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Saudi Arabia Ban Transgender Visa for Umrah

transgenders visa ban for umrah in saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia bans transgender people from participating in Umrah:

The Saudi consul generalin Islamabad announced the decision on Monday, Nov. 21. Those who identify as transgender will no longer be granted visas for Umrah, a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca that can be takenat any time during the year but is not required. 

Sources from the Saudi government say the consulate general has informed the Travel Agents Association of Pakistan about the decision. Other travel agencies have also reportedly been instructed to not issue visas to trans people. 

A reason for the ban has yet to be given. The same week the ban was instated, a senior official from the Ministry of Haj and Umrah said the number of Umrah visas issued has increased by 30,000 in comparison to last year. Isa Row as, the undersecretary for Umrah affairs, credits newly expanded facilities in both holy cities of Mecca and Medina for the growth in participants.

How to Install Red Alert 2 On windows 7, 8 and 10

Red Alert 2 is a famous game that was played on XP, but now it is not running on windows 7, 8 and windows 10. Some people also think that due to pin less processors it not working so  today I am going to show you how to install Red Alert 2 On windows 7, 8 and 10. I install it on windows 8 and windows 8.1 and it worked without any problems so follow below steps to install red alert 2 game easily.

 Install Red Alert 2 On windows 8 and 10, red alert 2

Steps to run Red Alert 2 on windows 7, 8 and 10:

  1. First of all download Red Alert 2. You can download Red Alert 2 from my blog.
  2. After downloading the game, extract the file.
  3. Now open C&C.exe 
  4. Choose your install directory and click next.
  5. Now find ra2.exe file, right click > properties >  compatibility > check "Run this program in compatibility mode for win xp SP3 Then check "Run this program as Administrator" then apply and click OK. You can send a shortcut of the game to your desktop.
  6. Now Red Alert 2 is installed but it won't work properly, you need to download the fix (link in description )Download the file and place it in the install directory of Red Alert 2.
  7. Now you are ready to go, open the game then click yes when promptAs you can see, it's a low resolution, to fix that you go to the main menu you click and HOLD The SHIFT key and write: "HIRES" the navigation menu will disappear (that's a good sign :p) so you click on the 5th button. Now you can find screen resolution.
  8. Now you are done, enjoy the game.
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Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 Download full Game


Download Red Alert 2 Game Free

A Beautiful game for game lovers

Red Alert 2

Size: 412MB .rar

Red Alert 2 was my favorite game. With cousins, i enjoy this game as we play this game by selecting hard maps. You can download Red Alet 2 game for free here. After Red alert 2, Yuri's Revenge was a great update of this game, but we will only discuss red alert 2 download.

red alert 2, download red alert 2, free download red alert 2
You can play this game as a single player and also as a multiplayer if you have LAN connectivity. The one thing in this game that hurt me was the countries. Pakistan and India was not included in the countries list of red alert 2 game.

Red Alert 2 system requirements:

Your system specification should be higher than below written or same. 
Processor: Minimum Intel 500 MHZ.
RAM: 512 MB
HD space: 500 MB free
Graphics Card: 32 MB
Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Some Pictures of Red Alert 2 game:

screen shots of red alert 2

online play red alert 2

red alert 2 white map

HEC Degree Attestation / Verification Procedure and Requirements

HEC stands for Higher education commission. HEC documents attestation including transcripts, degrees, bachelor level certificates and diplomas. HEC do not attest foreign degrees and Deeni asnaad. In the case of foreign certificates, an equivalence certificate is required HEC that will be determined by the equivalence cell of HEC.

hec degree attestation, hec degree verification, attestation of documents, hec documents attestation

HEC office timing for degree attestation:

HEC Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar office:

HEC Lahore office, HEC Karachi office, and HEC Peshawar office give token for attestation between 8:00 Am to 9:00 Am on Monday to Thursday (5 working days).

HEC Islamabad Office:

HEC Islamabad office timing for degree attestation is from 8:00 Am to 11:00 Am where they only issue 240 tokens per day.
Within 5 working days attested documents would be returned. 

