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ATM Cash Replenishment Procedure

ATM card replenishment procedure is written in this post with step by step guide.

Below are some points for ATM cash replanishment process.

  • Insert Admin Card.
  • Change machine in supervoisery mode.
  • Print ATM Counters or both.
  • Clear counters.
  • Exchange Cassette.
  •  Enter New Counters.
  • Print New Counters.
  • Check all the reject cash is going in same type (Due to no test cash we must be doing the same activity for avoid wrong dispense).
  •  Print counters (New entries must be shown in new JP) and check ATM fault.
  • Exit.
  • Re enter admin card.
  • Print machine subtotal once more.
  • See that new increase is ok.
  • Wait for one transection.


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