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What is an Autonomous car? The Concept Of Self-Driving Cars.

The reason behind this name is such that it has the ability to sense its environment and without the help of human input, it can navigate where ever told.

As the name self-driving car implies, it indicates an autonomous car. The word autonomous indicate things that work independently or separately. The other names given to such cars are robotic cars, auto driving cars, and driverless cars.

The reason behind this name is such that it has the ability to sense its environment and without the help of human input, it can navigate where ever told. In short, we can say that such cars can travel different destinations without any external human effort applied. Different companies manufacturing such cars include BMW, General Motors, Audi, Google, Ford, Volvo, and Volkswagen.

Four stages of autonomous roadmap:

In the automobile industry, some people proposed the word “driverless” as misleading. The reason behind this is that they think that after some years it would be possible to have a steering less wheel on the roads. This technology revolves around four main stages of autonomous roadmap.
These can be referred as hands off, brain off, feet off and eyes off. This means you don’t have to put your effort during traveling. You just have to wait for the car to stop, so that you may know that you have reached your destination. This level of technology has just started to blow the minds of people with such an innovation. * What is GPS and How it works?

It is predicted that with the start of new decade we will be able to see amazing changes like providing us with autonomous technology. It is assumed that there will exist pre-defined pathways of motorways where a car will be able to take all control and suggest drivers to do any other task. For example like reading newspaper, checking email etc. This car will make use of a number of sensors, like radars, lasers and cameras, in order to build a picture of the road coming its ways. This car will be able to safely steer, accelerate and brake on its own.

What is an Autonomous car

Many experts predicted that after around ten years, such cars will be able to function from door to door without any human interference. Like it will go through the city environment and motorways having traffic lights, roundabouts, and junctions. * Quality of engineering studies VS engineering fields.

All such cars will be linked wirelessly with each other. This will help them to communicate with the road framework in order to make decisions on journey and traffic times. However still a steering wheel will be present but after around 2025, maybe we will find absolutely no option for a driver.

Benefits of self-driving cars:

These cars will offer the biggest benefit to those who can’t drive or find it hard to drive by themselves. A research has shown that many people would like to have driver or autonomous cars in order to reach from one place to another. In addition to this, almost everybody would like to have these cars. Because their energy would be restored in this way and they can do anything else during traveling. Fasten your seat belts because now you are ready to witness this level of advancement and innovation. * Employment oppertunities in Saudi Arabia.


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