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How to check Huroob Status of Iqama on MOL and MOI

When a worker leave his/her sponsor without permission or ran away without telling sponsor then sponsor of that person update online for no responsibility and as criminal also.

What is Huroob? When someone run away from his kafeel (sponsor) then he makes an online report aginst that person's iqama that is called huroob. Many of the people working on free visa / azad visa face these types of problems due to bad kafeels.
Now you can Check Huroob Status Online on the ministry of labor and ministry of interior websites.

1. Check Huroob status on Ministry of Labor site:

This is a step by step guide so follow below steps:
  1. Open ministry of labor website by clicking on this link: MOL Website
  2. Write your iqama number in the second box (written in Arabic: رقم الإقامة), Captcha code (written in Arabic: رمز التحقق) and then press enter (written in Arabic: بحث) as shown in this picture.
    huroob status online check
  3. When you will press enter / بحث you will see information in arabic under enter / بحث button

With Huroob status:

The people who are Absent from work or reported as huroob status will show like this.
Where متغيب عن العمل means Absent from work / Huroob

with huroob status of iqama

Without Huroob status:

The people who are working legally and do not have an online report against them their status will show like this.
Where علي رأس العمل means On the Job / No Huroob.

without huroob status of iqama

2. Check Huroob status on Ministry of interior site:

This is a very simple procedure to check Huroob status online. Follow below steps to check Huroob status of Iqama.
  1. Open Ministry of interior website: MOI website.
  2. Write iqama number and enter captcha code and then click on View.
  3. Now you are done.
If you see this message:
Public Query Available Funds Failed, the ID is invalid! 
how to check huroob status online, absent from work in saudi arabia

It means you are under Huroob or Absent from work without permission and you also have to pay 1000 riyal fine to the government of Saudi Arabia to cancel Huroob status of your iqama.


  1. I am also facing this issue. Thanks for sharing us

  2. i will try but its page is fail.


  4. Hi..
    How to check iqama huroob date because wich date give the huroob

  5. If someone already go back to his country by jail because of horup but he don't know how many years banned for return to Saudi Arabia his status showing kharooj nehaayi not showing horup so its mean he can go back saudi arabia or not please confirm me

  6. Like I worked with a big company called smaco fir 6 yrs .I asked them for release thy refused and thy had deducted my salary for no reason then I ran away I was working as a private nurse. Can anyone help me and remove my hurob then get me a job pliz help me .may God bless you as u help me out

  7. Am looking for a job as a private nurse part time I have diploma in nursing am from Uganda my number 0533626319

  8. Is this updated i read online that only tje kafeel can cancel the huroob


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