HEC degree attestation procedure:

  • Go to the HEC official website and "Sign up" for an account if you do not have before this otherwise "Sign In".
  • Now fill the online form where you have to put this information: Your name, father name, date of birth, address, contact number and in education you have to submit your educational detail starting from matric to the last degree.
  • After filling all required information now you are done.
  • Go to HEC office and take a printout from HEC office. (Others are not acceptable).
  • Be care full while printing: Just select the city  regional office from where you are going to attest your document.

Requirements for degree attestation / Verification:

Before going to HEC office to attest your degree, you have to know about the following guidelines to get rid of difficulties.

Documents you needed:

  1. Matriculation / Secondary School Certification.
  2. Intermediate / F.A / FSC / Higher School Certificate.
  3. Bachelor Degree with Result Card / Transcript / DMCs.
  4. Completion Letter / Verification Letter from the University.
  5. CNIC (For Local) / Passport Copy (For Foreigners).
  6. Attach HEC equivalence certificates in case of foreign degrees / Deeni Asnaad.
  7. Online HEC Application Form. You will print out this only from HEC computer lab.

More Information:

  • Degree holder can submit the document by self but! In another case, if someone is submitting your application then he must be required these documents: 
         1. Authority Letter attested by grade 17 officer in favor of you. 2. CNIC of that person.
  • The applicant must have passed degree within 3 years from the date of commencement of the examination.

HEC degree attestation fee detail:

HEC degree attestation fee detail is as written below.
  • Degree / Transcript / DMCs fee is 800/- RS for one original document.
  • Photo Copy fee is 500/- RS for one document.
  • The fee would be submitted by hand at HEC office at fee counter window#1.

HEC Office Address:

HEC Head Office Islamabad: 
H-9 Sector, East service road Islamabad.
PH# 0092 51 9040 0000

HEC Regional Center Karachi:
Liaqat national library premises behind TV station Karachi.
PH# 0092 21 99 230 290

HEC Regional Center Lahore:
55-B/2 Gulbarge 3 Lahore.
PH# 0092 42 99 263092

HEC Regional Center Peshawar:
Hyatabad Phase-V Peshawar.
PH# 0092 91 58 10408

HEC Regional Center Quetta:
House No. 53/7 Zargoon road opposite engineering building quetta.
PH# 0092 81 920 1791

How to Apply Permanent Visa for Parents in Saudi Arabia


Permanent Visa for parents in Saudi Arabia:

permanent visa for parents in saudi arabia ksaSomeone ask this question that how to apply for parents permanent visa in KSA because of they are alone in their home country. So I am writing this post for those who want to get permanent family visa or permanent parents visa.

My relatives and many friends are here with their families so they help me to write this post, You just have to follow the below simple steps and have to prepare the required documents before you apply for permanent family or parents visa in Saudi Arabia. And also your iqama profession must be allowed for your family resident visa, Salary prove (that you can manage living cost of your family).

You need below written documents:
  1. Salary Certificate (Attested by the chamber of commerce).
  2. NOC for parents visa (Attested by the chamber of commerce).
  3. Your embassy letter to Saudi ministry of interior.
  4. Family registration certificate (from your home country).
  5. Affidavit (Attested from your home country).
  6. Parents Passport copy (Attested).
  7. All family members iqama and Passport copy (Attested).
After getting these documents, you have to go to MOI (ministry of interior) office and submit the file to MOI officer.

If you have all documents then your file will be submitted and you will receive a confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number. One more message you will get within a week that can be in Arabic from MOI. If they make objection then they will ask you to provide the required document that you missed.

In the next step, if your application is approved then MOI will give you a letter that you will give to Istaqdam and he will give you a yellow visa slip

Note: Pay online visa fee (2000 SAR) before going to Istakdam under family visa option.

What is the Difference Between CV and Resume


Difference between CV and Resume:

CV and Resume: these words are often used interchangeably. So, it can be confusing to know when and how to use each document. The confusion over resumes and CV's is often compounded by the fact that there is not a standard resume or CV template. Your documents will and should look different than your classmates. While there aren't formal rules to follow, there are certain expectations for each document.
What is the Difference Between CV and ResumeCVs are often the norm in a scientific research environment. So, most scientists are familiar with the basics for creating a CV. Therefore, creating a resume can be a bit more challenging. A lot of scientist's resumes end up looking a lot like a CV. And when placed in an applicant pool with resumes, this CV will stand out as odd and out of touch. It's important to understand the key differences between these documents and take the time to convert your CV to a resume when the position calls for it. 

