaisa has become a huge success. It has showed a steady growth and its monthly transaction volume has increased to more than double of its value.

The brand awareness is increasing day-by-day with increased market potential. The remittance flow is considered a strong factor to contribute towards better economy targeting the low income groups. Remittances are also valuable to balance economic activities of several regions by contributing to the availability of resources in under-development areas. [Services]: Telenor services in Gwadar.

Telenor - One Of The World’s Major Mobile Operator

Telenor Pakistan, Mobile operator telenor network, Pakistani telecom networks, telecom pakistan,Undoubtedly Telenor is one of the world best and major mobile networks consisting of almost 170 million subscribers. The Telenor group has more or less 12 markets all across the globe.

The workforce of the company includes 22000 employees. Their vision is to empower societies all over the world.

Telenor Pakistan is wholly owned by the Telenor group; their top series include excellent voice quality communication services and internet packages.     [Jobs]: Jobs in Telenor.

Telenor is basically the second largest mobile company/operator in Pakistan. Taking about the history of it then it was first initiated at the year of 2005 and for this purpose investments for US $ 3.5 billion were made.

Digital ecosystem:

Telenor aims to provide people with digital ecosystem it has developed such a system that facilitates digital penetration through technology-enabled devices. They intend to support the agenda of digitization of the country of Pakistan and hopeful to bring better communication facilities to the people of Pakistan. As far as customer relationship is concerned, they have built a very strong relationship by offering attractive deals in order to satisfy the demands and needs of the customers.

Along with other facilities, Telenor has introduced the offer of EasyPaisa, through Easy Paisa now you can pay online it is an online payment solution. Easy Paisa has its own mobile application that enables people other than Telenor customers to use this service On the other hand, Telenor also deals with digital inclusion by using various accelerator programs and hence has developed a digital system.

Key facts:

Here are some of the key facts with regard to the Telenor group:

  • Telenor has the largest single European foreign direct investment in the country of Pakistan.
  • A mobile network having richest portfolio of products and a fastest growing network.
  • Telenor’s mobile subscriptions for the year of 2017 is 41.625 million.
  • The revenue of Telenor for the year of 2017 is 8.181 billion.
  • Telenor’s headquarter is positioned in Islamabad. 
  • Telenor services in Gwadar.

Development initiatives of Telenor:

Telenor contributes towards various initiatives. One that carries a lot of significance is the sustainable development which further involves initiatives related to emergency responses mobile identity, inclusion ,digital learning, safe use of mobile phones, etc. Moreover, Telenor Pakistan introduced a program known as the Safe Internet School program in which various schools were targeted for the purpose of digital learning. Telenor is also raising awareness through programs like ichamp, etc.

Digital Birth Registration:

No doubt identity is one of the basic rights of every human being, but unfortunately not every child is registered. For this reason and with the collaboration of UNIEF, Telenor is providing the facility of digital birth registration. Telenor Pakistan also offers various opportunities to disable persons so that can be proved as a resourceful asset for the economy.

Their strategy:

Their basic goal is to connect customers all over the world. Delivering high speed internet is the base of what they do. Their strategy towards year 2020 is to transform the experience of their customers.

Their behaviors and values:

When it comes to behaviors and value, then there are four things that they believe and follow. Firstly, they believe in exploring; exploring with regard to the innovations that they can do in order to facilitate the customers in the best way. They believe that learning is obtained through the growth and exploration. Secondly, they believe in diversity by working with different type of people enable us to be more efficient. Thirdly they believe in keeping promises and using trust as a key of all relationships Lastly they consider respect as the most important element and give respect to their valuable customers and show are.

Telenor Taleem:

Telenor offers a portal for its subscribers known as Telenor Taleem. As the name suggests it is an educational portal. In this portal subscribers will be able to acquire engaging content through SMS. The aim of this portal is to provide literacy to masses. Now using your mobile phones you will be facilitated with live shows and special offers. By subscribing to this portal the user has to provide the company with some details including exams, university students and quizzes on weekly basis.

Daily tips:

This Telenor Taleem portal offers various tips for its subscribers which include student tips, latest fashion trends, sports review, health tips and much more. If you are a university student and in search of some kind of internship, then you will be provided with all the details and alerts through this portal. Apart from studies you will also be updated for entertainment alerts.

Telenor has done a commendable job in improving the telecommunication sector of Pakistan by bringing in healthy competition, quality service, reliable rates and excellent dedication. With merger of Warid and Mobilink, Telenor is striving even harder to maintain clientele on its network.

Telenor Head office in Pakistan:


How travel groups in Pakistan are gaining popularity among tourists?

Who doesn’t like traveling? Everyone does! It is a passion which some of the brilliant minds in Pakistan have made thoughtfully a source of earning. Yes, Pakistan! A country which is mostly not considered among developed ones has developed a major business opportunity by identifying this niche. Whenever someone plans to go on a trip in Pakistan they search for the travel groups on social media sites and avail the packages, facilities and services offered by them.
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What do they do?

Travel groups are famous for taking trips mostly to different northern areas of Pakistan such as Malam Jaba, Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, Naran & Kaghan, Swat & Kalam and various other areas like Mohenjo Daro. These groups are the reason people are becoming aware of most of the unexplored areas, sites and lakes in Pakistan and even places which we have never heard about.

A major reason due to which Pakistan is able to increase its income through tourism are these travel groups. We would have never thought of exploring the beaches of Baluchistan, going for hiking or tracking to the mountains of Nanga Parbat Shogran or Babusar Top, but all thanks to these groups who made it possible for all of us.

