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Common Reasons and Solution for Dry Skin in Winter

What causes dry skin on face and how to treat dry skin? Does your skin dries out in winter and you want to get rid of it?

Fozia Kanwal (Writer)How to treat dry skin on face? Does your skin dries out in winter and you want to get rid of it? There can be many reasons for your skin to dry out, some common reasons of dry skin will be discussed here.

Weather Conditions:

Weather is most common cause of dry skin. People living in deserts and cold environment faces dry skin problem generally. Cold air has less moisture contents than hot air due to low temperature which takes away moisture contents from skin and causes skin to dry out. Because skin is the first line of defense of body against external conditions so Covering of skin with proper clothes can be helpful for avoiding skin from dry out.

Steamy showers:

Although it is an awesome feeling to stand under steamy showers and relaxing body muscles but it is not healthy for the skin. Steamy showers dries the natural oil present on skin for natural moisturizing, as a result skin dries out. Five minute is optimum time for shower for skin without over drying, if this time is not enough then lowering the water temperature can also be helpful. More time spent in steamy shower there will be more chances to skin to dry out. After taking shower massaging of moisturizer on wet body can be very helpful against dry skin. Olive or almond oil can be used for this purpose.

Inferior soaps:

Selection of soap optimum for a particular skin is a tough thing. Many low quality soaps dissolves natural moisturizers from skin which leads towards skin drying. Similarly shampoos incompatible for skin becomes a cause of dry scalp. Excessive use of soap or shampoo is also one of the main reasons for dry skin. Using a mild fragrance-free soap which is specially formulated for dry skin can be very helpful against dry skin, but intensity of usage must be optimal. 

Indoor Heating In winter:

Many buildings and houses use fireplaces or central air conditioning system to keep environment hot, dry hot air is used for heating purpose, which makes skin dry. Sitting near fireplace is really dangerous for skin, it dries out mucous membranes too along with skin. Installation of humidifier can balance humidity level in room. Humidifier adds humidity in the room to desired level, by this way skin can be saved from drying. If humidifier is not available then placing a bowl of water can also be helpful to add humidity in the room. Although it is a simple solution but humidity cannot be controlled by this way.

Sun Exposure:

Winter sunlight can also be damaging for skin. Skin exposure to sunlight helps to produce vitamin D, usually 10-15 minute exposure is sufficient for this. prolonged exposure is very bad for skin because sunlight contains ultraviolet rays which is dangerous for skin. Skin can be saved from sun exposure with Proper use of sunscreen on exposed body parts specially lips, which are very sensitive to sunlight.

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Dehydration and skin has very close relation. Human bodies are mode of nearly 70% water and loss in tiny percentage of it can cause serious skin issues. Water is evaporated through skin every day. If body is pronto dehydration then there will be no more water in body to keep skin healthy and fresh which will result in dryness of skin along with many other problems. Sometimes drinking sufficient water daily can solve many skin issues. No doubt for any dry skin, drinking lot of water worth a try.


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