When to Use a Resume Instead of a CV?

If you're unsure, ask the hiring manager or pull your network and do informational interviews with people who are working at that company or in that industry. Generally, though you use a CV when applying to academic, government, or research positions.

A CV is often the preferred document for grants or fellowship applications as well. Use a resume for everything else especially if you are applying to industry positions. As noted in this chart, some other key differences are the length and formatting between the two documents. As opposed to CVs, resumes are often shorter, more concise, and highly tailored to the job at hand.

Resumes for postdocs range from one to three pages. But try to keep yours on two pages. The general rule of thumb is one page for every eight to ten years of experience. CVs are often long because you include your full experience details.

The purpose of a resume is to use it as a targeted marketing tool whereas a CV is often seen as an ongoing academic and work history. 
One of the key differences between a cv and resume is the content of what you include. On a resume, it has to be very succinct and relevant to the reader or the position at hand. You only have space for a few key sections such as a qualification summary, education, experience,and skills whereas on a CV you may include wide range of professional accomplishments and activities in sections like awards, grants, conferences and poster presentations. For both documents, it is important to be genuine. But this is not the space to be modest. These documents are often the only introduction you get to present to a potential employer. So, take the time to review them often. 

Other key differences between a CV and a resume are the page length and design. As noted before, for a CV, it's virtually unlimited length, however, it should remain focused still. For a resume, try to keep it at one to three pages. The design is also a key difference between a CV and a resume. Resumes are highly formatted. You want to maximize all of the white space on that document whereas with a CV, there is very little formatting, but it still must be clean and easy to read. You don't often see bullet points on a CV. Your lab and your publications often speak for themselves on a CV. This is not true for a resume. So, you must include bullet points on your resume under your experience section. Don't assume that your lab or job title is enough to convince the reader that you are qualified for the position. On a resume, you should be using strong, active verbs and numbers to highlight your accomplishments in a quantitative way. As an example, don't just say you taught a lab section. Employers want to know specifics like the fact that you designed lesson plans and taught introductory biology to 54 undergraduate students. Remember these key factors when you're creating your bullet points for your resume. There are some universals for both documents.

For both a resume and a cv you should omit the following.

1. Personal pronouns:
When you're creating your bullet points, never say I or my team or any other personal pronoun. It can feel awkward, but you sort of speak in the third person. 

2. Do not Lable your Document:

You don't need to label or your documents. I often see people label their document, Curriculum Vitae or Resume, at the top. That's unnecessary to include. 

3. Do not include References:

Don't include references on either your resume or CV. Generally, this is a separate document entirely. It's not even necessary to say references are available upon request. It's assumed you have a list of references to provide when the time comes. If you have any specific questions about the differences between a resume and a CV, comment your question below.

ATM Cash Replenishment Procedure

Below are some points for ATM cash replanishment process.

  • Insert Admin Card.
  • Change machine in supervoisery mode.
  • Print ATM Counters or both.
  • Clear counters.
  • Exchange Cassette.
  •  Enter New Counters.
  • Print New Counters.
  • Check all the reject cash is going in same type (Due to no test cash we must be doing the same activity for avoid wrong dispense).
  •  Print counters (New entries must be shown in new JP) and check ATM fault.
  • Exit.
  • Re enter admin card.
  • Print machine subtotal once more.
  • See that new increase is ok.
  • Wait for one transection.

Mobily Internet Offer's 100 GB free with 10 GB voucher card

On prepaid packages and data sim, Mobily has made an excellent internet offer. Now you can get 90 GB free data with one-month validity when you will recharge 10 GB data voucher. So it is 10 times data free for mobily customers.

This offer is for all current and new customers of prepaid and data sims users. You can get recharge card from Mobily branches and authorized distributors all over the kingdom. Data can be used on 3G and 4G/LTE network.

mobily offer 100 gb free with 10 gb card

How to get 10 GB data vouchers:

As written above data voucher is available at all Mobily franchises authorized distributors and registered mobile shop dealers all over the kingdom.