Foreign tourists in Pakistan

It’s a common saying that if “there is heaven anywhere on earth it’s in Kashmir! And luckily Kashmir is in Pakistan. A place full of natural landscapes, a place which all the nature and landscape lovers would love to visit. Foreign tourists also book the tours to northern areas of Pakistan through these travel groups which we popularly find on our social media network. [Related Article]: 22 Amazing fact about Pakistan, you should be proud.

Attracting foreign tourists to Pakistan is a very important part to contribute in our developing economy. Tourist groups have made their credibility among foreign tourists as well which ultimately works as a word-of-mouth marketing source among their friends, family members and colleagues when they go back to their respective countries which gives benefits to these groups later on. Hence promoting tourism in Pakistan.

Travel safe

One of the most important factor to be considered while travelling is safety! And travelling through a well-known and famous travel group is 100% safe such as, Falcon Adventure Club, Paramount Adventure Club and Adventure Treks and Tours. This business is carried out mostly by the youngsters who love to travel and are enthusiastic to discover new sights which ultimately is a great way for them to earn.

Services offered by travel groups

Instead of travelling on your own and going through the hustle of bookings and travelling to a new city tourists prefer travelling by availing the services of these groups. With the ease of travelling through travel groups, all the fuss of meals, travelling and guiding is managed by your tour group. All you have to do is just pay for it before going and you will have everything ready for you at the maximum level of comfort possible. On a plus, we get to make new friends on the trip and meet new people.

Tour groups get the collective charges from the tourists at the beginning of the trip and take the responsibility of all the arrangements throughout the trip. Different customized packages and offers are provided depending upon the requirements of the tourist groups like student groups, family groups, office and institutional trips as well.

Most of the families now a days also prefer travelling through these travel groups to skip the stress and enjoy in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere around. Tour groups offer packages at a very affordable cost, this cost include the charges of destination, travel amenities, services or any extra facilities that trip members would ask for.

The role of social media

Who isn’t on social media these days? Everyone is! Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter are becoming the major and cheapest source of marketing your business. Adventure travel in Pakistan have gained popularity through social media sites on a major scale. Travel groups in Pakistan are marketing their business by promoting their packages, services and amenities on social media widely. The stories of successful trips and upcoming events are shared to get more coverage. So if you are tired and want to have a nice holiday to travel around the beautiful landscapes of our Pakistan than travel groups are your call. Skip the stress and get some rest!

Author bio:
Irsa Iftikhar is a freelance SEO content writer offering blogging and content writing services which gains social media attention increasing search engine visibility. She has strong experience in writing diversified content on different businesses. Contact her at

What Does It Take To Have An Attractive Web Design?

web designs, importance of a website, how to choose an attractive look for a website, To keep pace with the online market, every business is creating its place in the online market. There are many sources through which a business can appear online; website is one of them but the most imperative one. Businesses can develop e-commerce websites to attract customers towards their products and services.

Now the vital question is how a website should look like? The simple answer is that it should be an attractive one. And what does it take to make a website design attractive?

Importance of Website design:

While some people visit e-commerce websites for shopping, others just stop by for taking some information; so what would be most critical for them: website design or the benefit that they are getting out of it?

Marketing gurus say that content is the king (no doubt it is), but what if the user finds it difficult to locate the exact information, or is unable to read content, or even worse, suffers from pathetic color contrasts - in this happens, they will switch to another site and never come back to yours.

So it can be said that both content and design are equally important to gain competitive advantage. Some professionals opine that website design is more important. Someone with good aesthetic sense and web development and design knowledge can create an appealing website design. Alternately, professionals or freelancers can be hired for rendering these services.

What makes a website design attractive?

Here is a small checklist that can help in making web design more appealing:

  • Simple & Creative Design:

Several websites are being launched every day; to have a competitive edge, the website design must be creative enough and stand out from the crowd.

There are two ways to enhance creativity in your website: 
  1. By pinpointing design elements that you like in another website, or 
  2. By highlighting the design features that they lack. 
The website design must strike the balance between over-complicated and too-easy.

  • Appealing Visuals

To create an impulse among website visitors, an attractive design must be there with appealing visuals. Relevant, original and high-quality images must be added in the website so that website could decrease the bounce rate; people stay longer on a website that has appealing yet logical images. 

  • Choices of Colors

Color schemes and combinations are considered the soul of website design. It enhances the brand image and positions it rightly. A unique set of color schemes is not mandatory; if used rightly, even simple combinations can also make web design appealing. Preference must be given to those colors that compliment your layout design and are related to your brand. Colors can do magic in making a responsive web design.

  • Use of Few Graphics

Use of graphics must be done wisely. Too much graphics on a single webpage generates negative response by complicating the view and distracting the user from the information. Needless and irrelevant graphics can destroy the whole website design.

  • Mobile-friendly website

In the age of today, if your website does not have a mobile-friendly version, then be ready to lose about 50-80% of your users. The website design should be able to adapt according to different screen sizes. Something that looks awesome on a computer screen may look out-of-place on a mobile or tablet screen; adjust your visuals, design, and content according to the needs of all users.

So, if your checklist is complete, get going then or Contact us for more information and for WEB DEVELOPMENT Services.

Author bio:
Qurat-ul-Ain Shahzad is a professional content writer with a decade of experience to back her skills and expertise. She is a mother, an enthusiast, a dreamer, an avid reader and a loving person! You can reach her at

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