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How to Apply Permanent Visa for Parents in Saudi Arabia

The people who are searching about how to get family visa or parents visa in saudi arabia can read this post.

Permanent Visa for parents in Saudi Arabia:

permanent visa for parents in saudi arabia ksaSomeone ask this question that how to apply for parents permanent visa in KSA because of they are alone in their home country. So I am writing this post for those who want to get permanent family visa or permanent parents visa.

My relatives and many friends are here with their families so they help me to write this post, You just have to follow the below simple steps and have to prepare the required documents before you apply for permanent family or parents visa in Saudi Arabia. And also your iqama profession must be allowed for your family resident visa, Salary prove (that you can manage living cost of your family).

You need below written documents:
  1. Salary Certificate (Attested by the chamber of commerce).
  2. NOC for parents visa (Attested by the chamber of commerce).
  3. Your embassy letter to Saudi ministry of interior.
  4. Family registration certificate (from your home country).
  5. Affidavit (Attested from your home country).
  6. Parents Passport copy (Attested).
  7. All family members iqama and Passport copy (Attested).
After getting these documents, you have to go to MOI (ministry of interior) office and submit the file to MOI officer.

If you have all documents then your file will be submitted and you will receive a confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number. One more message you will get within a week that can be in Arabic from MOI. If they make objection then they will ask you to provide the required document that you missed.

In the next step, if your application is approved then MOI will give you a letter that you will give to Istaqdam and he will give you a yellow visa slip

Note: Pay online visa fee (2000 SAR) before going to Istakdam under family visa option.


  1. Thanks Hammad for this informative post.
    Can you kindly mention who can attest the passport copies of my mother, iqama and passport copies of my wife and children?



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