The price of Voucher is 90 SAR per month.

How to enjoy this promotion?

  • Recharge 10 GB data voucher.
  • Finish 10 GB within 30 days.
  • When you consume this 10 GB you will get 90 GB extra for free. (This is valid until end of 30th day from the date of voucher recharge.)

Mobily Connection Prices:

If you do not have mobily sim or router then you can get mobily router and data sims by paying as below written.
  • 4G Mini Wifi costs 450 SAR.
  • 4G router costs 480 SAR.
  • 4G Big battery WIFI costs 500 SAR.
You can check data sim rates at mobily official website.

Mohenjo Daro History in Urdu and Video Documentary


Mohejno Daro History in Urdu:

:موحینجو داڑو کی تاریخ اُردو میں پڑھیں

:دریافت اور جگہ

موحینجو دارو وادی سندھ کی قدیم تہذیب کا ایک مرکز تھا. یہ لاڑکانہ سے 20 کلومیٹر دور اور سکھر سے 80 کلومیٹر جنوب مغرب میں واقعہ ہے. یہ وادی سندھ كے ایک اور اہم مرکز سے 400 میل دور ہے یہ شہر 2600 قبل مسیح موجود تھا اور 1700 قبل مسیح میں نامعلوم واجوحات کی بنا پر ختم ہو گیا. تاہم ماہرین كے خیال میں دریاے سندھ كے رخ کی تبدیلی، سیلاب، بیرونی حملہ آور یا زلزلہ 
اہم واجوحات ہو سکتی ہیں
محینجو ڈارو کو 1922 میں برٹش ایکسپرٹ آثار قدیمہ سر جان مارشل نے دریافت کیا اور ان کی کار آج بھی محینجو ڈرو كے عجائب کھانے کی زینت ہے۔ لیکن ایک مکتبہ فکر ایسا بھی ہے جو اِس تاثر کو غلط سمجھتا ہے اور اس کا کہنا ہے كے اسے ہندوستان كے ماہر اثر قدیمہ آرکے بھاندر نے 1911 میں دریافت کیا تھا
موھینجو ڈارو کونزرویشن سیل كے سابق ڈائریکٹرحاکيم شاہ بخاری کا کہنا ہے كہ " آرکے بھاندر نے بودیزام كے مقدس مقام کی حیثیت سے اِس محینجو ڈارو کی تاریخی حیثیت کی جانب مبذول کارروائی ، جس كے لگ بھاگ ایک عشرے بعد سر جان مارشل یہاں آئے اور انہوں نے اِس جگہ خدائی شروع کارروائی
محینجو ڈرو سندھی زُبان کا لفظ ہے جس کا مطلب ’مردوں کا ٹیلا‘ ہے. یہ شہر بڑی ترتیب سے بنا ہوا تھا. اِس شہر کی اسٹزیٹ کھلی اور سیدھی تھیں اور پانی کی نکاسی کا مناسب انتظام تھا. اندازاً اِس میں 35000 كے قریب لوگ ریھایش پزیر تھے. ایکسپرٹ كے مطابق یہ شہر 7 مرتبہ اجڑا اور دوبارہ بسایا گیا جس کی اہم وجہ دریا سندھ کا سیلاب تھا
یہ شہر یونائیٹڈ نیشنز كے اداراہ برائے تعلیم سائنس اور ثقافت ’ینیسکو‘ کی جانب سے علمی ورثہ قرار دیئے گئے مقامات میں شامل ہے۔

mohenjo daro history in urdu,
Mohenjo Daro History in Urdu

:صفائی ستھراي اور نہانے کی جگہ

محینجو ڈأرو كے لوگ بہت صفائی پسند تھے جیسا کے انکی آثار قدیمہ سے پتہ چلتا ہے. ان تہذیب میں ایک بہت بڑی نہانے کی جگہ بی تھی جسے آج لوگ گریٹ باتھ آف محینجو ڈرو کے نام سے بھی جانتے ہیں. وہ شاید انکا کوئی مذہبی تہوار منانے کے لیے بی استعمال کیا جاتا رہا ہو گا. اسکی لمبائی تقریباً 12 میٹر شامال جنوب ، 7 میٹر چوڑا اور 2.4 میٹر گہرا تھا

