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22 Amazing facts about Pakistan, You should be proud of.

The name "Pakistan" literally means; Land of the Pure. It is the 6th most populous country holding many unbreakable records. Here are 22 Amazing facts about Pakistan you should be proud of.

Some interesting facts about Pakistan:

Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) is a South Asian country. This is the 6th largest populous country with a population of 199 million. Area wise this is the 36th biggest country in the world.

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Let's see the amazing world records and the other facts about Pakistan.
  • Pakistan is the 6th largest nation in the world that have one of the old civilization in history. (Mohenjo-Daro).
  • Pakistan is a 1st Muslim Nuclear power and 7th in the world.
  • The world's largest irrigation system is present in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan has 6th largest armed forces in the world and only nuclear power in Muslim countries.
  • The highest Peak K-2 (World's 2nd highest peak) is in Pakistan.
  • Top Ten beautiful places in Lahore, Pakistan for tourists
  • Hunza valley mostly covered under snow in winter and when this snow melts, the luxurious vegetation and sensuous hilly contour become a magnet to all and sundry.
  • World's largest man-made forest is in Pakistan called Changa Manga and it is consists of 12000 acres approximately.
  • Edhi Foundation has World's largest ambulance network in Pakistan, this is a nonprofit social welfare program.
  • Pakistan is the 9th largest English speaking country.
  • Muhammad Mehmood Alam known as MM Alam make a world record by shooting 5 Indian fighter plans in less than 60 seconds.
  • List of Nishan e Haider Holders and Biography.
  • World's second largest salt mine is in Pakistan (Khewra).
  • In Pakistan here are 4 highest peaks of the world out of 14.
  • The world's largest earth filled DAM (Tarbela DAM) is in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan is the 2nd populous Muslim-majority country.
  • Institute of European business administration organized a poll and according to that from 125 countries, Pakistani people are the most intelligent people and ranked as 4th number across the globe.
  • Pakistan has the seventh largest collection of scientists and engineers.
  • The world's 26th largest economy and 2nd best performing stock exchange.
  • Pakistani armed forces are internationally ranked as the 7th largest force in the world, with the manpower of 642,000.
  • Karakoram Highway (Silk Route) is World’s Highest Man Paved International Road, 8th wonder of the world.
  • Gawadar is the world's largest deep sea Port.
  • Siachen is the worlds highest military base.
  • Kan Mehtar Zai railway station (Quetta) is the Asia's highest railway station (2240 m above from sea level).
  • Top Ten Engineering universities in Pakistan.
  • Countries that require no visa for Pakistani Passport Holders


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