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7 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and Features

May be seven is Apple’s lucky number, Now I am just telling you the seven reasons about why to buy iPhone 7.  So let's go ahead and jump into seven reasons think that the iPhone 7 is pretty baller, and, I'm not gonna buy one. I'm gonna buy the Seven Plus.

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1. New processor:

They're using the A10 fusion processor, this would be faster and better than ever. Every Apple processor is faster and better than ever, and let's just get that off the table. Faster is just faster, and we all do care about that. We like our apps launching faster, we like having a little bit of multitasking, and having apps run in the background, and this is gonna let us do more of that. With that out of the way. 

2. Water Proof:

This thing is going to be waterproof, and dust-proof, and that is amazing, thank God that we finally get a waterproof iPhone. Android phones and other phones have been doing this for quite a while, and Apple has now joined the fold. So, I'm really looking forward to that, and I really think that it's about time. Apple, it's about time. Yeah, some of this video is gonna be me picking on them just a little bit because they've let me down one time too many.

3. Display:

Number three, the display. We got a much better display, this display is actually going to be considerably brighter so if you've been struggling with your iPhone, and reading stuff, and utilizing it out in full sun, if that's been really annoying for you during playing Pokemon. Go, like it has for me, then this is actually gonna be something that is going to help you out with that, and a better display is always just a better display.
So, I'm glad that Apple kinda figured that out. It took them a while to figure this out with the iPad line as well if you guys remember. In fact there's still issues with glare, and being able to use this outdoors in certain settings, so maybe we'll be able to do more trips to the beach now considering that we've got some waterproofing in there, and we have a better screen that can handle sunlight.

4. Storage Capacity:

Finally Apple did away with the nonsense 16-gig storage capacity for the iPhones, and it's just gonna be double on everything. So we've got you know 32, 128, and 256. So that's fantastic and they also went backand refreshed the previous lineup to do that as well, so the iPhone 6S, and the iPhone 6, and 6 plus, and 6 Plus S, those are all going to have double the storage capacity going forward as well. So I think that it's about time, and I think that's a pleasant change that people have been looking forward to for a while now.

5. Camera:

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Iphone 7 Plus Camera
The thing that really sold me on the iPhone 7 Plus is the camera. Oh my God, the camera. We can go on, and I'd probably might have to go on and do a specific video about the camera, because I don't this is gonna replace DSLRs. Don't get me wrong, but I think for most people, they will get better shots than they could with a DSLR considering that they're not photographers. 
I think non-photographers, and even photo enthusiast, I think that, I literally think that this is going to now be the new standard as far as anyone doing social media, anybody doing travel photography, that the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus, until the iPhone 7S comes out, is going to be the standard when it comes to this. And the thing is I'm still tempted hereto not buy the iPhone 7, and to wait and get the iPhone 7 Plus S. I really think that I should wait six months and get the S because it's just gonna be better. It always is, every time, right? So, I really think that I might hold out, I might not buy this right away, I might save my money, and spend it on the Apple Watch Series Two instead, but that'll be another video. But again, camera stuff is fantastic. 
We're gonna get a F1.8 aperture, which means low light situations. We're gonna get better low light, we're gonna get a much better retina flash for selfies, we're gonna get, I believe it's a seven megapixel l front facing camera for selfies, that's gonna be amazing. This is gonna be one of the best social media accessories that you can possibly buy, so if you're into social media at all, then this is gonna be a happy purchase for you. 
In iphone Seven Plus you get two cameras, you get dual cameras, so you have a wide and a telephoto, and they are just amazing, the quality that they showed in the keynote was fantastic. The distance it was able to get, the optical and digital, and I really think that this could actually bean interesting shift in terms of people who are going to use this as a video device, people who want to do really interesting, cause I think that iPhone film documentaries, I really think that there is something to that. I think that can be very cool. I'm really interested in the idea of seeing, even if it's on the small screen, a feature length picture shot completely on the iPhone. That's a very attractive marketing thing to me, and I really dig it. So again, there's just so much going on with this camera. I'm gonna probably do a dedicated video to the camera, but it's one of the best features, it always is, but this is a step in a new direction, and I think it's gonna set the standard for smartphones going forward in terms of cameras, and I think it's one of it's most competitive and compelling features.

6. Accessories: 

This one is weird and awkward, because it's the thing I think most of us was upset about. The lack of the headphone jack, it will be a lightning cable from now on, but in every iPhone 7, they're including an adapter which means people like me will be able to use all their old accessories, so if you wanna use a lapel microphone, if you wanna use this thing, or that thing, you don't have to worry about buying new accessories or buying a lightning compatible version or wireless version, cause Bluetooth wireless mics aren't great yet. So, this is gonna be something that is very appealing for people that okay, they haven't completely ditched the audio jack, they just kind of reconfigured it to be a lightning cable adapter, and you get one with your iPhone, so I can live with that. The other cool thing about this is they have new wireless technology for Apple accessories going forward, they have the W1 chip, it's the new wireless chip, and it's gonna really help with the audio quality. This iPhone also in terms of audio quality has stereo speakers, top and bottom, so richer sound and better sound than we've ever had. They've developed these new AirPods for them, I'll do a separate video about that. I think these are really cool, they're gonna be expensive though. The AirPods are gonna be like $160 by themselves, but they are some very cool wireless ear buds for the Apple accessories and they work with everything, and there's no complicated Bluetooth pairing, they just work. So I think that they're gonna be something that a lot of people are into, and I'm looking forward to them, I am probably going to buy them, and I'm wondering if they work with my old Apple devices. I'll have to do some research, but if they work with my old Apple devices as well then I'll definitely buy them whether I get the iPhone 7, Seven Plus, or the Seven S plus. So I think I'm gonna wait, cause the S models are just better, I think I'm gonna wait guys. This is very cool, but I know round two will be better. As it is my iPhone 6S is fantastic, the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S7 is better, mind you, but I do know that every iteration of an Apple product, they are trying to be competitive even if they're late to the game. So kudos to you, Apple, seven seems to be your lucky number. Anyway guys, let me know, are you guys gonna get the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus, or are you gonna wait for the S models? I really would love to know in the comment section, I've also got a poll running up here, so let me know what you guys are gonna do. It may or may not influence my decision, but I really think that I'm just gonna wait on the S, because it's gonna be better for the same amount of money. In the meantime, I think I'll throw money at the Apple Watch, whole other video. Anyway, like this video if you like it, don't forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome content on the channel. As always you guys, thanks so much for watching and geeking out with me over the iPhone 7, and let's be honest, me picking on Apple just a little bit.

7. Battery Life:

In iPhone 7 Plus battery is much bigger than the iPhone 6S Plus. And this the good new for those who was worried for battery time. Due to removing the headphone jack leaving more space for a larger power bank. Five percent to be exact, which brings the overall size to 2887mAh. It is not a big deal for battery incensement, but a welcome one. 


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