:بادشاہت کا نظام

کچھ چیزوں سے ثابت ہوتا ہے کے یہاں بادشاہَت کا نظام نہیں تھا بلکہ کمیٹی ایک ممبر چنتی تھی

:تباہی کے اسباب

:اسکی تباہی کی یہ وجوہات بتائی جاتی ہیں
 (تابکاری شعاعیں ( جو کے انسانی جسم میں پائی گئی 
 بےرونی حملہ آور
 خوفناک سیلاب
This article is written in urdu at the topic of mohenjo daro history in urdu so we write in urdu language. If you want to read in english language than you can check by clicking here mohenjo daro history in english. If you have any suggations or you want to update our this post written on mohenjo daro history in urdu than you can comment at this post or also can contact through email as written in contact us page. 

7 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and Features

May be seven is Apple’s lucky number, Now I am just telling you the seven reasons about why to buy iPhone 7.  So let's go ahead and jump into seven reasons think that the iPhone 7 is pretty baller, and, I'm not gonna buy one. I'm gonna buy the Seven Plus.

iphone-7 buying guide, iphone-7 plus buying guide, reasons to buy iphone-7, reasons to buy iphone-7 plus,

1. New processor:

They're using the A10 fusion processor, this would be faster and better than ever. Every Apple processor is faster and better than ever, and let's just get that off the table. Faster is just faster, and we all do care about that. We like our apps launching faster, we like having a little bit of multitasking, and having apps run in the background, and this is gonna let us do more of that. With that out of the way. 

2. Water Proof:

This thing is going to be waterproof, and dust-proof, and that is amazing, thank God that we finally get a waterproof iPhone. Android phones and other phones have been doing this for quite a while, and Apple has now joined the fold. So, I'm really looking forward to that, and I really think that it's about time. Apple, it's about time. Yeah, some of this video is gonna be me picking on them just a little bit because they've let me down one time too many.

3. Display:

Number three, the display. We got a much better display, this display is actually going to be considerably brighter so if you've been struggling with your iPhone, and reading stuff, and utilizing it out in full sun, if that's been really annoying for you during playing Pokemon. Go, like it has for me, then this is actually gonna be something that is going to help you out with that, and a better display is always just a better display.
So, I'm glad that Apple kinda figured that out. It took them a while to figure this out with the iPad line as well if you guys remember. In fact there's still issues with glare, and being able to use this outdoors in certain settings, so maybe we'll be able to do more trips to the beach now considering that we've got some waterproofing in there, and we have a better screen that can handle sunlight.

4. Storage Capacity:

Finally Apple did away with the nonsense 16-gig storage capacity for the iPhones, and it's just gonna be double on everything. So we've got you know 32, 128, and 256. So that's fantastic and they also went backand refreshed the previous lineup to do that as well, so the iPhone 6S, and the iPhone 6, and 6 plus, and 6 Plus S, those are all going to have double the storage capacity going forward as well. So I think that it's about time, and I think that's a pleasant change that people have been looking forward to for a while now.

5. Camera:

iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus features, reviews of iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus
Iphone 7 Plus Camera
The thing that really sold me on the iPhone 7 Plus is the camera. Oh my God, the camera. We can go on, and I'd probably might have to go on and do a specific video about the camera, because I don't this is gonna replace DSLRs. Don't get me wrong, but I think for most people, they will get better shots than they could with a DSLR considering that they're not photographers. 
I think non-photographers, and even photo enthusiast, I think that, I literally think that this is going to now be the new standard as far as anyone doing social media, anybody doing travel photography, that the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus, until the iPhone 7S comes out, is going to be the standard when it comes to this. And the thing is I'm still tempted hereto not buy the iPhone 7, and to wait and get the iPhone 7 Plus S. I really think that I should wait six months and get the S because it's just gonna be better. It always is, every time, right? So, I really think that I might hold out, I might not buy this right away, I might save my money, and spend it on the Apple Watch Series Two instead, but that'll be another video. But again, camera stuff is fantastic. 
We're gonna get a F1.8 aperture, which means low light situations. We're gonna get better low light, we're gonna get a much better retina flash for selfies, we're gonna get, I believe it's a seven megapixel l front facing camera for selfies, that's gonna be amazing. This is gonna be one of the best social media accessories that you can possibly buy, so if you're into social media at all, then this is gonna be a happy purchase for you. 
In iphone Seven Plus you get two cameras, you get dual cameras, so you have a wide and a telephoto, and they are just amazing, the quality that they showed in the keynote was fantastic. The distance it was able to get, the optical and digital, and I really think that this could actually bean interesting shift in terms of people who are going to use this as a video device, people who want to do really interesting, cause I think that iPhone film documentaries, I really think that there is something to that. I think that can be very cool. I'm really interested in the idea of seeing, even if it's on the small screen, a feature length picture shot completely on the iPhone. That's a very attractive marketing thing to me, and I really dig it. So again, there's just so much going on with this camera. I'm gonna probably do a dedicated video to the camera, but it's one of the best features, it always is, but this is a step in a new direction, and I think it's gonna set the standard for smartphones going forward in terms of cameras, and I think it's one of it's most competitive and compelling features.

6. Accessories: 

This one is weird and awkward, because it's the thing I think most of us was upset about. The lack of the headphone jack, it will be a lightning cable from now on, but in every iPhone 7, they're including an adapter which means people like me will be able to use all their old accessories, so if you wanna use a lapel microphone, if you wanna use this thing, or that thing, you don't have to worry about buying new accessories or buying a lightning compatible version or wireless version, cause Bluetooth wireless mics aren't great yet. So, this is gonna be something that is very appealing for people that okay, they haven't completely ditched the audio jack, they just kind of reconfigured it to be a lightning cable adapter, and you get one with your iPhone, so I can live with that. The other cool thing about this is they have new wireless technology for Apple accessories going forward, they have the W1 chip, it's the new wireless chip, and it's gonna really help with the audio quality. This iPhone also in terms of audio quality has stereo speakers, top and bottom, so richer sound and better sound than we've ever had. They've developed these new AirPods for them, I'll do a separate video about that. I think these are really cool, they're gonna be expensive though. The AirPods are gonna be like $160 by themselves, but they are some very cool wireless ear buds for the Apple accessories and they work with everything, and there's no complicated Bluetooth pairing, they just work. So I think that they're gonna be something that a lot of people are into, and I'm looking forward to them, I am probably going to buy them, and I'm wondering if they work with my old Apple devices. I'll have to do some research, but if they work with my old Apple devices as well then I'll definitely buy them whether I get the iPhone 7, Seven Plus, or the Seven S plus. So I think I'm gonna wait, cause the S models are just better, I think I'm gonna wait guys. This is very cool, but I know round two will be better. As it is my iPhone 6S is fantastic, the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S7 is better, mind you, but I do know that every iteration of an Apple product, they are trying to be competitive even if they're late to the game. So kudos to you, Apple, seven seems to be your lucky number. Anyway guys, let me know, are you guys gonna get the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus, or are you gonna wait for the S models? I really would love to know in the comment section, I've also got a poll running up here, so let me know what you guys are gonna do. It may or may not influence my decision, but I really think that I'm just gonna wait on the S, because it's gonna be better for the same amount of money. In the meantime, I think I'll throw money at the Apple Watch, whole other video. Anyway, like this video if you like it, don't forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome content on the channel. As always you guys, thanks so much for watching and geeking out with me over the iPhone 7, and let's be honest, me picking on Apple just a little bit.

7. Battery Life:

In iPhone 7 Plus battery is much bigger than the iPhone 6S Plus. And this the good new for those who was worried for battery time. Due to removing the headphone jack leaving more space for a larger power bank. Five percent to be exact, which brings the overall size to 2887mAh. It is not a big deal for battery incensement, but a welcome one. 

Common Reasons and Solution for Dry Skin in Winter

Fozia Kanwal (Writer)How to treat dry skin on face? Does your skin dries out in winter and you want to get rid of it? There can be many reasons for your skin to dry out, some common reasons of dry skin will be discussed here.

Weather Conditions:

Weather is most common cause of dry skin. People living in deserts and cold environment faces dry skin problem generally. Cold air has less moisture contents than hot air due to low temperature which takes away moisture contents from skin and causes skin to dry out. Because skin is the first line of defense of body against external conditions so Covering of skin with proper clothes can be helpful for avoiding skin from dry out.

Steamy showers:

Although it is an awesome feeling to stand under steamy showers and relaxing body muscles but it is not healthy for the skin. Steamy showers dries the natural oil present on skin for natural moisturizing, as a result skin dries out. Five minute is optimum time for shower for skin without over drying, if this time is not enough then lowering the water temperature can also be helpful. More time spent in steamy shower there will be more chances to skin to dry out. After taking shower massaging of moisturizer on wet body can be very helpful against dry skin. Olive or almond oil can be used for this purpose.

Inferior soaps:

Selection of soap optimum for a particular skin is a tough thing. Many low quality soaps dissolves natural moisturizers from skin which leads towards skin drying. Similarly shampoos incompatible for skin becomes a cause of dry scalp. Excessive use of soap or shampoo is also one of the main reasons for dry skin. Using a mild fragrance-free soap which is specially formulated for dry skin can be very helpful against dry skin, but intensity of usage must be optimal. 

Indoor Heating In winter:

Many buildings and houses use fireplaces or central air conditioning system to keep environment hot, dry hot air is used for heating purpose, which makes skin dry. Sitting near fireplace is really dangerous for skin, it dries out mucous membranes too along with skin. Installation of humidifier can balance humidity level in room. Humidifier adds humidity in the room to desired level, by this way skin can be saved from drying. If humidifier is not available then placing a bowl of water can also be helpful to add humidity in the room. Although it is a simple solution but humidity cannot be controlled by this way.

Sun Exposure:

Winter sunlight can also be damaging for skin. Skin exposure to sunlight helps to produce vitamin D, usually 10-15 minute exposure is sufficient for this. prolonged exposure is very bad for skin because sunlight contains ultraviolet rays which is dangerous for skin. Skin can be saved from sun exposure with Proper use of sunscreen on exposed body parts specially lips, which are very sensitive to sunlight.

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Dehydration and skin has very close relation. Human bodies are mode of nearly 70% water and loss in tiny percentage of it can cause serious skin issues. Water is evaporated through skin every day. If body is pronto dehydration then there will be no more water in body to keep skin healthy and fresh which will result in dryness of skin along with many other problems. Sometimes drinking sufficient water daily can solve many skin issues. No doubt for any dry skin, drinking lot of water worth a try.

Countries That Require no Visa for Pakistani Passport Holder

In the whole world there are more than two thousand countries and only 36 countries allowed Pakistani citizens to enter without having visa in their country. And this is the reason Pakistan had achieved 90th position for visa facilities in world rating. The position of Pakistan is in the last ten countries list in henely visa index. These countries are the group of countries which are suffering from the issues of terrorism.

A report of Visa index states that Britain can get most visa facilities and ranked as the first country. Britain citizens are allowed in 166 countries does not matter if they have no visa or can go without having visa with no restrictions.
no visa required for pakistani people in these countries,

Neighboring countries of Pakistan do not allow to visit without visa where India, Afghanistan, and Iran are included. Denmark is second country which has more without visa facility and citizens of denmark allowed in 164 countries without visa. After these Sweden is listed as third country with on arrival visa facilities in 163 countries.  

American can get on arrival visa in 159 countries and listed in number seven.

Countries that allow without Visa:

  1. Dominica
  2. Haiti
  3. Micronesia
  4. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  5. Trinidad and Tobago
  6. Vanuatu

Countries that offer On Arrival Visa:

  1. Burundi
  2. Cape Verde
  3. Comoros
  4. Djibouti
  5. Guinea-Bissau
  6. Kenya
  7. Madagascar
  8. Maldives
  9. Mali
  10. Mauritania
  11. Mozambique
  12. Nauru
  13. Nepal
  14. Palau
  15. Tanzania
  16. Timor-Leste
  17. Togo
  18. Tuvalu
  19. Uganda

Mohenjo Daro History in English


Mohenjo-Daro History:

Mohenjo Daro meaning 'Mound of the Dead' in Sindhi. Nobody knows the city's original name yet, but analysis of a Mohenjo Daro seal suggests a possible ancient name, Kukkutarma where “ma” means city while “KukKuta” means cockerel).

Mohenjo-Daro Location:

Mohenjo Daro was a city located in the south of Modern Pakistan in the Sindh Province, on the right bank of the Indus River. It was built between four and five thousand years ago. The covered area of Mohenjo Daro was around 300 hectares. Mohenjo Daro was designated a UNESCO World heritage Site in 1980 Mohenjo Daro was not discovered until 1922.

Mohenjo-Daro first discovery:

Mohenjo Daro was discovered by an officer of the Archaeological Survey of India, Rakhal Das Banerji in 1920. Mohenjo Daro had the world's first planned cities They built urban sanitation systems non-pareil in the Ancient World till much later.  The city was divided into two parts citadel and the Lower City. The Citadel contained the important buildings of the city, like the assembly halls, religious structures, granaries and in the case famous Great Bath of Mohenjo Daro. The Lower City which was a residential area with houses and streets. 

Great Bath of Mohenjo-Daro:

The Great Bath of Mohenjo-Daro was the father of all bath-houses. The tank is approximately 12 meters north-south and 7 meters wide, with a maximum depth of 2.4 meters. "The Great Bath" was used for religious functions. 

Mohenjo Daro Monarchy:

There are signs that prove that Mohenjo Daro had no monarchy. It was probably governed by an elected committee. 

Mohenjo Daro Civilization & Art:

A bronze statuette dubbed the "Dancing Girl" of Mohenjo Daro indicates a very high level of art anger craft skills. They had knowledge in various crafts like metal making, brick making, stone cutting, etc. no sign of warfare or weapons have been found,  which indicates that the people were peace-loving. There could have been a trade exchange between the Indus Valley Civilization and the Mesopotamian Civilization.

Reason behind its destruction: 

Reason behind its destruction was:
  1. Nuclear radiation (Mohenjo Daro Radiation founded in human body).
  2. Alien invasions.
  3. Horrible flood (because of the riverside area).
  4. Earthquake.
  5. Foreign invaders.

Picture of Mohenjo Daro at Pakistani Ten Rupee:

mohenjo daro history in english and urdu

Mohenjo Daro Video:

How to check Huroob Status of Iqama on MOL and MOI

What is Huroob? When someone run away from his kafeel (sponsor) then he makes an online report aginst that person's iqama that is called huroob. Many of the people working on free visa / azad visa face these types of problems due to bad kafeels.
Now you can Check Huroob Status Online on the ministry of labor and ministry of interior websites.

1. Check Huroob status on Ministry of Labor site:

This is a step by step guide so follow below steps:
  1. Open ministry of labor website by clicking on this link: MOL Website
  2. Write your iqama number in the second box (written in Arabic: رقم الإقامة), Captcha code (written in Arabic: رمز التحقق) and then press enter (written in Arabic: بحث) as shown in this picture.
    huroob status online check
  3. When you will press enter / بحث you will see information in arabic under enter / بحث button

With Huroob status:

The people who are Absent from work or reported as huroob status will show like this.
Where متغيب عن العمل means Absent from work / Huroob

with huroob status of iqama

Without Huroob status:

The people who are working legally and do not have an online report against them their status will show like this.
Where علي رأس العمل means On the Job / No Huroob.

without huroob status of iqama

2. Check Huroob status on Ministry of interior site:

This is a very simple procedure to check Huroob status online. Follow below steps to check Huroob status of Iqama.
  1. Open Ministry of interior website: MOI website.
  2. Write iqama number and enter captcha code and then click on View.
  3. Now you are done.
If you see this message:
Public Query Available Funds Failed, the ID is invalid! 
how to check huroob status online, absent from work in saudi arabia

It means you are under Huroob or Absent from work without permission and you also have to pay 1000 riyal fine to the government of Saudi Arabia to cancel Huroob status of your iqama.

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